Frozen Hotel Room

Frozen Hotel Room
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 6, 2007

I am waking from my first night in Katmandu, Nepal; I would guess the temperature is about 38 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 Centigrade. For the normal world, the non-Fahrenheit world, I could have said,
- Waking at Zero -
- Waking at Freezing -

I cannot get a GPS reading presently because I am too cold and will not walk outside to do so, but I think I am at about 27.5 degrees above the Equator. I thought, Nepal was below 23.5 degrees and in the Tropics, I was wrong, ooops, sorry Gary. This is more or less Miami weather on top of a mountain, so a lot colder. 1220 Meters above sea level is high, yet not that high, it can get warm in the daytime and I suppose cool winds come down off the Himalayas.

This morning was difficult, the first morning anywhere is confused, the electrical plugs in my room needed changed five years ago, at the one, and there is only one, does not work. I ended up plugging into the light socket to get electricity to make coffee and to type on the computer.

My feet are freezing, I need to buy some little walking booties, made of some Yak or Alpaca or whatever that animal is up here. I am suppose to spend 40 days here, this is a lot, and I am not sure I am wanting this so much, the rooms just are not up to speed.

But, and however and nonetheless, I will be able to work on my room 220-110 Room Heater Fan, Cooking apparatus and need it, and as they say, need is the mother of invention.

Frozen Hotel Room

Traveler Conversations

Traveler Conversations
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 6, 2007

I went over to the common area in the Hotel, talked for less than one-half hour and left to look for a different hotel.

The conversations were idealist, dreamy, and at the end just too childish. There are overabundances of fantasy mongers travelers in Nepal and India, people who refuse to accept the world on the world’s terms. They must make all the poor good, all the rich bad, and they of course are great as they smoke cigarettes, go pound down a pint, and live in a hotel with only foreigners and profess to understand Nepali culture.

I had enough, my limits were met, and I decided I like Nepali people better and needed to leave. Nepal people speak better English, and it is possible to develop friendships with semi-normal Nepal people. While in places like Thailand, the language spans is maybe 10 times worst than in Nepal, therefore friendships take longer.

I have an amazing room, in a hotel about half the distance closer to Nepal, and the sun is shining into my room.

Traveler Conversations

Hotel Rooms go up when cold

Hotel Rooms go up when cold
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 8, 2007

The cost of the room is 500 Nepal Rupees or 8 US Dollars.

I think it is relatively safe to say as a guide to choosing a hotel.

When it is hot, choose the ground floor rooms in the shade.
When it is cold, choose the higher room in the sun.

This is my room in the sun, in the morning and during the day, the sun shines into my room creating a greenhouse affect that continually keeps my room above the cave temperature. The world has a prevalence of concrete or brick rooms, this brink or concrete retains heat or cold, and can be either a benefit or hindrance.

It is cold presently here in Kathmandu, Nepal, during the day, it gets quite warm, however, the concrete almost never warms. I have this room on the third floor and keeps me warmer.

The room is large, had a TV with HBO, Star Movies and CNN, and many India type stations. Includes private bath, hot water and a great view from the top of the world.

Hotel Rooms go up when cold

Being Clean When Cold

Being Clean When Cold
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 8, 2007

I am not sure this is the life…

I am lying here in bed, all my clothes are on, it is cold and there is no electricity. The city of Katmandu has turned off the lights in this section of the city on Mondays for some reason, everyone says it will come back on at 7:30.

It takes a lot of work to stay comfortable at this time of year in Nepal, the weather is one small notch too cold. It is not cold enough where so that everyone installs furnaces and heats their home, it I just cool enough that for sure you wish you did. Many person can be seen sitting on the roofs of their brick homes during the day, staying warm and soaking in the sun.

I have been debating in my mind about the hands of the street vender selling me popcorn. Their hands are dirty, maybe it is the color of their skin, but 50/50 on this, some have very dirty hands and fingers.

I was watching the movie, - The Aviator - about Howard Hughes. Howard in the movie had this phobia or problem with dirt. I remember his face as he was squeamish to touch the handle of the door. I felt the exact same way as I was watching a man cup popcorn with his hands into the cup to measure my portion. I got this low, deep in the stomach, my arms felt heavy, why do his fingers looks so dirty feeling.

We are just upstream from India, where I feel live some of the dirtiest people on the planet, so there is a cultural influence. However, Nepal is cleaner than India.

I am thinking the cold makes them resist cleaning, it like being in Tibet or China and seeing their hands, but a lot less severe.

So whether their hands are always dirty, or they are just temporarily more dirty because the water is too cold to shower easy is my question.

Being Clean When Cold

Making a Backpack

Making a Backpack
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I am making a backpack here in Katmandu, Nepal; there are many problems and many solutions. My goal is to have a solution to all the problems encountered when carrying a backpack for travel. I hope in my travels I have encountered the majority of problems, thereby being a person capable of incorporating into the design a solution to 90 percent of the problems.

I say 90 percent of the problems, because there is a 10 percent gap where one solution conflicts with another solution. For example, there is a constant desire to keep this small enough to be a carry-on bag, yet big enough to carry as many possessions as a person wants.

So do I make big and the person needs to check in the bag all the time or do I make small enough to be a check in bag. A bag that is carried on is safer than a bag that is checked, as it does not leave the possession of the person. However, when a person visit’s a country and does the normal tourist behavior of buying, probably the number activity of tourist, then where do they put these new souvenirs and wants.

How do I manage when a zipper breaks?
How do I manage if someone cuts the bag?
How do I manage if one of the harness straps breaks?
How do I manage if one of the clips breaks or is lost?

The list of problems with a bag is in many ways endless, therefore in my desire to make the perfect bag, I have made a list of all the possible problems with a bag. I continually add to this list.

I then try to design into the bag a solution.

I have a desire to sell this bag; I often think the name of the bag should be…

I have a continuous fight with the two men who are the owners of the factory. It is hard to say this is a factory; it is group of about 20 sewing machines inside an apartment building piled high with bags and pieces of materials.

The fight is because, they make bags to sell, what makes a good bag to sell, they do not make a good bag for me. They know what sells and the bag I am designing probably would not sell in the stores in Katmandu, Nepal. The nature of Katmandu is about maybe trekking and price, they often sell only price, then they sell straps. The more clips and adjustments the better, the more widgets, the more gadgets, the more pockets the better.

How do I make a bag easy and quick to open and close, yet difficult for robber to open and close, this is in may ways the goal. I am putting an extreme amount of features that often a person could think is not needed.

Maybe call this the…
- Mosquito Net Option -

People can say, I do not need a Mosquito Net.
However, on the one night when they need a Mosquito Net, they will spend the whole night kicking themselves saying.
- Why did I not buy a Mosquito Net?… -
- Why did I not buy a Mosquito Net?… -
- Why did I not buy a Mosquito Net?… -

I now always carry a Mosquito Net, the one time I did not carry a Mosquito net while in Europe, I was thinking to Europe was very modern. I lived one week in Brugge, Belgium in total misery as I was bitten every night in a room for one week. I discovered, hmm, Europe is not as modern as the United States. There were no screens on the windows.

I know a good traveler will choose a room, a situation where many of these options are never needed, this is the goal. However, when a person makes a mistake, as I am 100 percent, sure they will, I want them to have a solution.

Teaching the solutions in this bag is the next obstacle, how do I teach a person how to use the bag. I think I must include a DVD Video explaining all the options. Then when the person leaves it at home, destroys it, or just never looks at the DVC, they still have the option of going to the internet and viewing the video.

There are so many possible scenarios to design this bag, this is why I am on number 10 or 11, they are starting to blend together, and the last time I was in Nepal, we made three prototypes. Every time we make a bag, there are more solutions that are incorporated into the bag.

I am going through a very time consuming procedure this time, we are only making one specific component per day. We will assemble the 8 major parts now at the end, each day is one component. Therefore, to make one bag will take about 10 days, including the weekend and days off etc., the prototype requires I take 10 days to supervise and wait for one piece to be made.

Each component part becomes a prototype or an example, each stands alone, and I can change or redesign up to day of final assembly. This is not how they make bags in Nepal, it is not this strict, yet in many ways, they have never made an original, and they only copy.

Making a Backpack

Step in and Step up

Step in and Step up
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I was having a conversation about a man about the Malnutrition problem in the world. The comment and I now know it is the prevalent comment,
- They are doing studies on this already. -

Who? Where? This is crap, a burden shifting, and not true belief.

I am watching this Oprah Winfrey thing on CNN while typing, and Oprah has said, people need to - Step in - or - Step up -, there is a ridiculous idea that somehow there is something out there that is solving all these problems on the planet.

I believe she is right, everyone needs to step in, or stop up; I do not believe there is a money problem. The problem is everyone needs to get involved and make something real happen.

Giving money is almost an excuse to not do something. Writing a letter to your congressional representative or the leaders of Nepal, or Niger, or anywhere and saying.

Why are you not giving your people a retirement plan?
Why are you not helping your retarded and helpless?
Why do you not tell your people to eat vegetable and fruits?

What is wrong with you?

Complaining is action, but not to your group of save the world hippie dippies, dread heads all smoking joint and drinking a beer. But to the real decision makers who are doing something.

I remember my friend Jim, I saw him walking across the street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He stopped, picked up a fast food drink cup, took it into his business and put in the proper trash bin. He did something; he stepped in and stepped up.

I on the other hand would almost encourage person in places like Thailand or Nepal where there is no way to dispose of trash to through in the face of the government. Say, provide a way to allow me to keep your city clean, help me, and I will help you. There is always a partnership between the ying and the yang.

Step in and Step up

Backpack Components Inspection

Backpack Components Inspection
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I am drawing the various component parts of my backpack design daily. After completion, I than go to the internet café, publish to paper, and then go to the factory to show the master cutter.. I am not sure they understand them, the words are in English and not Nepali, yet there is idea that they now have been told. What the real success is I have slowed them down enough to focus on one component and not trying to think of the whole.

I go to the factory now at 11:00 AM, and then return between 3:00 and 5:00 pm to check. Today it will be at 3:00 because they turn off the electricity in this part of Katmandu from 4:00 to 7:30 pm.

I am trying to learn how to deal with overseas companies who speak a different language. It for sure would be easier if I would make the sample in the USA, and then bring here. Everything about manufacturing backpack has to do with the availability of fabrics, clips, and parts needed to make the bags.

This one component discussion and not the complete bag is windfall advancement in methodology. I am in a constant dilemma on how to control the quality and design.

Daily making and inspection of only one component solves the language problem. When they proceed fast, the number of misunderstanding is tripled.

I guess to plan, I need to think, one component, one day, therefore I need to count the number of parts, and add a few days for backup.

Backpack Components Inspection

Katmandu Nepal GPRS

Katmandu Nepal GPRS
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

22.65 US Dollars Per Month

I took a taxi for 152 Rupees from Thamel to the BICC or as they say, the big Conference center in Bashawor. The Mero Cell Phone company is here and a man by the name of Raj  has configured my computer for internet connection over my cell phone.

75 Rupees is One US Dollar
500 for Prepaid SIM Card
10 Kilobytes cost 20 Paisa
100 Paisa is one Rupee

When I use 75,000 Kilobytes, above this and the service is free.

More or less this means with VAT or Tax, I pay 1695 Rupees per calender month and I have unlimited GPRS connection.

1695 Rupees is 22.65 US Dollars per month.

The great aspect of this is no contract, no setup, and I only pay for what I use, if I keep the card, and it does not expire, I will be able to have access again with no problem when I return. I would say this is acceptable in the mobile office requirements of mine

The bluetooth connects my computer and phone.

