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Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
Pokhara Nepal Asia
February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith dies, and I am proud to say, I had no idea who or what she was, and I am annoyed this made world news. The world is just one big soap opera, and the rabble reads what the rabble wants to read, and the journalist are also doing it for money, they are reporting on one of their own.

Like kind, care about like kind.

I suppose the world is in great shape, when the big news is a topless dancer diea and they call it a war when 2 persons died.

Anna Nicole Smith

World News No BBC or CNN for Me

World News
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 9, 2007

I have decided to stop watching CNN and BBC or any world new TV channel, I have discovered or learn it causes me rediculous stress. I get frustrated and angry when I watch these channels as I say to myself,
- They will lie about anything. -

It is a hobby to go to place where there is a news story just to see how much truth is there in the world of reporting.

I have now resorted to reading a page we have on the HoboTraveler site to make it easy for a traveler to read the headlines.

World News Aggregate

World News

World News at 10 Dollars Per Meg

World News at 10 Dollars Per Meg
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 11, 2007

To read the news on the internet in some places can cost me 10 dollars per meg of download.
GPRS Cell Phone and Satellite Connections can be outrageously expensive.

I am preparing for bear, trying to discover, create or innovate ways to not become isolated in West Africa from the rest of the world. Togo is great, however in ways it is easy for me to lapse into a I am living on
an island alone way of thinking. This means, what happens in the outside word is not important,

A very educated Togo man did not know where Chicago was yesterday, as when I normally saying to him, I am from Indiana, close to Chicago. The world does not Indiana, yet they normally are pretty clear
on Chicago. Talking about geography is territorial, the Togo people know well and better than the rest of the planet where Ghana, Benin, Niger and other close countries are located, and in Europe, they know
where the countries around them are located, they do not know Indiana is either, therefore with Europeans I also say, Indiana, in the middle close to Chicago.

Ok, I am on an island called West Africa, the normal way of dealing with the outside world is to not know and it understand world politics. What is happening is not important. I am not going to get quizzed on
politics when I go to Europe, USA or anywhere, what the quizzes are always about are Sports, people ask opinions on Sports, and for sure I fail. The world keep track of sports, not current events, actually
very few persons care about world current events.

I do care a little, but there is a limit, I have now figured out a way to quickly and cheaply read the world headlines. I can not read the details, but I can read many headlines. I have this page full of headlines of
CNN, BBC, Reuters, Wikinews, Guardian etc and continue to add.

I am thinking about GPRS cell phone access that cost 10 Dollars per meg or Satellite internet connections that cost about the same. How can a person who is only connected to the world by this small thread
read the news, in reality they probably do not read the news, I guess they could listen to the radio.

I am doing this, I go to one of my own pages made on

I let is load, then I click on File.
I click on Save AS.
I tell where to be saved on my computer, I have a few folders called delete where I put information that will need or I think should be deleted. I save as the day, 11 March 2007 with no commas because they
cause headaches.

I can read many headlines, and it is not big, it does not cost me a fortune for all the graphics on one of he news sites, IF I was paying 10 dollars per meg for expensive GPRS or Satellite. This is also for in the
internet café when I am paying for expensive internet access. I save the pages and go back to my room and read later.

It is interesting to listen or know about broadband, high speed and all these new forms of fast connections when in reality between 50 and 80 percent of the planet is on a very slow connection, my parent MUST
use a dial-up connection in their home, this is all that is available where they live in Indiana. Many web sites are making heavy, pain in the butt sites and impossible for 80 percent of the planet to read or see, this
for sure is sloppy marketing.

I wonder how the empathy rating is doing with their spouses, do they listen to their spouses the same way they believe the whole world is on a fast connection?

The world has access, they can go to places where it is faster, yet normally complicated to do so and for sure Africa, South America and Asia does not have internet in their homes. The internet café is still a
thriving business, where there is no internet cafés, then the internet in the home is more of standard.

Fun and intriguing to me is to ask or talk about current events here in Africa with the other white people, and they say,
- I have no idea what is going on in the news. -

Truthfully, I doubt they most ever had an idea, yet they want to save the world, go figure…

World News at 10 Dollars Per Meg

I wanted to learn about how the Media works or how to sell advertising on my site, a person who works for a big Public Relations firm recommended I sign up with this company to learn.

I now think I have set an all time record for trying to stop emails from coming to me, this company has more excuses or reasons to send me a new email.

You cannot technically call them spammers, but I will say, they are impossible to stop or to get rid of, there is always another new way to cause me to receive an email. I have un-subscribed at least 20 times and will continue to, they are getting slower.

I sometimes think anything Media or voice of the world things they can violate me and I will not complain. This company has a maybe big influence, I will say one thing, they are really annoying.

I started to sign up with company, and gave them my email address, then went to the next window, and tried to stop. I just stopped, so what happened, they signed me up for all newsletters, maybe it my fault or maybe it is their fault, I do know one thing, I wish I had never got on their site. I am not a normal person, I have exceptional knowledge of how spammers work and can normally avoid this, they got me. I would say this is some spam, by having the right given to them, but taking advantage of the fine print spammers.

