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Internet Base Needed

Internet Base Needed
Monday October 10, 2005, 1:12 PM

I think there are many people who dream of retiring and traveling the world, or better yet, they wish to go travel the planet and still work. I am doing this more or less, however it is extremely complicated and confusing to do what I do. I dream of figuring out a way for people to do the same. I have observed a few people doing some of the things I do with my site, however they all seem to work only when they can connect their computer to the internet. I work anywhere on any computer.

There is a difference between a world traveler and a person that just wants to work in different places around the planet. I have discovered many people that move to cities for many months, normally they will get a cell phone, apartment, and move in, buy an internet connection. This is very time consuming to find a home, and really just makes a person have another cage they will want to escape from in the future.

I believe I know why they do this, they feel so disorganized they must settle; find a station, a base, and a spot where they can control their day. Thus giving up the freedom they THINK they want. Freedom is a very insecure feeling for most people; really, people do desire to have rules, and a boss to tell them what to do.

I have gone into a few Hyatt and Sheratons or big hotels and found or used their “Business Centers.” In many expensive hotels, they are making it brain-dead simple for a person to work. However this cost them 100 U.S. Dollars per day, and I am paying 6 dollars per day here in Bangkok and doing the same, however with a lot more confusion for the average person.

I have walked into TWO internet cafes that provide all of the business services needed to Fax, Call, Print a letter, or connect my computer to the Internet.

There are many signs on doors that say that all of these services are offered however, in 99 percent of the cases it does not work.

I am thinking about going to Manila, Philippines presently because I know I can walk into a 24 hour Internet Caf้ that gives me all things I need. There is one also in King Crossing Tube Stop in England.

I am talking about places that are cheap, less than 3 dollars U.S. per hour to use, to live in another country and pay 100 dollars a day defeats any reason to live there.

Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

I have a FREE wireless connection in my room.

I am in Antigua Guatemala in the Hotel called Don Quijote, I have a Wifi connection in my room with this speed shown by graphic. I am paying 13 U.S. Dollars per night, about 7 more than needed in Guatemala.

I wish make some telephone calls with and to get prepared to quickly enter the USA, do my deeds, then get out fast. I need to contact some persons before to get them up to speed for when I enter the USA.

I am in Room 8 a room without a private bath, however the routers is actually in my room. Wifi is not my preferred type of connection. A regular ethernet cable is more reliable and better. Wifi does not go through concrete walls good, therefore just does not work in most Hotels.

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

The Manila Office of

The Manila Office of

First Office established and is not an office, it is just a place that works good.

I am trying to find an office, hahaha or hehehe or jejejeje in Manila, Philippines, therefore I keep returning to the scene of the crime.

I want a mobile office facility, I want a way to live and travel and have an office, however in reality, and I do not want an office. I just want all the services of benefits of an office, without the office.

I am having some brain clutter, or maybe a burp in decision making process, I am not sure what I want, I had unlimited access in Antigua, Guatemala in my room and on hindsight this stressed me out more than it made me happy. On the other hand, it did allow me to randomly remember to perform some task or jobs. There are these small, petty, not an A demanding jobs to perform, they never become a - I have to do to today a job - they just on the periphery and never on the front lines. When I have unlimited internet in my room, I perform these types of jobs.

I read this book called, or I think called, if I have, unlimited internet access in this room, and I would look it up; however I do not, therefore my personal journal is prone to mistakes. The name of the book was
- How to get control of you time and your life. -

It was basically this, you have A B an C priorities in a day, the A are absolutely have to perform jobs, the B need to wait until they become an A before you do them, and it was notched or showed how to prioritize this. After many years of doing this, I have made it much simpler; I just have a list of


I can only perform three things today, IF I actually worked more than 2 hours per day, I would be able to do 5, however that is too much work for a Hobo.

I tape a list on the door of my room and try to look at the list as I leave, then I try to mark off three of them in a day.