Mero Mobile - Spice Nepal
New Baneshwor,Buddhanagar
Ktm Nepal

Katmandu Nepal GPRS


What My Father Do

What My Father Do
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 11, 2007

I ask my friend Brakash,
- Why do you put incense out in front of your store? -

He said,

What my father do,
I do like that.

What I do,
my son also do like that.

Actually, I do not know why lighting.

I think,
Just for the smiling

Brakash January 11, 2007 Kathmandu Nepal

And.. Life is Good
I am also my fathers son.

What My Father Do

Nepal Electricity Outages

Nepal Electricity Outages
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Friday, January 12, 2007

It is 6:23 in the morning, the electricity has been off since I woke around 5:00, and it may have been off for hours.

I cannot use my one-cup cooker to make coffee, and I do not have an alcohol in my bag to use as fuel for an alcohol fire.

I am on my batteries of the computer and cell phone, the computer is only good for about one hour, then out goes the lights.

I have light in a way, I can use my hand-powered flashlight, and I should remember to look into 12 volt cooking. Hmm, I have 14 AA rechargeable batteries presently; I am going to buy at least another eight so I would have a bank of about 20 in stock.

That is a lot of small electricity power; big batteries are not possible, too heavy and awkward. However, my 20 batteries could help to power up some smaller things.

AA batteries seem to power 90 percent of my electronics. I now only buy electronics equipment ran by AA batteries. Therefore my system of charging is complete, my alarm clock, GPS, Sony Camera run on AA Batteries.

IF I could have an AA powered reading light, I suppose I could live in the jungle for a few days and still live as normal. The computer is the problem; I think the new computers have 8-hour batteries, with four of them I could go for about five days in the jungle.

I will have to study this, I am going to Africa I hope soon, and I want to be prepared. Africa has good electricity, yet there is a temptation to go farther into the bush there, than here, I like the idea of big animals more. I guess, Nepal does have Rhinos.

Nepal Electricity Outages

Nobody Trust You Anymore

Nobody Trust You Anymore
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 13, 2007

I heard this comment in a movie about the USA.

The truth is in the middle, not one sided, if a person wants a really great product, they want made in the USA. If the world wants a person to come solve a problem, they want the USA. However, 24/7 the journalist of the planet try to discredit the honest.

When a person tries to make an honest statement, an honest attempt, an honest person look like a liar, there is a problem.


I live outside the USA, what I miss is honesty, I want to buy and talk with people and not spend my whole time checking and thinking about whether they are telling me the truth.

I want to buy some gym shoes, mine are shot, I keep looking at shoes, I even went as far as to look for original Reeboks in Thailand. I did not buy, because I do not trust the stores. I will have to return to the USA to buy shoes. Then sadly the Reeboks are made in Indonesia, yet I cannot buy them in Indonesia.

I do trust the USA, of course not always, but generally I trust the USA.

I am trying to manufacture backpacks in Nepal, I am trying to create a product that I trust. I want to say to myself, there is no way to buy a better bag.

I want the best design.
I then want the best materials possible on the planet to make the backpack with.

First I make the bag with the best possible materials in Nepal. I have to find all the suppliers in Katmandu, Nepal. Then I will trust that I am making the best quality bag in Nepal.

I find this is always the problem with the world. The world thinks...
They tell me, what is wrong with recommending something to make money.

I have a simple test to perform with people.
- A person tells me something. -
I say to myself,
- Do I trust this person? -

The answer is a simple yes or no.

Do I trust President Bush and Tony Blair?

Do I agree with everything they do?

Do I trust the people outside the USA?
The answer is somewhere close to never.

Do I trust Bill Gates and Microsoft?
Yes, if I buy a program from Microsoft, I believe it will work.

Interesting problems on the planet, in reality the world is getting safer, and more honest in a way, yet if I want to find someone to trust, I need to look at the big companies. I find that an individual honesty is normally for sale. I see and hear people say things to make money, this means their voice is for sale.

Nobody Trust You Anymore

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January, 13, 2007

I took my laundry to four places, they all said my laundry weighed between 7 and 10 kilos.

IGNORANCE is bliss, I wish I was ignorant. I have been doing my laundry for about 10 years, the weight of my laundry is normally between 3 and 4 kilos or about 6 to 9 pounds.

So, when a person says my laundry weighs eight Kilos, I get a little angry. They use this hand held thingy and put the laundry in a bag, weighs them and nothing is ever accurate, no attempt to be fair and accurate.

I went to my friends shop, started complaining, and saying, explaining, my laundry does not weigh 8 kilos. Of course, I am complaining about Nepal, this is not so good. However, he pulls out this nice scales and weighs my laundry. The weight of my laundry was about 3.5 kilos, not the 8 kilos of all the places I entered, he than tells the laundry guy and I pay the correct weight.

Now, if I was ignorant, I would just pay, be happy, and not know they all are cheating me, some could say they are not cheating, that the scales are just bad. I disagree, an honest situation would be when some are too light and some are too heavy, these were all double, I could have understood one kilo to much.

This is a good scales, not what they normally use, but for you own piece of mind, weigh your clothes very accurately and you can save about 120 US Dollars per year or more.

I found a large Laundromat in the city of Kamandu, Nepal. I think this sets a record for the most clothes and hotel sheets hanging on the ground I have seen.

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday January 13, 2007

I met Mark in Delhi, India, then again in Bangkok, Thailand...

I am sad, he has been out for about one year and says he is going home. This is not good, he is probably addicted, he has go the rush, he does not know what he is doing.

Please click on this guy blog, and tell him, HOBO says,
- Never go home - (Visit yes)

I also was wondering around his site and saw his link about Student Travel on, and my blog is with his, I did not know this link existed.

There is a culture of travel, and some become members, (Whether they like it or not!0 they learn the rules, they understand, they are experienced.

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark Help Center Forum Help Center Forum
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 13, 2007

Andrew boy Genius in India has made a great system for me to answer emails. I reply to emails and it goes into this form, and I can label them so others can read.

Thanks Andrew,

I feel much better and motivated to answer the many emails when I can share the answers with many people. Help Center Forum

Caste System

Caste System
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Monday January 15, 2007

A Hobo is low caste.

Why do you want to buy a First Class Plane Ticket or why do you want to live in a Five Star Hotel?

- The existence of superiority and inferiority due to skin color, religion, economic status, and social status is seen all over the world. -

This quote from this page about the Caste System of Nepal is accurate.

My recent trip to Africa taught me more than I wanted to know about my friends.

I think they like to feel sorry for Africa, they do not want to visit Africa, they wish to feel superior to Africa.

I myself am inferior to many people on the planet, and sometimes I am inferior. I do believe any person can change their stars. I personally judge many people by what they want in life, or how they treat the persons who have less. I really have a problem with a person who treats what they think poor people with no respect and spends all their time trying to help them....

Caste System

Top Travel Site Research

Top Travel Site Research
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Wednesday January 17, 2007

I am trying to decide, which site going to be chosen and placed in my travel newsletter and made my Top Travel Sites of 2006, a year in review.

I have went through my collection of links on pages, bookmarks, the sites I can type into the browsers direct because I remember the link URL. Sites I search for in than go to an look at, what I have on my computer, somehow they are in my world.
CIA World Political Map

Hobo World News List of Low Cost Carriers

Boston Time English
Foreign Entry Requirements World Heritages Sites Travel PORTAL Travel Vortal PORTAL - Rename Photos
DCE AutoEnhance - Shrink photos from Big to Small

My evolving and changing criteria on how I choose.

1. One Hour per day on Internet is all I can use...
2. Found in search engines
3. Came into my world of view
4. Does not require bookmark, favorites.
5. Do not need a PERSONAL computer to use
6. Free
7. Is not USA centric
8. Needed not fun
9. Trust, I do not feel the sites are looking out for my best interest.
10. I remember the URL
11. I bookmark it
12. One click max
13. Traveler versus Tourist

I have prejudices to avoid, I am not on the Internet 24/7, I am not choosing site which requires exceptionally good connections or a personal computer, like Google Earth.

IF you have a web page, one you would write down next to your mothers telephone number, one that you would not leave home without, one that is saved in your bookmarks, your resource, one you would download and put on a flash drive. Please post below in the comments.

This is a cry for help, ideas, an option to enter my world.

Thanks Andy.

Top Travel Site Research

Load Shading in Nepal

Load Shading in Nepal
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Friday, January 19, 2007

The Electricity is shut off at pre-arranged times.

I like words, the Nepali people around me have been using the term - Load Shading. -

I sometimes feel stupid, yet I resort to thinking, I am too old, too experienced, too much water has gone over the bridge to think this, I do not understand the term.

What they mean is this, the shut the electricity completely for areas of the city at pre-arranged times. This means where I am living on Mondays and Wednesday between 5:00 and 7::30 PM there is no electricity and also on Friday morning, I think between 6:00 and 8:00 AM.

I am thinking about this, because it is Friday morning and there is no electricity in my room, I can work on my computer because it has a battery good for about 1-2 hours…. hehehe, the lights need to come on.

Biggest problem is I cannot make coffee with my one-cup coffer cooker.

So where did the word - Shading - come from, I can understand load, or the load on the electrical system. Yet, there is not in the shade or middle ground here in my room, it is an outage.

I looked up in my Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer, there is not load-shading, however, there is load shedding.

Load Shedding:
- temporary reduction in electricity supply: a temporary reduction in a supply of electricity as a method of reducing the demand. - (2)

Maybe my hotel is just spelling wrong, I looked up on the Internet and there are pages of Nepal and Load Shading, so not the only place.

I will go do the Wiki thing. I did not find Load Shading, yet I did discover the Load Shedding, however, even that goes on to be redirected to - Rolling blackout - on Load Shedding

My battery is getting weak, I need to conclude my thread of curious word following research.

There is probably a I will check.
Yep, there is:

There are hazards of following words of research, it is extremely easy for a the curious to get sidetracked. The page explaining about Dictionaries in the Wikipedia is fascinating.

No Load Shade, yet again there is load shedding.

Aaagh, low battery warning, 7:48, time to turn it on…

I think this is a what I call - India English - thing, the India people like many countries have their own version of English. I am finding this term mostly on India English pages. "Load Shading" Search

Load Shading in Nepal

Nepal Electrical Outlets

Nepal Electrical Outlets
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 20, 2007

The electrical plug on the end of my computer cord is not the problem when travelling the problems is the Hotel outlets, Hotel sockets, or the Hotel receptacles are bad.

In 95 percent of the cases, I can buy the converter needed to make my American slotted plug to work in the hotel, I can find many stores that will sell this converter for 50 cents US. However, I cannot go around changing outlets in Hotels.

The female receptacles of the plug outlets in Nepal may be the worst on the planet. I have not stayed in five hotels in Katmandu, and stayed enough times and long enough to believe they are exceptionally bad.

The problem:
There is a loose fit, and the connection between the plug and the receptacles is almost always bad. There is an arcing or jumping of electricity between the prongs and the inside the plug.

Loose fit

Arcing or jumping of electricity is maybe my biggest fear for my computer. It is in my mind a type of power surge. To guarantee I always have a good connection is difficult.

I took a few photos, however I realize I need to take a part an electrical receptacles and show to really explain this, I will do later or soon. I am thinking I may just go buy the Nepal version of their receptacles and see why it seems always loose.

It is not good to have to move the plug around trying to get it to connect, I have a solution for this, by just inserting copper wires directly into the receptacles, yet this is not a solution for the electrical naive.

