Travel Cords are Tangled

Travel Cords are Tangled
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 11, 2007

I have many electrical cords in my backpack, they become entangle and knotted, I search for simplicity.

I use one long extension cord, and I make all other cords short.

I have a 14-gauge special made extension cord that is lightweight but about 3 meters long, it will go across the room of most hotel rooms. A common problem is an electrical plug is high on the wall and I want to keep my electronics on the floor or lower.

I continually worry that I will put the computer on a shelf, then will trip over the cord pulling the computer off the shelf and destroying it. If possible, I sit electronics on the floor or in the middle of a bed.

Before I cut this great Sony AA Battery Charger cord off, Sony gave me enough cord to reach a high plug on the wall.

This is after I splice the cord; I am learning I need duct tape to cover the electrical tape. Normal electrical tape starts to separate in hot tropical areas. It is possible, I believe to just use duct tape, however difficult to find or purchase in the under-developed countries.

This uses less space and weight less. This is also a great way to change the male plug when a plug breaks or burns up.

Travel Cords are Tangled

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