After that, I only try to put myself in harms way, I mean, I try to put myself in the path of accidentally getting something done. IF I go to the internet today at 10:00, I am almost positive I can chat with Ellie, some hopefully new workers from the Philippines that is going to work on or says she is going to work on

This means she will make progress and I will maybe answer or steer her in the correct directions, always under the premise, we
- Make two steps forward, and one step back -

This means I will net out one correct step when climbing he stairs.


The mobile docking station for my body is almost working.

Internet Caf? - Station 168 on Adriatico in Malate, Manila, Philippines
- Internet 24 hours per day.
- Print Pages
- Free Long Distance Calls on phone to USA
- Air-conditioned and friendly staff.
- I am able to connect my laptop
Cost: 1 dollar per hours for internet access

476 United Nations Avenue
Suite 312
Ermita, Manila 1000
Cost: 10 Dollars per month for box.

- Adriatico Pensionne Inn
- Quick Mart outside the Hotel, free breakfast.
- Many other choices, however, I MUST be able to walk to Station 168 Internet Caf?.
- Cost: 10 dollars and up per night, there is cheaper in the area.

- Across the street
- Robinson?s Mall within 4 blocks

- Down the block towards Robinson mall on the left

I am greatly simplifying this, however the bottom line is if you live in the Adriatico, Pensionne Inn your are in the middle of all the necessary facilities to live and have a life and enjoy Manila, IF that is possible.

Sadly, I believe that most person work randomly or only when the boss says, this has to be done today. Therefore, because of bad working skills, they need to have a 100 percent access in their room or they will not be able to prioritize their work. Plus the normal person can only do one A priority job per day. Whatever the case, a person should start out by only performing one per day, shooting for the stars just makes you depressed, only do one per day, when you can perform this PERFECT, then go to two, never fail, absolute perfection is needed, or absolute forgiveness.

Extremely long list makes a person give up, forget, and throw the list away, overwhelmed to a standstill, only do one thing per day, do it, and when a person can do this, trust themselves, than go to two thingies per day.

The Manila Office of

Mobile Office Thailand using Cellphone

Mobile Office Thailand

I cannot believe it, I have purchased a connection in Thailand that connects my cell phone to my computer.

I have 120 hours and it will net out costing me about 850 Baht, this is about 21 Dollars U.S.A.

This is the number, Card, Time, etc...

I am very excited, I will blog on this later, however for a person coming to Thailand, I think this is a windfall.

I can go anywhere in Thailand where my One 2 Call or AIS Cell System works.


Closer to the really mobile world that does not yet exist. I try to be at or under one dollar per hour for internet access.

Mobile Office Thailand

Mobile Office Thailand

Mobile Office Thailand

I am trying to find a way to really be mobile in any country or any place on the planet. For sure the BGAN Satellite is the probably the best for expensive internet access about anywhere. However, I am searching for stopping places where I can access the internet on a good or great level. I found a way to buy one month access in Thailand for about 22 U.S.A. Dollars for 120 Hours.

850 Baht to have 120 hours.

Breakdown of cost
200 Baht for round trip taxi to this office address below.
300 Baht to SIM Card or to get the telephone number.
350 Baht for one month of access.
I needed to purchase 500 Baht of time to have extra time, and they will auto remove 350 every month, I could have purchased more or less.

The system is this.
Print that address, take your computer and cell phone into the office.

I went to Panthip Computer Mall and purchased a bluetooth chippy thing for my computer.

I have had the directions written in the Thailand language, the website for AIS has a map that is maybe helpful, nonetheless if you have traveled to Thailand you know they are not going to deal with English, especially taxi driver. The best way it to have the directions in the Thailand language, then the only fight is to make sure the Taxi driver uses the meter. Note a Tuk Tuk is more expensive than a Taxi.

Taxi Directions to Panthip or Pantip. pronounced PanTEEP.

All this type of information will be collected here:

Mobile Office Thailand

Skype Problem Mute Checked

Skype Problem Mute Checked
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
5:35 AM January 3, 2007

I enter many Internet cafes, and there are numerous reasons why I am not able to use to make a phone call. I think the number one reason is the headset. I am going to try to carry my own into the Internet cafes and see if this overrides some problems.