WHY Why Why is my Hotel plug so bad.

Think about it, 365 days a year, someone goes into a room and plugs in a cell phone, a radio, a TV, a computer, after this much usage the expanding receptacles of the plug become permanently expanded.

Nepal Electrical Outlets

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Sunday January 21, 2007

I made a GPRS travel jump from Thailand to Katmandu, it was not planned, however, I was able to access the Internet with my cell phone in Thailand, now I can in Nepal.

I will not pay more than about one dollar USA per day for Internet access, as I am cheap, I be Hobo. The GPRS in these two countries gives me unlimited access for about one dollar per day.

This is with the idea that I stay about one month in each country.

I want to go to Africa now, I am trying to find GPRS connections in the various countries of Africa. An annoying process as nobody states the price.

There are many reasons for me to have an Internet connection by GPRS on an unlimited basis in my room. The biggest goal is to be able to blog daily.

I am fighting with small rules of travelers. There is this unwritten rule of the traveler culture.

I need to travel by land, I want to travel by land. I do not need to travel by land, yet I feel like I am letting down the traveler culture if I fly from one country to the next. The cost of planes has often, with a good plan made flying cheaper than the bus, and for sure trains in Europe.

Africa is not the same as Europe, or Southeast Asia and the flights are more expensive, however to achieve my goal of blogging daily. I either need to buy a satellite connection or fly from GPRS enabled country to GPRS country. JUMP

Flying is cheaper than buying a satellite connection, so jumping from GPRS to GPRS country would be cheaper. Yet, still remains the - Go by Land - rule of being a traveler. I suppose I can skip....

I think in terms of Jump, Hops and Skips.
Jumps are big
Hops are small
Skips are longer, yet fast

I can do two day by land trips across countries, sort of skip across them, but not avoiding the country. Then another traveler rule comes into affect...

How long do you have to be in a country to count it as country you visited?

I personally like to say I need 10 days to say I visited, if you want me to start to have an opinion I need a minimum of one month. The size of the country also is important. To have an opinion of any value for India you need to probably have at least three months, but really to even learn a little about India you need a year.

Brazil must be about one year.

IF you really counted the time, you would see I have spent about one month in any country I have visited. Therefore to go to three countries, I need three months of planned time in country. Many visas make the decision for me, I would think about 30 days is an average time allotted by visas to enter a country.

Nigeria is causing a big Africa Visa problem, as they want me to apply for a Visa in the USA only, it is possible that I dollar-my-way-through. Hope if I pay or stay the course longer in Benin, I can talk the Nigerian embassy into giving me a visa to travel in or across Nigeria. I cannot just go to Niger and into Chad to avoid. I can fly around Nigeria.

Africa does not have good backpacker paths established. They just do not make it easy to go overland without tons of research. I am American, the rules change for each country, a German, a Brit, and get even more complicated. If you was Israeli, then life has little land mines.

GPRS for me should cost less than 2 dollars per day.
SATELLITE needs to cost less than 30 dollars per day.

Paying 30 dollars per day to blog, that is paying a lot to blog. On the other hand, Africa is not the same as South America or Southeast Asia where every Tom, Dick and Harry goes and blogs. It does get closer to being an adventure. Plus someone has to forge a path.

I call it an adventure when I could get killed. I do not see Africa as a big adventure, but a lot closer than South America, Southeast Asia is tourist grade all the way, hard to find an adventure.

Rambling and rambling, the cathartic value of blogging, trying to find clarity where none exist.

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS

Tagish Lake

Tagish Lake
Kathmandu, Nepal
Monday January 22, 2007

I met a man here in Kathmandu, Nepal that owns a Hostel in the Yukon, Canada, or somewhere up close to Juneau, Alaska. I do not know where Tagish Lake is, or why a person goes to Tagish Lake, but I purchase people, I do not purchase locations. I would rather go visit good people any day rather than something - Tagish Lake -.

There are maybe moose there, I am thinking of trying to go there some day. I can go live in the hostel for around 25 dollars... hmm Canadian or US?

OK, nonetheless, the man I met, Chris seems a very well balanced, and competent person. Easy to want to go and visit him and his Hostel. The transportation to the Hostel will be the cost, not the Hotel. I am not sure, he may have private rooms, I hope so. A Hostel often says Dorm, the worst reason to live in Hostel, he is fully aware of the idea of having a common room or area for travelers to talk. He does understand travel and a place for travelers.

Ok his webpage is:

It is MOOSE, I want to see a Moose.

Kayaks also and a course on something, I am sure he can educate me on backpacks as I have been asking him many questions and getting his opinion on my pack, and why he carries his pack and what.

Tagish Lake
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Monday January 22, 2007

I am working on my Top Travel Sites of 2006 in English, a year in Review. By do this, I learn about travel and I learn about people, a good reason to travel… hehehe and to write.

Ok, I am trying to expand my understand of why I like a Internet site, so by explaining to myself by way of writing in my journal, I learn about myself and the site, what was abstract and unclear, starts to become clear.

On CNN, there is some show about Web 2.2 or CNN trying to couple an interview with something about a photo-sharing site with the second generation of the Internet.

I do agree we have entered a second generation of the Internet; the Internet is about the age of a 3 year old. However, the reason and almost nothing to do with, and really is because of - Contextual Advertising -, which has not created a feasible way for the Internet to make money.

OK, I was thinking, the photos on the site, the photos in my newsletter are probably the biggest reason person read my newsletter. I am not going to delude myself and believe everyone love my writing, the photos help.

Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I went to and search for PHOTOS OF NEPAL.

NOTE: is not even in the list of mine for candidates for Top Travel Sites, I am just making sure I am not being unaware of something. It is a popular site, I do not see it as much value to a traveler. When they go home, maybe of value.

I searched for - Photos of Nepal in
Results 31 - 40 of about 1,780,000 for photos of nepal. (0.06 seconds)

Number 33 I found this link from
( comes up first and not a persons photos.)

Hmm, on CNN they said that purchased, maybe I should go to and search.

your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I am not sure what is doing, however, my problem is their SEO - Search Engine Optimization. This site can easily be removed as a leader. They are either promoting themselves at the expense of their users, or just stupid.

The do not seem to be learning why is successful. The big thing is tries to first help their users first and take second, while I think take first and helps second.

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Wednesday January 24, 2007

Sometimes I drive myself crazy,
My friend Gary says,
- that is a putt not a drive. -

I believe when I recommend or talk about a Hotel, Hostel, a Travel Agent, anyone, I have a moral responsibly to be careful, try my best to steer people in the correct path. Basically, I want to recommend only things I would do, use or believe are good values and ideas.

I have said things, I wish I could take back...

The world changes, people change, and for sure... HOTELS change. I have returned to visit my favorite Hotel and discovered. The Hotel I was living in before, is gone. Normally the problem is management, I was thinking about this other day. It would be easier to only recommend people, to only find people, or only maybe I should recommend only people. The manager, owner, cleaning ladies, there are people that work in a Hotel that makes a Hotel fun. There are people I meet in the Hotel that makes it fun.

The people that live in the Hotel will always change... but people normally do not change. If I say to talk with Joe a friend, he is probably, normally, going to continue to be Joe. If the same owner or manager is there, then probably the Hotel is the same.

I just spent three hours configuring and designing a way to recommend Hotels, people, about anything without getting myself is deep doo doo. I have a way to take it back.... I can say it, and then mass remove if with a flick of a computer mouse.

I sit, blog away, talk and later realize, I am way off track, how do I go back to random comments posted in mess of blog posts. As of January 2007 (Over 2700 Blog Post Today.)

How do I go back and find every comment, it is possible, however, this takes some clear and sustain thought and good planning.

I am planning on working with this Hotel below.... hehehe... I have been living in a what I would say should or could be a 25 US Dollars room in Nepal. In the USA the skies the limit as location does determine price. Nonetheless, I am in one of my best rooms in about 10 years of travel. I am paying 8 Dollars US or about 500 Rupees in Nepal. TV, Cable, HBO, too much CNN, large bed, two nightstands, two comfy chairs, private shower and Hot Water. Balcony, etc, and so on and so forth, the idea is here. It is hard to believe I can live in a room for this price.

The benefit of traveling in the developing countries... hehehe

There is this balcony or deck up on the top of this building, on the top of the world. I can look out and see the Monkey Temple, mountains and really get the idea why people come to Katmandu.

I am pounding away working on a backpack, sometimes I need to sit and remember, I am in a paradise on top of the world.

I do not have a problem telling the blunt truth in life, now if a Hotel I recommended would always stay the same, I never would have moral problems, yet the do. I think I have figured out a way. This is good Hotel, a great value, have a good day, life is good.

Bob Seger.. I am going to Katmandu!,
That is all I ever really wanted to do.

Note, the base camp of Mount Everest will start to happen soon, in the spring and in the fall they climb the mountain. Someday, somehow, I am going to the Everest Base Camp, I want to talk with the boys and girls that climb this mountain, not the normal person.

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
January 24, 2007 is one of my choices for the Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 in English, a year in Review. I have not chosen where in the list, yet I am sure it is in the Top Ten.

It was Number ONE for the Top 10 Travel Sites of 2005, and it has not lost much ground or status if any in the last year.

I wrote this about the site in my smaller explanation last year:

Facts and data, information is has entered the game, it is a reader edited and created Encyclopedia of information in many language and for everyone to use for free. I personally first use the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia installed on my computer first, then will by design go to the Wiki Encyclopedia online, however it is normal for me to see them in a top search results in This is good, I do not have to hunt for them, they are trying to find me. The hit a home run when I discovered a well compiled and complete list of LCC - Low Cost Carriers - These are the cheapest of the cheap airlines, and NOT listed or sold normally by travel agents, you will not find these airlines in Orbitz, Travelocity or However you will find them in the WIKI -

So, what do I think a year later?

I am doing this as one of them MORE things, to create a link whereby a person could read more. Therefore when I publish the year in review for 2006, they will go to this link.

A friend was giving me the test of my thoughts, she said, what is your criteria, why, what are the rules, what or how do you make the choices. She did not like my answer,
- It is my opinion. -

She gave me, told me a different opinion, on my opinion. But, she was saying you are a travel writer, I start to push and shove, saying I am not, but I started to think about her intention. She was saying, you are writing to tell somebody your choices, so by technical default, I am writing about travel and I cannot evade.

Ok, why do I like, well first, I do not have to go looking for them. They have designed one of the perfect SEO sites, the search engines like and love them. IF and when I forget to go, then Wiki come to me, it is a search result in

I have surfed around on some other sites, trying to find or discover what the experts have to say, I have not really found, however, I have found Maybe some type of nebulous relative.

Who has time to figure out, not me, I have a room in an Internet cafe, it just does not work. is on the destination label of travel, or sides up and annies up when you are trying to choose a destination. If I am planning a trip to Africa, I can get great insight into how and where to visit by going to

Travel is not a Hotel, travel is about visiting countries, locations and destinations. I sometimes think people should just go down to the local 5 Star Hotel and take a week vacation, and forget to spend the cash to travel. If you don't leave the resort or hotel, then probably the best resorts are in the USA, no culture clash.

However, if you are going to leave the resort, then better get on and learn a little or a lot about where you are going.

Encyclopedia.... it is an online Encyclopedia. It is a tool to learn, and an extremely valuable one, probably the worlds most comprehensive and well managed and categorized place to learn.

Only the Internet has more...

What is wrong with the

The do not send me a set of DVD 0r CD Rom so I can use in the Jungle. I so far need an Internet cafe to use. This is a want, not a need.