The press uses power, many writers are afraid of any company that could harm them, what a bad way to think or live, under the gun of the media.

The New Free Press

The New Free Press
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have been telling trying to tell people in corrupt countries for years about the power of a camera or the press, and finally it has arrived.

They do it for fun, and they can change the world.

Not exactly the way I thought it would evolve, but great. I welcome the new press with open arms. I know I cannot trust the present News Medias, they have lost the plot, and they are no longer trustworthy. There is a power in a camera that exposes the truth and is hard to fake, I am sure the people of will soon learn how to fake videos, however these social networks are very harsh and the members can be wildly violent. The one member who fakes a video, can not win against the many. While the big news sources of the World like BBC and CNN are dangerous, they are the Fourth Estate and out of control, they are the many, they are making the news up, and not reporting the true news, more their fantasies to earn money or to be famous.

This is great, the end of hiding your dirty laundry, all if exposed into the light of day.,,2078503,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11

News of World,, BBC, CNN, Corruption, Togo,

The New Free Press

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 26, 2007

My two vexations, Non Governmental Organizations and the News Media, I am slowly learning I can earn money selling them photographs.

Let me think, what a good analogy is.

This is like selling condoms to prostitutes.

No, not a good analogy, the NGO and the Media should already have the photos they would need from me; I would be selling photos to a group that should already have them.

This is like selling Snow to Eskimos.

Still not right, hmmm…. It is too easy for an Eskimo to find snow, the photos I could sell are not as easy as finding snow. Yes, photos should be easy for the NGO… however not for the Journalist.

This is like selling cow manure to a dairy farmer.

Yes, this is a good analogy, and works really well for the NGO groups, however still misses the target a little for News Media.

Selling cow manure to the Vegetarian of the Dairy Farmer is the News Media analogy I need.

I do not like to sell photos, I have never sold a photo, and I try to give them away in exchange for some free promotion of my website. I am learning, I may be very slow here, but I am learning. The problem with giving photos to people is they can say,
- Andy of took these photos, and gave us permission. -

It is a tacit recommendation of their organizations, and to give a recommendation for an NGO or News Media is difficult. I suppose I should put the United Nations on this list of not to associate with, I am not sure, they are governmental I would guess. I suppose I can also sell to the government photos, and that is for sure big money.

I use Reeboks gym shoes and do not have a problem recommending the ones made in Indonesia, the ones made in Thailand stink; the rubber has a bad smell.

I have no problem saying go watch CNN, but I would not want my sister working for CNN.

I had another request to use photos of Philippines Street Children I took in Manila. I think I will offer to sell them, and somehow say they cannot use my name. I just do not know, I feel like I am helping a prostitute to find Johns or Men, makes me feel like a Pimp.

I think I had better just say they are not for sale, and cannot be used. The reason I said in the past they are free, is I know people steal photos off the internet, how can you stop them, so my theory was just to get some free links back to the site. This is really too complicated.

An NGO working with Philippines Street Children should have photos of Street Children. The News Media interviewing a person working for with Philippines Street Children should be able to get these photos from the person they are interviewing.

Hard to believe they want or need my photos?

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media

Andy a Jaded Traveler

Andy a Jaded Traveler
I have been warned, everyone wants me to know,
- Andy, do not trust anyone in the Philippines. -
I believe it is possible to turn every problem into an opportunity.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Friday, November 30, 2007
Andy of ---

I have been having a great time; some man said to me, only in the Philippines can you have in one week,

- An attempted military coup.
- A typhoon
- blah blah blah

I do not know what happened last week and on hindsight, I am curious why I was not curious. I can only derive that I am incredibly jaded. I am a little angry with myself for minimizing the importance of the attempt Coup on the Philippine government yesterday here in Manila.

I feel like a subject in an experiment, which goes like this….

Ok, we will take an American who reads 3-5 newspapers per day in the USA, watches CNN, FOX news while walking on the treadmill after work at the health center. I also woke up and watched the McLaughlin Group or maybe the Beltway Boys.

The experiment goes like this, we will take this person and not allow them to see Television or read a Newspaper for a month.

For the last 10 years I have experienced times of total news blackout, I have had times from one day to two months where I learned after the fact or never what happened on the planet in this time period.

What is my opinion about the value of the Television of Newspaper news on the planet?

Zero value

I do not miss anything of importance, my life does not change.

What is great and wonderful about not watching the Television news or reading a newspaper is I do not have any negative input into my life. Watching the Television NEWS has to be the most negative experience in my life.

I think a good movie can be the most uplifting and moving experience in my life.

I truly think my life is better when I do not see CNN or BBC, then I do not watch and feel these negative emotions.

I promise myself, I will not turn on the television and first turn to CNN and check the news; I will turn on a movie. I am positive I do not become a better person by watching the news.

I really do not want to know I cannot trust the news or people; I do want to be ignorant of problems I cannot change.

I promise myself to be jaded enough to view the news as entertainment and not as something of real value if I do learn what is happening on the planet.

Andy a Jaded Traveler

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