I have now tried 10 machines, in two separate cafes. One machine that was working good, now is not. I know the location of good machine, however, it is 5:21 in the morning in Bangkok and that Internet Cafe is closed. The one lady keeps trying to give me my ten baht back, I say, that is not the goal, I want to make a phone call to the USA while the time is 5:00 in the afternoon.

The Internet cafe has the mute checked. There are two adjustments. Click the little speaker one time and a little volume thing will come up, twice and this one come up.

I am collecting problems, very difficult to find them all, however with the new labels, I can continue to collect and on this page may be all the problems I encounter.
Skype Problems

Skype Problem Mute Checked

Katmandu Nepal GPRS

Katmandu Nepal GPRS
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

22.65 US Dollars Per Month

I took a taxi for 152 Rupees from Thamel to the BICC or as they say, the big Conference center in Bashawor. The Mero Cell Phone company is here and a man by the name of Raj  has configured my computer for internet connection over my cell phone.

75 Rupees is One US Dollar
500 for Prepaid SIM Card
10 Kilobytes cost 20 Paisa
100 Paisa is one Rupee

When I use 75,000 Kilobytes, above this and the service is free.

More or less this means with VAT or Tax, I pay 1695 Rupees per calender month and I have unlimited GPRS connection.

1695 Rupees is 22.65 US Dollars per month.

The great aspect of this is no contract, no setup, and I only pay for what I use, if I keep the card, and it does not expire, I will be able to have access again with no problem when I return. I would say this is acceptable in the mobile office requirements of mine

The bluetooth connects my computer and phone.

Mero Mobile - Spice Nepal
New Baneshwor,Buddhanagar
Ktm Nepal

Katmandu Nepal GPRS


The End of WIFI

The End of WIFI

Wireless connections in hotels, I am predicting will soon be replaced by the truly wireless GPRS or EDGE or some NAME... etc.

I am in Katmandu, Nepal.

When the HDI rated 136th county on the planet, out of a list of 177 can provide me with more or less countrywide access for less than 30 US Dollars per month. I cannot imagine why I would live in a hotel with WIFI, when I can live ANYWHERE I want. The world is implementing this at rocket speeds.

Freedom is the goal, however, freedom with the least amount of compromises. A person can go to the Mero Mobile here in Katmandu, and have their computer set up for true wireless connection and travel the country.

NTC has mobile, but they want me to buy a 200 PCMIA card to use, - NOT -

There is a belief that technology in poorer countries bad, but with cell phone towers, or cells, the poorer countries are better than many modern countries. In a country like Nepal, they do not have to compete with landlines, therefore the poor countries often are installing more cells than modern countries.

Yes, the speed is slower, yet who cares, I can travel...!

The End of WIFI

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 14, 20007

I sometimes am just disgusted with the Internet, it is like asking a girl out for a date and she keeps saying call me.

Buried Information

I have found a couple of good pages on the GPRS networks of the planet. This translated means the countries where I can connect my computer to the Internet.

I then find the cell phone company, I search for the price, I was laughing at the TIGO Ghana site as they admit or say,
- NO HIDDEN COST - They know this is what all the companies are doing.

These telephone companies are scammy, the cellphone roaming rates of the planet are to me just a joke, pick up the phone and make a call, go on roaming and pay anything they wish. The next crazy part is people do this, not a person that is going to be able to travel the planet and pay themselves. I sometimes think this is just a corporate trap, as the boss is paying.

There are so many ways they hide the true net cost.
- Impossible to calculate
- Must buy equipment
- Must have contract
- Activation fees

As I say,
- Advice without price, is not advice. -
Not nice.

Ok, here are two websites that sort of explain WHERE it may be possible, yet the cost issues are buried in the actual telephone company sites that offers the cell phone access.

I so far, need to go into every site and find the extremely buried and deceptive pricing of this service of GPRS offered.

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price


Lome, Togo, West Africa
March 8, 2007


I have established a GPRS connection in Togo, it should allow me to blog my way through Togo for the most part, and maybe just across the border into Benin. There is a promotion until June whereby the internet is a free connection, afterwords it is 10 US per meg.