Note, if you call yourself the intellectual type, then if you want to be a player, you should be aware of

Thank you to all the contributors of

I need to create some sub-categories and expand this list, because some of the readers do only care about Hotels and Airplanes.
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia - Working for sure wherever...
January 25, 2007

I received this letter from someone, I think and hope a real letter.

THE PERSON WROTE - Note: (...) Three dashes means I edited the text

Hi Andy,

I wanted to send this note to you for consideration on your blog. It's not hard news per se, but I thought it might appeal to your readers as it relates to travel and mobility. Microsoft was looking for something fun and different to promote and publicize Windows Mobile for business users. What we came up with was : it's a tongue-in-cheek look at how Windows Mobile makes it possible to work wherever, no matter what.

And while the web site is our main area of focus, here are some video clips about the site that have been circulating throughout the Net:

Please let me know your thoughts on this. If you have any questions or if it's of interest to you, I can send additional links.

Thanks and Best,
Kathryn (...)

REMOVED OR EDITED... I removed the address of who wrote me.
I am not sure who is writing me, maybe Microsoft, maybe someone else. I get tons of spoofers, when working wherever, it become more complicated to discover the person I am dealing with. Since this is the URL they are promoting, I would assume that is the representation of who wrote.


I am lying here in my bed in a Kathmandu, Nepal Hotel, my legs are propped up to hold my laptop computer. I have a GPRS connection which allows me to have a connection in my room, and work on my computer, or maybe here I am playing.

Shakira says, whenever, wherever

I am tempted to make a lot of jokes and as the Brits say, take the P...

I am working wherever, and want to This is a grand goal, and for sure I do work wherever, and am striving to work anywhere on the planet.

I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger with my techie in India yesterday, we received an invitation to - AdSense video distribution and sponsorship pilot - (Note, I cannot use quote more WHEREVER because the Asian computers change them.)

Ok... as I work wherever. We was chatting, require lower resources on Yahoo than on Gmail, and Skype is problem, no way to talk on GPRS connection.

Both me and Andrew from India are every moment of every day aware of the wall. There is this invisible wall we hit, it the wall of bandwidth. I do not have good enough speed to look at the videos sent, and the other wanted wanted me to subscribe. I did so, but it did not send me an acceptance.
( I sort of seen them.... )

Now, with GPRS, I am willing to play, and look around at these interesting videos, or better said, try to look. I am not able to download correctly, so I have seen half of most of them.

The goal is worthy, I do wish for them to continue.
Maybe someone with a good connection, who is not wherever can look at the videos and suss out what this is about.

Ok, we received this invitation to participate in a video project from

I carried a Camera in South America, then purchased a second to travel to Iraq. Both times the idea of filming a location and publishing to the Internet crashed and burned. Then we took a film of the Tsunami of Koh Phi Phi and put on the net. 25 Megs or more of publishing is difficult to publish in an Internet cafe. CRASH

Andrew, my techie said or commented about the Videos being not being related to the site, or at first reading seems more towards the MTV world and entertainment, and less towards the National Geographic world and culture of

I could say,
- Walk the walk, and talk the talk. -

Meaning, ok guys, this does not work wherever, I am there, and it would not work.

But, to borrow some terms.
- Fake it until you make it. -

I will listen and continue to listen, and encourage them to tell me I can work wherever. It is a worthy goal, and for many person in the USA, or Europe, this is true.

I chatted to Andrew and said, we need to study, learn, understand, keep researching because one day on, I will be blogging films from every location. I am going to Africa and there are not many bloggers there, a great place to show the world the real truth, not the media invented truths.

I think... hmm with a real wherever connection by Satellite.

The cost to view one of them videos sent to me would be about 70 US dollars, or to publish a video from the jungle of Africa. CNN does pay a lot of money to be live.

I have now calculated, maybe I can lose money and blog from Africa for about 30-6o US dollars per day.

We need to learn, Hobo needs to learn. This is the future. The computer, cell phone, TV, stereo will merge into one appliance of device. --- hehehe Whenever...

I do not know, maybe Bill Gates should go to Africa and install Edge or some high speed cell phone connections. I will then buy the products.

I really want a computer laptop size phone, that can be seen in direct sunlight. I cannot be bothered to do work on a keyboard so small I cannot see unless I am 20 years old with perfect eyes.

My ending thought, keep is up, go for it, go to the edge, I hope somebody buys, so you can bring this to the world. As for me, send me a toy for free, I will play. Nigeria has GPRS and it may work there. Ghana and Tigo seem to be coming online, maybe it will work.

I am debating, Satellite or GPRS, many person got very frustrated with me when I blogged from Africa for three months. I was trying to blog wherever, first try, crash and burn. I am trying to go to Africa again in one month. This time, I hope I will blog daily.

Hmmm. pay for the bandwidth, and I will publish videos.

This is the future, and I am curious whenever wherever, and the invitation to Shakira to come and travel with me is still open. (Bring bathing suit.)

Thanks for the letter, I do appreciate them.

Third World Business Blues

Third World Business Blues
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Thursday, January 25, 2007

I have until, February 12; I must leave Katmandu by February 12, 2007 and get to Delhi, India so I can fly round trip to the USA in the early morning of February 14, 2007.

I have 21 days to sit and have the Third World Business Blues.

I came at this dreadfully cold time of the year to Nepal for a reason, to come in low season to work on two projects. One was to make 50-100 backpacks to sell on my site. The second was to discuss with a Hotel to manage and fill her up, make into the first true Hotel or Hostel.

I just do not know, the term Third World to me is kind of insult, however, I am frustrated.

I just do not know how a person or company can expect to start work at 11:00 in the morning or worst yet 1:00 in the afternoon and earn money.

I am giving up on making backpack in Nepal, as they say, some step on their (…), while others jump up and down on it.

I have the design for the backpack, I have the model, I have the money, and I cannot buy, or will not because I do not trust they show up and do what they say.

They are extremely angry with me, as I keep demanding a perfect bag, and for sure the bags made or copies of North Face, Lowe Alpine and every other knockoff they make is sub-quality work.

There is the answer, I am trying to work with a factory that spends their whole day cheating North Face, or making copies of them. It is like dating a married woman and expecting her to be faithful.

I have 21 days and nothing to do, maybe time to heal to Delhi; I could go to Goa to the beach for a couple of weeks.

I am up to my ears now in culture clash. Katmandu is a paradise in ways, not Katmandu, however during the summer; you are on top of the world. In the winter, you are on top of an ice cube. I put a thermometer in my toilet, I am going to see how cold it really is, and I do not think I want to know.

Note... I like tropical weather, anything is cold to me.

Hostel, Hotel, I am not sure, does not look good, it is about as likely as enforcing a legal contract in Nepal.

Third World Business Blues

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Sunday January 28, 2007

Things happen for a reason, I am not sure why I believe this, yet I do.

I tried to book a flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India, for some reason there was no flights on Saturday, and I was on a waiting list for Sunday. I have an open ticket with Royal Air Nepal, I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand, therefore, I just need to find a seat, and reserve it.

Hard to understand all the problems here, in the end, I think the culture has trouble embracing the idea that you can be honest, make a good product, and it can sell. They believe making dishonest copies of North Face, Lowe Alpine, Mamut or any brand that trips the trigger of the backpackers is a better way of making a living. I believe 99 percent of the products sold in Katmandu are copies.

While my frustration levels was peaking on many levels, my friend Chris back in Idaho, USA was staying the course. He sent me a couple of emails about Solar Cookers, and reminded me of my own photos.

He found a place to buy a solar cooker online. I was delayed enough by my flights, that I reconsidered and am staying long enough to find the solar cooker, if possible.

This photo was taken in the city of Gyantse in Tibet China, behind the Friendship Hotel as best I can tell from my own web site. Jeff and me stayed in the Cheap Rooms, while the five Star folks got abused living in the closed Friendship Hotel. We had plenty of blankets and they did not.

My personal belief about solar energy is most people promoting it are fools. For the world to utilize solar energy first of all it has to work or function, then it has to be affordable by the masses, not just the enthusiast, who love gadgets like me.

Many Hotels in Katmandu have solar heated water systems and on about a 100 percent kill rate, they do not work adequate. The fail to be adequate 100 percent of the time.

I was listening to a good understanding of one Hotel about a person taking a shower in the afternoon to utilize the Solar Heated Water. I said, that Hotel has a large Electric water heater also, you can take a shower about anytime, and your problem is you need to wait for 15 gallons of water to be pumped from the first floor to the fifth floor before it will become hot. Therefore, more or less you need to let the water run for about 5 to 10 minutes to get a shower.

Therefore you have hot water, however, then cause another problem by wasting water.

I have now changed hotels three times; the one he was in has the best system to get a hot shower, and all three of them you need to wait 10 minutes and waste 15 gallons of water to get a shower. Katmandu has a shortage of water in addition to a shortage of electricity; they have few things up to adequate.

There are very few things done correctly here, however this is normal in 80 percent of the planet and in my opinion why they do not have any money. Hard to make money selling junk products and junk services, the buyers beat them to death to get a cheap price, because in the end they buy price, not quality.

I believe the real truth about Solar Hot Water in Katmandu, is not about giving us Hot Water, it is marketing. They want to say, yes, we have Hot Water; they do not want to give us Hot Water.

This is an on demand type of Hot Water Heater; they are available in most countries of South and Central America. If you took and combined the Solar Heated water of Nepal and this on demand Electric Hot Water heater of South America, you would have a system that would work closer to adequate.

This is an on demand gas water heater in Bogotá, Colombia, works very good in a way, if you have a common shower and not a private shower. I suppose true energy conservation is by having one common shower in the hotel and not having private showers. Then have only dip showers as they utilize about half the water. There is also a model like this, yet is electric and very common in Southeast Asia.

This is my filling up my 4-gallon bucket I carry in my bag with hot water to take a dip shower. If the Hotel has hot water, I put about one gallon of water in the bucket, then take a shower. If for normal, reasons and they do often, run out of water while I am lathered up, I finish my shower with the water in the bucket or finish by dip. I also can take sub-adequate solar heated water and finish heating with a one-cup coffee cooker purchased in Bolivia.

The art of travel is not just toughing it, the art of travel it to use the God given brain you have to adapt.

If the NGO of the planet, would combine all these in one location, and had a clue, they could triple the number of tourist in Nepal, and adaptthese sub-adequate services into adequate services.

While being very frustrated with Nepal, Chris has reminded me to track down cheap hot water cookers in Katmandu, I am on the trail, and maybe they have a less than 20 dollars cooker, which I could sell at cost and ship to the rest of the planet.

This is not rocket science, it is common sense. In truth, everyone is always reinventing the wheel, the technologies exist to live great, people just do not know about these things and utilize in one place. All the answers are scattered all over the planet.

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu

Cell Phone Battery Problem with GPRS

Cell Phone Battery Problem with GPRS
Kathmandu Nepal
Saturday, January 27, 2007

The drain on the battery is more than the charge.

I have a Motorola V555 quad band cell phone. I plug it into the charger and connect to the internet with Mero Mobile prepaid service here in Katmandu, Nepal. I have noticed over time, and am quite sure when connected it is slowly using more electricity from the phone then what is being charged into the phone. This means that the battery is slowly being drained, and eventually it disconnects from the internet and I must wait for the battery to recharge.

A second battery is needed, yet the problem is I can only charge the battery while in the phone. I personally do not like to remove the battery or the SIM card as the cover seems like it is not going to stay one good.

Cell Phone Battery Problem with GPRS

Cooking with One Cup Cooker

Cooking with One Cup Cooker
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 29, 2007

I have discovered an extremely easy way to cook many canned foods.

I have tried canned corn, normal not the cream style. I have done peas, however I have not been brave enough to do the Boston Baked Beans or Kidney Beans.

I will try rice.

I am afraid it will burn the cream onto the cooker and I will never get it clean again. These babies cost one dollar in most of the world, not a big price to play.

The cup I purchased, I think in Thailand, however normal type stock in the cheaper countries. Do not do this with any type of metals unless you want fireworks.

Cooking with One Cup Cooker

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005
Katmandu Nepal Asia
January 28, 2007

Time Magazine

I was looking at Time Magazine, there was a copy in a hotel in the Philippines. I noticed that the photos they deemed worthy, often had either smoke, fog, or blurred because of the direct sunlight into the lens.

My lesson learned, is when there is smoke, fog, or the sun is causing problems, maybe I should take the photo, just for the surreal feel.

The photo was taken near Thamel area in Katmandu, around seven in the morning. The question I have is, did this man sleep in the rickshaw?

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2006

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2006
Katmandu Nepal Asia

Put the wrong year up.. Time 2006

I suppose I should recommend you also take many photos.

This one shows the man smoking a cigarette. Note, when a country is poorer, often the smoking disappears.

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2006

Feelings Seeing Hearing Thinking

Hearing Sight Smell Taste Touch
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A friend requested I think about posting my top 10 photos of 2006.

- I have very little interest in the beauty of the photo, so if I were to make a page of my 10 favorite photos, it would be boring and difficult job, something I would avoid. -

My first thought was a thought of revulsion, as I do not like to look at photos. I am annoyed looking at my own, and super annoyed looking at other peoples photos.

I use photos to think, and to remember, not for a physical feeling rush. My sense of sight is not my favorite sense organ.


I went on a journey of curiosity and delved into a bigger list of senses.

This one has 32:

This list has 53:

I was observing and thinking the other day, that Nepali people have very little awareness of other people. I can use this list to evaluate a culture.

I would put this as number 16 in the list of 53.
- 16. Space or proximity sense. -

As a funny quip or common terms, I would say about Nepali people.
- Most likely to just stop in front of you.
- Most likely to spit in front of you.

I could assess they may have little
- 8. Sense of motion. Body movement sensations and sense of mobility. -

As almost standard in the poorer countries, they have little sense of time.

I could classify countries into categories of what they are good or not good and use these lists to evaluate countries, cultures and groups of person on the planet. However, sadly, in a political correct world, we can only compliment, we cannot say or talk about what a country needs to work on in an blunt terms. We must just diplomatically say or allude to a problem. This may be the biggest obstacle to human development.

We cannot say,
- The love to lie around and do nothing, like a dog -
Some cultures love the feeling of maybe comradeship and lack of sensory stimulation, others are addicted to movement.

The India people chew this Betel Nut and spit it all over the place; they could be accessed to love the sense of taste. I see travelers that demand to taste all the foods, or as happened the other day, a man was demeaning my drinking of instant coffee, and said I should drink the special coffees sold. I sort of thought he had little awareness of differences in people, the likes and dislikes of a person, especially the ones that do not affect others, like drinking coffee is not a problem in life for many. Unless, for some silly reason I force a person to drink instant coffee.

I would say these two lists are insightful and should be read closely by people. If I can or they could truthfully discover what makes them happy, they could go in search of this.

The bottom line, I do not like to take photos for the beauty of the photo, I like to take photos more for a taxonomy sense.

principles of classification: the practice or principles of classification.

I have very little interest in the beauty of the photo, so if I were to make a page of my 10 favorite photos, it would be boring and difficult job, something I would avoid.

However, has now given me an ability to label my post, this is an extreme rush for me, I love this, and I could sit around and label or classify thoughts for a long time. I love databases, I love the ability to sort, categorize, sub-categorize and classify.

In the end, I like ideas more than music, and pictures.

I do think if a person would see what they do, not what they think they want to do, but take a list and check off what they like to feel or sense. The difficult part is many persons wish to be famous as being smart or intellectual. The constantly try to read the intellectual book, never read them, however when they have any chance, they go out with their friends and listen to very loud music.

What we want to be, and what we do is the gap that keeps us from understanding ourselves.

Hearing Sight Smell Taste Touch

India Music Videos

India Music Videos
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
January 31, 2007

India has some of the most beautiful girls on the planet. I can sit here in my room and watch music videos and dream of a world of beautiful Indian women.

I spent four months in India and never saw anything close to the video culture, and have come to believe it is dangerous for Indian women to even talk with a foreigner.

Therefore, I am always in amazement of the movies and music videos, as it portrays some form of modern and open culture that to me does not exist. I see and felt a very closed culture.

India Music Videos

Ghana to Ethiopia or Ethiopia to Ghana

Ghana to Ethiopia or Ethiopia to Ghana
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 31, 2007

I have had a difficult decision to make, I finally have found a good reason to travel from Ghana to Ethiopia or from West to East, and not from Ethiopia to Ghana.

I am making a land trip of about 4500 miles across the center of Africa. This trip could be dangerous, or as normal, it could just be hard on my butt. This is a lot of sitting on my butt time, I think maybe I averaged about 25 miles per hour the last time in West Africa; therefore I have about 180 hours of butt time. This is not bad, just about 7.5 days of travel.

Why travel from Ghana to Ethiopia?
If I start in Ghana or Togo, I can have two months of French practice before I enter the Congo.

I learned that the Congo uses the language of French as their business language. My travel French is about a 2 and I need to get it up to a 5 or 6 on a 10-point scale. Therefore, if I travel in Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Gabon and miscellaneous countries before I enter the more dangerous Congo, I can hope to get my French language skills up to a 5 or 6 and it will be safer. I will need less dependence on my instincts and maybe talking with the Frenchies along the way to suss out the situation. The majority of the French Expats I met on the Trip from Cote d-Ivoire to Niger by land last time only spoke about a 1 or less in English, therefore I was not able to discuss anything with them. I did meet ONE German and ONE Swede who spoke English well enough to explain some of the ins and outs of Africa, however generally I was on my own. The Peace Corps person did have an idea about the country they were in, but had little cross Africa travel.

Just what every Mother wants to hear, her son wants to travel across the Congo by land or river. I only live or die once.

Ghana to Ethiopia or Ethiopia to Ghana

Crichton Travel

Crichton Travel
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
February 1, 2007

Discovered a new backpacker term, and now I want to see if Michael Crichton deserves this usage of his name. Brad and Megan commented on a blog, then I looked at the their profile, then I looked at their blog, then I read the quote. Note, I can almost never do this, I really love have a GPRS internet connection in my Hotel room!

Now, I am helping Brad and Megan to coin the term: Crichton Travel
Knapp Adventure Blog

I would sometime think it could be James Michener Travel or I guess Michener Travel as I am also a fan of James Michener and amazed at his trips.

I will be in the USA from February 14 to the 22, therefore I am arranging my best to have UPS drop off all my dreams. I got on and purchased the book by Michael Crichton called TRAVELS a book by Michael Crichton.

QUOTE by Brad and Megan

In Travels, Crichton describes trips so remote and inaccessible that it created an entirely new baseline for adventure in my mind. His trips to Hunza and New Guinea remain far off dreams for me--heck, Hunza, as such, does not even exist anymore. He trotted around the globe on journeys that had to be outrageous logistical nightmares, code for excellent, unspoiled fun. After Clayton and I had finished the book, we had a new phrase for serious travel: "Crichton travel." After visiting Africa, I would call Crichton travel a modern version of traveling like David Livingstone except that Crichton travel, because his trips were so recent, teases us with the thought that a journey like that might still be possible.


Crichton Travel
Now, the only problem with this is, I can never remember how to spell his last name, I have to copy and paste it to be close to correct. -Crichton -

I will read the book, I would say I normally like anything Michael writes. I do have one problem here, I can only carry so much weight, about 70-100 pounds, then I have to start make love choices. Do I love this more than this, or do I heave this item, do I need this, or is it just a want, can I buy in Africa or do I need to carry.

I cannot buy all the books I want to read, I really like the PDF file books, I am also cheap, I am not going to pay more than about 4 dollars max for a used book, or for digital.

I made an angry purchase, as I was so disappointed in the Lonely Planet West Africa last time, the recommendations for hotels were written for persons driving a car. Therefore, I left my normal guidebook path and purchased the -The Rough Guide to West Africa 4 - and will see if they can help me save money, or also recommend the most expensive.

To break Africa open, there needs to be backpacker rooms for less than 8 dollars or lower.

Crichton Travel

Writing Books

Writing Books
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 1, 2007

I saw a very mediocre book on travel in about 5 times, it kept recommending it to me, a very annoying experience. Simple format, easy to write, just annoying book, however, the worst part, and I tried to read the book, it is just a bunch of crap.

I will not say the name, as the book is harmless, as are most travel books, they are just fantasy writers and normally should be thought of as fiction, about like CNN and BBC, however for sure as I read the travel writers, I see about an 80 percent fantasy.

However, this is it, I watched a show about Stephen King writing 1500 words a day, I can easily do this, however my skills sucks to say the least. But, I am more an idea man, and someone else can fix the writing.

Just me dwelling on whether to write a book or not write a book or books. Just thoughts, however it is obviously another way to add to my money. I want a pile of money, then I can travel easier into the Heart of Darkness... they always seem to say this when talking about Africa. Nonetheless, DOLLARS, is the only true protection when being a traveler. I can dollar my way out of most danger. Sometimes, it is just so expensive to buy the knowledge I need to travel safely.

Example, I could find a perfect map of Africa, WHILE I am in Africa. I want this, I need a good road map of East and West Africa. They normally suck, so if I had a PILE, I could buy them all and have them all sent to me, then carry the one that is good and dump the rest.

My ideal map of Africa would be in both French and English at the same time, and have every little small road on the map, and come in a few PDF files for my computer, and accompanied by a paper version.

The research, the shipping, the ideas I just said would cost close to 400 dollars, and I would need a person at home that would ship it to me, probably the bigger problem.

Well, on writing a book, there are too many, however maybes someday I can find someone who is a proficient traveler, hopefully a woman, and they can travel along while we pump out some books for fun. Note, I see most writers going home to write books, the bottom line is this is not going to happen. I like to travel more than I like to write.

Writing Books

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

Pokhara Nepal Hotel
Pokhara Nepal Asia
January 3, 2007

I am now in Pokhara, Nepal a city about 85 miles to the West of Kathmandu, yet takes about 7-8 hours to travel to in a bus. The trip is beautiful, sit on the right going to Pokhara, and sit on the left returning and you will have a good view. I did not know I had a reserved seat, or I would have tried to choose.

I am thinking
Hotel Pokhara Annoyme

They have the normal litany of names, Karma, Nirvana, Peace, Traveler, and other names, I am amiss to say where to stay, I have not seen anyone, except the people on the bus. There are tons of Koreans and Japanese, and I as trying to figure out where the Japs were staying, but no success.

The place seems deserted, yet it is a lot warmer here and nicer in a way, yet today has big cloud sitting on the city.

There are many touts and none of them tell the truth, I got in a taxi and went to one hotel, the taxi driver was demanding I go and visit the hotel of his wishes. I met a man who was supposely representing the Viewpoint, he waited, and after I looked at the deserted Damside area, I went with him to see the Viewpoint. He does NOT take me to the Viewpoint, itwas recommended by the hotel I was in while in Kathmandu. I cannot believe it, he was talking for about 10 minutes, and finally when I say yes, he takes me another hotel, I just got out and started walking.