I will outline how I did this and explain further soon.

La vie est belle.
Andre en Togo


Filing Emails

Filing Emails
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am afraid for my nieces, nephew and friends; I want to protect them from the dark of night,

What I know, what I suspect, and what I do not know.
What I know if not of interest to me, I cannot be bothered.
What I suspect I understand or know is fodder for my muse.
What I do not know, this will be my downfall.

There is the dark of night, what lurks in the nuances is not known.

There is an annoying question asked in some cultures, for example, I go into a restaurant, and the waitress hands me a menu, then says,
- What do you want to eat? -
Hoovers over the table, stands looking at me as if I am stupid, slow and need to get a life, thinking, please tell me your order.

I want to say,
- Hello, sleeping brain, wake up and think, it is not possible for me to order because I do not know what on the menu, just because you hand it to me, does not mean I know it. -

Their reasoning is something like,
- I know it, so you know it. -

I am calling this class of person,
- Empathy impaired. -
They are incapable of feeling the perspective of another person, this is a self-centered personified.

I receive emails telling me I am stupid because I use bad grammar, this is the type of person I know I can sell the Brooklyn Bridge to, I really want them in my life, close up and personal I will make a fortune.

I was pick-pocketed on the subway in Madrid, Spain, a person says to me,
- How can an experienced traveler be robbed? -

Just recently, a reader writes me to say I am afraid of going crazy because I wrote about it. This is hilarious logic and just good fun to read, again the person who will buy the Brooklyn Bridge if I pitch it clearly.

I am not afraid of a barking dog, I am afraid of dogs that do not bark.

I am 100 percent positive one day I will be robbed of all my possessions one day, I just cannot do not know when.

Enough with the parables, maybe they are parables?

I see a murky future; I feel those in power, control, and of influence will soon be replaced by those who do know how to use a computer.

HG Well and a Halve and Halve Not world, those who live above ground and those who live below ground.

I would think anyone over 40 today, June 2007 is safe, their future is already decided, and therefore they are financially stable.

I could pole vault 11 feet, I wanted to pole value 15 feet, however, I could not run the 100-yard dash in 10 seconds, I was more of a13-14 second person, and I stopped pole vaulting.

When I have, friends say,
- The studied Computers in University. -

I will often say,
- So, what does that have to do with their ability to make a web page? -

There is close to zero correlation between studying computers and the real ability to use them, there are those who can, and there are those who cannot, and I suppose those who will not.

Selling is about making people feel safe.

Email is communications; I remember having a big executive from Frito Lay Company, one of them fly to New York, for two-hour appointments people, then onto Dulles for the next meeting pound ed on the table to me…


I recorded his phone calls to me, I new my survival was dependant upon how well I listened and could perform his orders.

I had a worker Steve who did too many drugs, he could not remember anything, and however he never forgot anything because he wrote everything down. Amazingly efficient man because he could not remember and he knew it, but better yet, accept it.

I just do not know where to start and where to finish, I am worried that one day all my family and friends will work in McDonalds.

I want them to stay in the queue, as the computer world will soon prove what they can do is different from what people perceive they can do. None of this matter much, I am not going to change people. However, in an effort to lead them to the water, I think I will start to write here in this area how to manage business or personal emails for a global world, if all was simple, what I just wrote would be 100 percent understood.

Filing Emails is not the solution, the solution is how to search for them, I assume you will not file the same as I file, we will not agree and that is human.

Filing Emails

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

I think this makes sense, take the words:

Cellular Network


Internet Access


CNIA - Cellular Network Internet Access

I feel there is mass confusion, as I read of many ways to access the internet with the essential conduit being a cell phone. The information is being explained starting with a specific technology, then going to general, and it just does not make sense.

The Cellular Network is the pivotal idea! It is the essential ingredient.
I need the cell phone to access the network, then onto the internet.

The confusion or my clarity on the problem is this, I travel from country to country, I do not have many options or choices, and I must use the internet system that is available. I keep searching for a truly wireless solution that covers the whole country.