I found a quiet one for 200 Rupees, and it is good, the door lock is a big India style bolt, so I am happy as I love to use my own lock. I can walk around without my backpack and see if I can find a room with anybody to talk too. Nepal girls are out of bounds, travelers chics are in etherland, I need to go to Africa.

Oh well, my Mero GPRS connection is working good, so I can surf the net and plan Africa.

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

Skype Not on Machines

Skype Not on Machines
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

I am trying to chat, not telephone with my friend in Brazil. I am on an Internet connection in Nepal that goes through my cell phone. It is not strong enough to call, but I can chat. Skype is not on the machines or downloaded onto machines, I would say about 90 percent of the time when I wish to chat with him.

Yahoo Messenger seems to be the best system to chat, or even call with presently in the world, the calling is free from yahoo to yahoo. Now, if I could get my friend in Boston to log in...

And DUMP that crazy, ridiculous and troublesome, and pay to have email account, He must like to change emails every year or two.

Yahoo Mail and are the two best Emails presently, in my opinion.

They techies all understand how to do anything, I am wondering if the world will ever figure a way to allow the non-technical minded person how to do the same. I think 85 percent of the population will come into the fold if they can every get a voice command operated computer to function easy.

I see the Internet only being truly available to 10-15 percent of the modern world presently. I would say less than 1-3 percent of the planet actually can function and use the Internet.

I wonder why or if has email, it would be a natural progression.

Skype Not on Machines

Sheep on Nepal Bus

Sheep on Nepal Bus
Pokhara Nepal Asia
January 4, 2007

I am thinking, I have seen many things on top of buses, humans are normal, I am not sure about sheep. Coming from Kathmandu, to Pokhara, a long 8 hour trip to go 85 miles.

The men at the bus stop in Kahtmandu, tried to extort a baggage fee out of me for heavy bags. Always another scam to deal with, this is a baggge scam. The bag they put up was very light, Normal type of behavior in Kat, but what can you do. I ask him if he was a girl.

I wonder if they had to pay extra to get the sheep on top, the Nepali people in Kathmandu are over the top on trying to grab money, any chance they get, they try to take. Nice to be in Pokjara, less people trying to sell smoke, hash, or any other annoyance.

Sheep on Nepal Bus

Pokjara Trekking

Pokjara Trekking
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

Everyone in Pokhara is a trekking, I have not seen many very fit and healthy types, and therefore I would assume there are many easy treks. I think more city types out on a romp in the woods.

I got up this morning, took off on a long hike, I trekked all around the smallish city of Pokjara. This is a delight compared to Katmandu, everything is organized and pleasant, on the other hand, all the guesthouse are empty, and therefore if they were full, it may be another point of view.

I do not know where they go trekking and I really cannot be bothered. I tried to trek to the older part of Pokjara, however seemed to avoid it somehow; I do believe there must be an older historical part. My presently location is 90 percent made for tourist, and not much of interest. I am staying in what they call the lakeside part of Pokjara.

I one day hope to find a full on professional mountain climbing area or shop, all I have seen are tourist shops.

I think something like eight of the ten highest mountains in the world are in Nepal, therefore must be some serious mountain climbers somewhere.

This is the view of the lake, there is a dam on the lake, so maybe a manmade, I do not know the name. Most of the hotels are not on the lake, there is road between the lake and the hotels and I am not sure you can get a good view. I am going to try to find a hotel on the lake with a good view, I am sure there is, however not obvious.

Pokjara Trekking

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

I went up on the roof of my hotel, trying to see the lake, the clouds have it covered, however I got a good look at their solar hot water system, that serves up cold water... hehehe

I am presently at one level above, there are two large water tanks where I am standing to take this photo. They pump the water up to the holding tanks, then gravity allows it to flow through this hot water solar device below.

On the left of a the tank is a heating element, and I guess in a very inefficient way it heat the water when there is no sun. (It is not plugged in, ergo the reason for no hot water.)

There appears to be no insulation on the tank, I think so the sun can warm the tank. This is made of galvanized steel, and would reflect most of the sun, however would get warm. I do not understand why they did not just use the big cheap and common black plastic tanks. There are electric hot water heaters you can hang in the water.

It goes through this and I think straight to the rooms, I will look, but I do think there is an insulated holding area.

Notheless, I heated up water with my one-cup cooker and took a shower, so I am good to go, I will nose around and see if the other guests take showers.

The man said this cost about 60,000 Rupees, or about 900 US dollars for this, I think there is about 200 dollars in materials max.

Nothing is complicated about this set up.

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar

Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage
Pokhara Nepal Asia
February 5, 2007

Hindu people as I understand sometimes have arranged marriages, not always, but sometimes. They say or are separating the types here, one is a love marriage and other is arranged.

A group of three Nepali women was having a big chat session in the hotel yesterday; I was joking and asking the man owner if they were all his wife. I sat around and joked for a while, they did the interview, are you married, what do you do for work, etc. The one proceeded to pointedly ask, do you want to get married to Nepali girl? Now, not polite to just say no, hard to answer so they understand, so I tried to say,
- Yes, if I loved here and wanted to marry her. -

This is the same answer for any country in a way, however the woman said, something that she has a sister with a 23-year-old daughter and she will return the next day with her at 5:00 PM to meet me.

I cannot believe it, she came at 4:30, early, and they can actually be on time for something here.

So tomorrow was or is now last night or yesterday.

They sat me down, interviewed me again, I unfortunately passed with flying colors. She now has asked me, both the younger girl and the older woman to think about it, do I want to marry the girl?

I met this girl with three other women, she speaks ok, rather bleak English, however she is nice, pretty, polite and so on and so forth, and likes to laugh.

Now today, I think I am supposed to give an answer yes or no. For me the answer is no, I am not going to marry anyone that was arranged for me, the arrangement for an introduction was ok, but I truly did not believe they was going to ask the same day.

It is interesting how the younger girl respects the advice of the older woman; the older woman has given me the USDA seal of approval, as has all the women hanging around in this household.

I learned that two of her cousins have married foreigners, this seems to be a trend, if you find a family where one has married a foreigner then the other girls are primed.

I have also noticed that women who color their hair from black to reddish are extra friendly.

I think I am involved in a one-side arranged marriage, I am glad my mother has not met this girl, or I would be in a pressure cooker, as the girl is nice.

I do not know why they are not keying in the two young men here, yes, I think they are irresponsible boys, but they maybe have the correct passports. I have a USA passport; this often is too good of passport for families. The woman said, she wanted an American or Canadian, or German.

Strange as it sounds this is probably a great opportunity for some man older than 30 who wishes to get married. Quick, easy, and more or less permanent as I understand Hindus women only get married one time, you would have to bring the girl back one time a year to enforce this idea. I do believe marriages work when both sides agree it should work.

They or she the girl I could marry is Brahmin Caste, I think the word should be Brahmin Ethnic group or Brahmin Tribe, the word caste is too strong. The language of the Brahmin Caste is different from the Sherpa Caste; to me this is more tribal. Tribes often many not intermarry and will be very judgmental, one being lower or higher.

I am USA upper caste in a way or could be thought of in a way of thinking.

I am wondering how I got myself into this situation, I think it was simple, I said hello to all the workers and people in the Hotel. All the other residents of the hotel more or less ignore the staff and persons working, only making request. I am thinking the world needs to take treks to meet people, and not mountains. However, to meet a mountain is safe and free from commitments. I have made a commitment to be these people friend. People in Hotels are people, I know they tend to act like animals, only wanting money, but they are people, and not authority figures.

I will think carefully and try to understand or explain why I cannot marry the woman. It is rather easy, I just tell the truth, my culture does not marry this quick, I would need to know her, and I leave in 4 days, honesty is 99 percent of the time the best answers.

If a group of men come up and ask you if a girl is pretty, I think maybe best to say yes, even if dog ugly.

Arranged Marriage
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

Airfare Booking Site
(Note, I have never purchased a ticket on this site, but I use all the time.)

I am again trying to get a complete thought, I have just stumbled time after time on the idea of what is the Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English language, and now I have added for Travelers, not Tourist

I am working on criteria, but I will get this done this week.

Ok, is a German site, however also in English, you can buy a ticket and Airplane ticket in English. However, you need to click on the small English link.

One of my criteria is easy to remember, and is easy, the de on the end stands for Deutschland the real name of Germany, in the German Language, I have no idea how or why they change names.

I want a guide, I want to know more or less, what a good price to pay for a plane ticket is, and then I can either buy from an agent, or hopefully go directly to the site recommended.

It is amazing the extreme difference between and the normal run of the mill USA search for plane tickets sites. One very large difference is you have two choices, you can search for available tickets or seats available, or you can search for just what prices are available.

Therefore, you need to learn both ways, what is available, and which flights have seats. I then do a search on the air carrier and try to buy direct online.

This is real; I want to buy a one-way air ticket from Delhi, India to Accra, Ghana on February 27, 2007. Note, a one-way ticket for half the price of a normal ticket is normally available anywhere in the world and the travel agents lie.

I did all these searches on the same day, and from Nepal, sometimes airlines block ticket purchases from some countries…!

I want to know two things, what are possible good prices and then second if a ticket is available. A ticket possible, and I can get on a waiting list, however the normal site does not tell you this, they only tell the high priced available, not what price is possible. Nothing Nothing Nothing HAS, very good, however for 1338 US dollars, nice they gave in dollars. A good site, maybe ok in the USA. - I gave the link because maybe a contender in ways., about 500 Euros or 750 US dollars.

Ok, now the available seats are with Ethiopia Airlines, I could book, however I do not. I go to Ethiopia direct and see what is up.

I find in the end, I can fly with Ethiopia Airlines from Mumbai to Accra for about 450 US Dollars. Ethiopia Airlines.

I find I can use a Low Cost Carrier from Delhi to Mumbai for about 59 dollars.

I find I could have flown with an Agent Ticket from Chicago to Accra for 750 US dollars.
(If you know the good price, then an Agent purchased ticket is better, they will warn you hopefully about Visas, need of onward tickets, military coups and other fun things, we HOPE.)

I am getting a ticket for around 550 US, could have purchased on for about 750 US, but need to check many times, as seats come available.

However, I like Mcflight, it give me a fair and target price to pay. I can then go to a travel agent, or online and keep trying. It is a great site; however, E Tickets are not always possible.

It does not search the Low Cost Carriers.

I use it all the time, and is in my Top Ten Sites of 2006, what position I am not sure. I am sort of dwelling on what is necessary. Is knowing about the location with more important, than buying a plane ticket?

To choose this site, I had to overcome my prejudices, thinking it is in German first, and not mainstream, and second how I use is complicated. I am saying to myself too difficult and the normal public is not smart enough. However, when it comes to the bottom line, I use this site, and forget what I think, the - What I use - test is more important than what I think or feel, or prejudge.

I try to post all my idea on this page:
Around The World Airfares
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
Monday, February 5, 2007

This is one of my Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 pages, not sure of the priority or number. I am sussing out the criteria better this year and realized when I said, this list of for the true travelers and not for tourist; I knew this page must be included.

I think there are at least 312 x 312 needed pages to cover the Visa, Passport, Entry Visa, and Tourist Card and in the end, the question is, what do I need to do to get permission to enter a country.

97,344 combinations with a guess of 312 countries, enclaves, islands and autonomous regions.

Therefore, if you are from Ethiopia and you want to go to Chile, which is one combination question. The answers would change by the minute.

Now, does not give that specific of help, but I think it is as close as I have seen on any site. It will tell you

Embassies in the country, as an example, maybe the USA, England, and Germany have an Embassy, Consulate, or something that issues visas, maybe in the country.

Embassies abroad or where does the USA have Embassies, which countries does Ethiopia have Embassies in?

This person that made the site, I think from Denmark, has an extreme capacity for detail and organization, just a remarkable collection of information.

A little hard to find, but nonetheless a true guru type site, a bookmark, write down, never forget the link address when you travel site.

Knowing all the rules of entering a country is not easy, a rule of thumb, if they let you on the plane, you probably have a good chance of entering… hehehe

At the border, as Stellan my Swede friend riding a bike around Africa said, if you wait long enough, they will let you in, change of shift, etc.

Contrary to anything you think, most countries want you to enter, and will find a way to allow you to enter.

I do encourage this person to make a PDA version of this or computer version so I can download and use when I do not have internet access.

As a note, most Travel Agents has some computer way to show you whether you can enter a country, but beware, travel agents have to me a 50/50 success rate. Either they lie, or they do not know how to use, so you need to get collaboration.

Three down, seven to go.

Nepal Plowing Field

Nepal Plowing Field
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 5, 2007

I want some of the good ole boys from Indina to come to Nepal and learn how to plow. I believe this has wooden plow points.

Oxen pulling a plow in Pokjara, Nepal.

Nepal Plowing Field

Water Pasteurization

Water Pasteurization
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

I learned a term form the FOST Solar guy in Kathmandu, Nepa, the term is Water Pasteurization, and the idea is to boil water until it safe.

I knew this, just did not know the term of the day, however with this device and my 12 Volt cooky thingy, I could also so this, in addition to cooking peas, corn, or hot water for coffee and tea.

12-Volt Beverage Heater Immersible

I am very excited, I am stopping at home to visit, I can buy many toys! The USA is just a convenient place.

Water Pasteurization

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 7, 2207

I have never thought of myself as a person that conserves energy unless I was trying to save money. I am more than willing to use extreme amounts of Electricity for my personal pleasure.

I am a practical person though, common sense, and just good old Indiana Horse sense. I look for the obviously good solution to problems.

I am lazy in a way, I think a good invention or idea needs a bit of laziness to empathize with the normal person, who is often more lazy than me.

I want my Travelers Nest, I want my room design, my creature comforts, my personal list of needs fulfilled anywhere on the planet, so as time has passed I have learned, invented, found, created work arounds for solutions to problems.

Heating water in Benin, Africa with an immersion electric water heater, this takes about 15-30 minutes. I purchased in Bolivia this thingy, and I think thingy is a word, however you can buy an on the edge of tank type in most countries on planet.

This is my system to heat water; it is my way of guaranteeing the greed of the Hotel owner does not stop me from taking a Hot Shower. Sometimes it is just plain stupidity on the part of the Hotel owner that stops me from getting a hot shower.

The reasons why a person cannot get a hot water shower are so numerous it is a never-ending list.

The normal reason and the present reason here in Nepal are because the owner does not turn on the electric heater. The want you to believe the Solar system works on cloudy days. I was laughing in Bolivia one time, there was three switches that needed turned on to use the nozzle head type heater in the shower.

(Note, a solar shower is normally on good in the late afternoon.)

Other reasons:
- Their system is broken
- There is no hot water handle
- The electricity is off
- The have one 40 gallon hot water tank for 50 people
- The hotel has no hot water ever
- They ran out of propane gas
- They have solar heating, yet they have no sun
- The solar heated system means they have the water tank on the roof, as does most of the world.

However, I realized I am conserving electricity here in Nepal, and water. The other night two Brit girls requested the owner turn on the electricity so the water tank would heat. I thought, you have 15 minutes before lights out because of some crazy Nepal Electricity saving program called - Low Setting - or - Load Shading - or Load Shedding, - nonetheless they shut the lights off at 6-9 PM some days and in a random way, not way of knowing for sure.

15 Minutes is not enough time to hear 100 gallons of water.

However… I was thinking, they wanted the man to turn on the electricity for a tank of water on the roof that is about 100-200 gallons of water. This is a lot of water, and then they need to heat the water for about three floors of pipes leading to the bottom floor. The amount of water needed to take a shower was in excess of 100 gallons, then I have tested, it take 10 gallons of water running through the pipes before the hot water reaches the first floor from the top floor.

In the above system, I take a dip shower, it require from two gallons to about 4.5 gallons when I really want a great shower. With 4.5 gallons heated with the immersion water heater, I can even put conditioner on my hair and have enough water to rinse. I also use less soap, so I have less soap to rinse out of my hair.

Therefore, in my desire to have a hot water shower in my Travelers Nest, I have discovered I am saving water and electricity. Now, I do not feel so impelled to hide all these toys from the Hotel owner.

I purchased what was a large 5-gallon juice container in Cotonou, Benin and cut it off, after my plastic gas can from Thailand seams broke when I was trying to cook canned vegetables in hot water, a failed idea, in two ways. The normal NEW gas or petrol as the Brits say plastic 5 gallon can work good cut off and put in bag. Put duct tape on the edges or they will cut the material of the bag.

I buy abroad, because I can pay 50 cents US to have them cut this very durable plastic.

Note, there is nothing new about this sytem for me, I have been doing for about 4 - 6 years, not sure...

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower

Cell Phone Roaming Cost

Cell Phone Roaming Cost
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 7, 2007

I have been to Iraq, I have walked down the ghetto streets of the USA, I have met many a big dog, but the cost of Cell Phone Roaming scares me.

It is like throwing money up in the air.

Quote from an explanation about Cell Phone Roaming:
- International roaming is probably the service feature that has the greatest value for international users of mobile telecommunications. -

Translation by me:
- We make more money off this feature than any other service we offer, so buy this idea, hook, line and sinker, and remember, there is no way out of your contract, you will pay! -

I believe a satellite phone is cheaper.

Cell Phone Roaming Cost

Pokhara Nepal

Pokhara Nepal
Pokhara Nepal Asia
February 8, 2007

The city of Pokhara is on a lake; as best I can discern the name of the lake is Phewa, maybe Fewa, but is could also be a manmade lake as there is a Dam on the lake.

What is real and not real is hard to say in Nepal, I have seen at least 50 signs saying they will wash my clothes by machine, and I have yet to find one machine. The owners of the hotel called it the - Lakeside Liars. -

The Hotels of Pokhara though are not really, on the lake, there is many Rice Paddies on the lake. I do believe when sunny and green, this would be beautiful with all the water buffalos walking around.

I have been trying to see the Annapurna Mountains, I can see some big hills, but not much of snow capped mountains, the clouds are sitting on the city presently for the last week.

I do not like to Trek, however I have been doing some one-two hour people Treks around the city, or cultural Treks. Somehow, the Trekker have guides, porters, and all sorts of things. The now have to pay a 2000 Trekker fee, then about 1000 for a Taxi somewhere, then I guess 500 for the guide per day, this is not a cheap walk on the side of a mountain.

I think, or feel there is probably a very nice small village closer to the mountains that would not have the tourist and be a much better location to see the mountains than the city of Pokhara. I see Pokhara as just another in a long list of tourist cities and nothing unique about it however, it is 10-50 times better than Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nice to have the beeping of the horns stop or less here, they really should now allow India or Nepal people to touch a horn, they just have to blow it every five seconds.

I like Pokhara, I will leave tomorrow for Katmandu, and then fly to Delhi, a place that make Katmandu feel quiet and clean.

I am ready for Africa where life is quiet, there is no tourist, and travel is easier and more refreshing. I think most of the information about Africa is crazy, it is a great place, easy to travel for the most part, or West Africa is, nothing close to what the media portrays.

Pokhara Nepal

Annapurna Nepal

Annapurna Nepal
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 9, 2007

There is something called a - Massif of Annapūrna.

Quote from Encyclopedia Encarta:

“Annapūrna, massif of the Himalayan mountain system, north central Nepal, one of the highest massifs in the world. The massif is 56 km (35 mi) long, culminating in two peaks, Annapūrna 1 (8,091 m/26,545 ft above sea level) and Annapūrna 2 (7937 m/26,041 ft). The summit of Annapūrna 1 was reached for the first time on June 3, 1950, by an expedition under the leadership of the French mountaineer Maurice Herzog.”

This set of mountain as is starts about 20 miles away from Pokhara, as a line of site, however probably much longer by bus or taxi.

I have lived in Pokjara for six days, and finally as a good bye gesture the mountains revealed themselves last night. For the first time I understood clearly, why people come to this too-much-tourist city of Pokhara, Nepal, it is the mountains.

I think on a clear day the feeling of being on top of the world would be a clear thought in my mind. I do get a feeling when in Nepal, that I am on top of the world.

A big cloud has sit on the city for the last week and made it quiet, the weather has made all the travelers and tourist feel as if they wasted their money. I really do not care, I was living in Pokhara for a week, and next week I will live somewhere else. However, to the once in a lifetime dream trip people, this is it, they need good weather, or they think they do.

I guess I live the dream, and they want to purchase the dream.

This is good idea of how far away or the general set up of the mountains.

I need to hurry as standard situation or normalcy in February of 2007, there is no electrify, I will run out of battery soon on my computer.

There is this idea that what you see in life is obvious, and when you travel the wonder of what you will see is obvious. Everyone sits around assuming that everyone understands this set of mountains. I personally despise reading guidebooks, so I do not read them. I do read the encyclopedia daily, however only after I become curious.

Finally, I was curious, there is never an obvious moment of clarity in India or Nepal, the whole culture is a big question mark. It is not important to learn about all these ideas or facts, or why I am here, it is important I enjoy the day. I know there is not going to be a test, and I am forever aware nobody cares if I can name the mountains. However, if they decide to tell me all the names, I do need to listen attentively. I suppose the idea is to listen to the world and to its people. It is not important I understand, I will not live long enough to understand the world.

My battery will run out on the computer one day, and it will be the end. I think curiosity for all things is needed, I am not sure it is important, I learn or remember though.

Annapurna Nepal

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
Pokhara Nepal Asia
February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith dies, and I am proud to say, I had no idea who or what she was, and I am annoyed this made world news. The world is just one big soap opera, and the rabble reads what the rabble wants to read, and the journalist are also doing it for money, they are reporting on one of their own.

Like kind, care about like kind.

I suppose the world is in great shape, when the big news is a topless dancer diea and they call it a war when 2 persons died.

Anna Nicole Smith
Katmandu Nepal Asia
February 10, 2007

Talk to people in other countries, almost free, just the cost of the internet. I can call from anywhere to the USA for two cents US per minute.

This is one of my choices for Top Travel Sites of 2006, a year in review for sites in the English Language. A list of needed sites for travelers, not generally for tourist, however surely encompasses their needs.

Tourist because of only going on two to four week vacations normally do not have needs, more wants. The return ticket guarantees they are programmed and hard coded in their thinking.
Not a new idea, however finally one that works, seems to earn money and I hope stays in business. Now, they have competition from companies like, and the prices shall drop.

Talking to people from internet connection to internet connection is not a new idea.

Calling a person from the internet is not a new idea, there has been many. I sent what I labeled a Hot Tip.

ISSUE: 012b
DATE: July 17, 2000
TITLE: Andy's Travel Tips HOT TIP

There were two sites where I could call the USA and a landline free. USA Europe, and USA

I clicked on and it looks like purchased the site:

It also appears that is cheaper than

Why I like is because of a few reason, however the big reason is because they have made the words,
- - well know, the internet cafes, the managers know these words.

They can point at a machine that has the program downloaded, and IF I am lucky it works. requires many configurations, and everything needs to work perfect. There is no guarantee.

I would guess in ANY internet café, it would work about 10 percent of the time or less when the internet café are NOT offering

For the internet cafés that are offering Skype, I would say you have about a 50 - 50 chance, and better if you call in the early morning, not at 7:00 at night when every other person in the country is on the internet.

There are many problems, however this is a great service, and I can call the USA for 2 cents per minute.

I could talk all day about how to use I will write a tip about this in my newsletter eventually. I am leaning towards the idea of just the warnings.

Log off, or another person can call and you pay! has a good system, I am sure it would work, however the is the trendy and regularly known system. On the internet the bigger the better is my method of choosing sites. I like big sites, that stay in business, function and I can somewhat depend on.

I remember, stopped the free calls.

I hope that the computer-to-computer for free call or internet to internet will remain free. I hope, however the propensity for companies to offer dreams on the internet, then take them back is almost a standard. I almost never believe in free anymore.


Katmandu, Nepal Asia
February 10, 2007

I will fly from Katmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India tomorrow. I cannot believe how annoyed I have become with Katmandu or Nepal in general.

I try to figure out why I am annoyed so often, I think it is because I am now wearing the same sweatshirt about 20 days in a row, it stinks. I cannot have it washed easy.

I am maybe a clean freak, compared to the other travelers, I know I shower and wash my clothes better and more often. However, in their defense, they are only on a trip for 1-3 months normally and they say to themselves.

- Not a big deal -

Then they do not wash their clothes or accept or some reasons are happy with what are sloppy or bad standards. I personally demand that poor countries give me a good value and do a great job. I think it is the only way they learn how to compete with the richer countries. Learn what is required of quality to sell products to the world.

Normally, the longer I am in a country, I find a good laundry, a good internet café, a good grocery, all the conveniences that make my Travelers Nest a happy home.

About 30 days in country of Nepal, and I am still not able to have my clothes washed at the correct price, honestly and properly. I have walked around in Thamel and tried to find a good place. The biggest problem is they are all just cheats, I know how much my clothes weight and they do not weigh 8 kilos, they weigh 3.

I doubt most travelers have washed their clothes so many times, they are almost positive of the weight before they take them to a laundry. It is cold here, or I would be doing my laundry in my room by hand.

I think the problem in Nepal is there is always one critically needed piece missing from all puzzles. If I do something, there is always one part of the trip, the idea, the need that is missing. Nothing is as good as required, this is highly unusual. I can normally find one hotel, one internet café, or one laundry that is exceptional.

I have not found exceptional persons or services in Nepal.

However, I am Pro in a way, I have purchased so many things in other countries, I and on such a regular basis, I can slice and dice my needs.

I am in a friendly hotel, I would love to recommend it, and however there are landmines all over the hotel. The one I hit today is the toilet, as normal in India and Nepal, they I think the India and Nepal people use their hand.

Southeast Asia has this water to clean system and it works. India and Nepal have this water to clean system and it does not work. I ran out of toilet paper, decided to use the water to clean method. They have the bucket, the dipper, but I have to turn on the shower nozzle to fill up the bucket. It is amazing to me, the standard systems of how to make a toilet here is not provided. I should say, the critical needs are not provide, the minimal, the absolute smallest request is always missing a critical part of the puzzle.

I do not expect to come back to Nepal for a few years, or more, I am going to skip for as long as possible. So many places are more interesting on the planet. I was doing a deal for a hotel here, and I realized, and maybe things are for a reason. I would be a hostage or prisoner in my own hotel; I would not want to leave.

The electricity just went off, SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F--cked UP.
On batteries again, as normal.


12 Volt Travel Power

12 Volt Travel Power
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

A feasible solution to not having electricity, as solar charging is not much good without a way to store the electricity, the sun does not shine all night.

Chris the worlds greatest Internet researcher surfer has found an all-in-one solution that is the same as one of my ideas, and taken to finish. It is very hard to think of something that is not already made and sold.

I want to use 12 Volt Electricity Power in my room, Nepal has been a great training country on living without electricity as the country shuts the electricity off from 3 to 10 hours per day, and can be random. Therefore, are you ready, oops, no electricity now.

If I am typing on the computer, reading a book, and worst, trying to take a shower, all the world is disrupted on a random basis. The Hot Water here is electricity, they say it is Solar, yet that does not work good, not even close to adequate, so in the night, if the hotel is good, they will turn on the electricity. But some mornings they shut off the electricity at 5:30 til 8, therefore no morning showers because the heater has been off for the time needed before my shower.

To depend on the Hotel or Nepal for Hot shower, is not feasible, they are just not going to supply me with a Hot Shower.

12 Volt Travel Power

iSun BattPak 3-Way Battery Charger with 10 NiMH batteries

This product is cool, one problem. I could not find on page if I can charge with both 110 and 220 electricity. If I cannot do with 220 then not much good, better to continue on my system. On the other hand the cost of 10 rechargeable batteries is close to this, so I could buy it and dump the charger.

I do wish I could just call them and ask.

Solar energy is a great idea, however lets be real, spending 200-300 dollars to buy a charger I use for a few days a year I am without power is way to expensive. Yes, I could go hiking for a 20 day trip, and what I really want electricity for is both my computer and a reading light. Campfire do most of the normal lighting while in the brush or jungle at night.

I do not want to carry everything on the planet, I have a 40 Kilo limit.

If a person or I was in the jungle for 20 days, I would need 40 to 50 hours of battery for my computer, this is a lot of time. The problem with solar is moving, if I live in the same place for 20 days then solar become easy and very feasible, but who would stay in one place for 20 days in the jungle. I suppose I could be living on top of a mountain being the Monk thing, but still, this is probably not going to happen.

I tend to think if I was living on top of a mountain I would go for hydro power, or make a small dam, and get a couple of car alternators and charge my 12 Volt System... hehehe, just like the one here. Water flowing down a hill seems more reliable now, and I truly do believe I could make a few or many hydro chargers with parts from any junk yard in any country on the planet.

But, back to the problem, I need to store the electricity, then for me, I need to carry the batteries. Motorcycle and Car Batteries do me no good, I cannot run my Sony Camera on a Car Battery. I need AA batteries, I only buy things with AA batteries, this seems to be the best size.

The Truckers and Recreational Vehicle people are doing all the research and if I can convert my non electricity time to 12 Volt, I can I think easy handle a random 5 t0 10 days of no electricity. The problem with electricity is not a planned trip to the jungle, the problem is as here in Nepal, when they just randomly shut the electricity off for 3 days. It is the bigger problem, I have been places where they shut the electricity off for a week.

I was in Mexico and because of the corruption, the government punished the people and ME, by shutting the juice off for the week of Christmas.

No warning, no idea what is going on, there just was no electricity.

Travel is not so much planning to deal with a trip, it is planning to deal with the problems you did not plan on having.

12 Volt Travel Power

2007 February 11 Enter India

2007 February 11 Enter India
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

I will leave Nepal today and enter Delhi, India. I will fly with Royal Nepal Airlines. I would give you a link, but better to buy from a Travel Agent, as not the best organized Airlines.

This is NOT the cheapest way to fly to Delhi, I purchased a package ticket in Thailand, or two destination ticket. Nepali is similar to India for buying tickets, they just try to be too clever, too many attempts to cheat. Therefore, I normally try to bypass buying any plane tickets in India or Nepal.

I do buy online airplane tickets inside of Nepal, however most Travel Agents in India need taken out back and flogged, and worst if someone else does it beside me.

I am going to apply for a Ghana Visa in Delhi, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that the Embassy is full of Ghana native workers.

2007 February 11 Enter India
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

The Lonely Planet Guidebook, one I use regularly, however I am going to use Roughguide for Africa this time in an attempt to find cheaper rooms has a Forum.
Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum

This is one of my choices, the FORUM, not the Lonely Planet general site, for Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English Language, a year in review, for travelers, not tourist.

A Forum is an Internet toy, where by a person can post a question, and get an answer. The Lonely Planet forum takes some work, you need to sign up, get a password, learn how it works, etc.

Something best done at home with a free connection…

The keep bumping me out of this, as I do not get online, I do not know why I have to keep registering.

Oh, well, the bottom line for a TRAVELER, and I would almost say a tourist should not use this Forum. The problem is there are many Hotels, Travel Agents, and people hanging around in this site trying indirectly soliciting clients. They pretend they are a person posting and recommend themselves.

However, IF you wished to go to the Congo, or Iraq, or some place where the Lonely Planet paper version of the guidebook is not much value. With a lot of time, with a lot of patience and planning way ahead, you can get some answers. Not normally good answers, but a GUIDE, not an answer. Some ideas that can steer you towards the correct answers, it is your choice; I do not recommend you just trust people on this Forum, it is just help.

I have many bad answers, they told me the border or Silopi, Turkey was absolutely closed when I entered Iraq, it was not, and I did not believe and found the correct answer.

I posted here on December 26, of 2006 and it is now February 11 of 2007. I think these posts disappear over time, I am not positive.

Congo River Post

Nonetheless, this is a great way to find some ideas.

Unless, like some people, and they get addicted, and they sit around monitoring and posting you need to subscribe to the post you wish to monitor. Then in a very good way, Lonely Planet sends you the new ideas by email, this works great.

Therefore, this is how I use this Forum, I will post and idea or find the same question.

Subscribe to the post, and then wait and hope.

Sometimes I go and clarify, or ask again in different ways, I am extremely careful, this is just somebody on the Internet that thinks they know the answer, which does not even mean they have been to the place. It is similar to the Wiki people; they go out collect answers, and then go post from other websites. Look and read, are they extremely specific, a good person will say they did this on this date, at this city, went to this hotel. The person that is honest will say both good and bad, if the whole answer is good, beware.

I want to say - Caveat Emptor, but this is NOT a purchase thing, however, if you are on the main Lonely Planet part, then this applies.

Caveat Emptor

I want to say,
- Reader Beware -
Post a comment.. please?

The Internet is full of person without a life, who spends too much time floating around trying to appear as experts. I write ideas, I post them, and I make tons of errors. I would love to know a way to tell a person and they believe me, this is just my opinions, take it or leave it.

I am writing in my online, I am not trying to be an answer to all questions; I am just giving some ideas and guides. I am sure there are better answers.

However, there is something about the written word, people believe Newspapers, and the TV, they are in my opinion becoming on par with Car Salesmen, Taxi Drivers etc.

The internet is not to be trusted, it is to be used as a guide, the world if full of unscrupulous people who will tell you anything for a buck or in a ridiculous vain to appear intelligent.

Nevertheless, if you are going to Iraq, going to the Congo, or way off the beaten path, then I recommend you get on the Lonely Planet Thorntree and post some questions. Then make your own choices, engage brain. has my version of a lopsided Forum, it is a way for me to keep ideas organized. We are now calling it the Help Center. The idea is you ask me a question and someday, not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never I will answer or say, I do not know, or give you a link.

What I want is a place where very specific questions a Q and A exist on many subject, then I can go and see if my answers are there. This is Hobo attempt to stay better organized, therefore, a real traveler can find the information quicker without having to hang around and check the site. I do not want a traveler to have to get on my site daily to find answers. We have a three click policy, we want you to get to your idea in three clicks and leave. This is our hope, not what is reality now, but we hope.

Hobo Members save 1000's of dollars by joining HoboTraveler and asking pro travelers questions on the Hobo Talk Wall.