I have many readers who recommend something that works for them, when in reality I can only use what works in the place where I am at, what is used where they are located is not applicable. Maybe if I reworded the terms, I could find out what I want.

I do not care or what to know how it works, I just want to use my computer and a Prepaid SIM card and access the internet. I keep searching for more information and it seems like an advertisement on how much we know and not explaining in practical words.

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access

Tell me what is available using a cell phone, the local cellular network and my computer together to access the internet?

I am not excited to hear, in Belgium there is high speed this, and that, I like them am wanting to help me and others go to Africa, etc.

Ok, I now want to know, how can I access the Internet in Cameroon using the Cellular Network. What options are available under the for Cellular Network Internet Access?



CNIA, GPRS, Mobile Office, Satellite Internet, Internet, Togo, Cellular Network Internet Access

CNIA Cellular Network Internet Access

Thailand GPRS Activated

Thailand GPRS Activated
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia

I search my own site in an internet café, found this page about how to travel to the AIS or One Two Call office here in Bangkok.

I printed off, took a taxi to the office for 100 Baht, not for about 17 US dollars I have internet access for a month and a pretty Thai girl helped me configure.

Thailand dial number *99***1#
Right Click on My Computer - Hardware - Dunn Modem - Properties - Advanced
1175 customer service
Check Balance GPRS *139

500 Baht for 250 Hours of Internet Access.

Slow, steady, and dependable, and works on all the islands and as I travel, not many thing in my world of internet demands high speed. To use I will not just stop in an internet café.

Thailand GPRS Activated

Khao San Road WIFI

Khao San Road WIFI
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have moved into a hotel with WIFI, and somehow got the WIFI to work, all is good so far. The Hotel WIFI requiresd a key, password, this always require I travel with my own private tech staff, open systems are 500 percent better, as the staff of Hotels never seem to understand the Key. This one is a keyed one, however, the staff is very helpful and I heard the man calling some techie to try to suss out the problem.

It took about one hour to connect, using every combination, permutation and hope of finding the right combination. I suspect the WIFI may work in about 4-6 room, they are installing one on the third floor. I truly believe an Ethernet wire is better.

As long as there is concrete, there is a problem, WIFI is stopped by concrete. I really hope they jump to second-generation home WIFI routers, where the whole block is covered and not just 25 meters in line of sight. WIFI will go through a wood door, and if the wall is not too far from the router. Bottom line, you rent a specific room close to the WIFI router, and not just land in the hotel, only specific well-positioned room work.

Alternatively, I suppose you can go work in the common areas, but then why not just live in a room and go to the internet café.

I think the best internet is with Ethernet wire to all rooms, then WIFI in the common areas, and an open, non-key required system, with a some techie on staff… hee hee

I think in reality only about 1 in 10 WIFI works adequately to say, I have a dependable connection. The verdict is still being made here in the (Hotel Name Edited) near Khao San Road, but so far, I think the staff will keep it up and running.

WIFI sucks, but I need a connections, I am using flashget to download my 3.5 gig site as backup from some Tar file. We now have a designated server, and it does not provide backup, go figure… Well, we already have a system to synchronize send the site to another company server.

I am looking for my mobile office:

Khao San Road WIFI

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room
I am driving myself crazy. Manila has some perfect internet cafes that are opens 24 hours, AC and I can connect my computer. However, I cannot find a hotel with internet in the room, in my bed, at the room desk; I want a Hotel Room anywhere in the Philippines with high-speed internet in my Hotel Room, NOT Starbucks, and NOT, the common area.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.
Price should be less than 800 Pesos per night.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

I say this, and I get extremely insensitive, no listening skills, no ability to read, no empathy, and 100 percent American Naïve comments, saying,


Yes, a cake walk if you want to pay 150 US Dollars per night. My upper level of tolerance and only a because it would have Internet is 20 USA dollars per night, if I paid more than 20 US Dollars for a room in Southeast Asia, I start to say.
- Andy, you are a chump, I do hope you know how stupid you are? -

I say to people in Singapore, if you want a Western Country, would it not be easier to move home.

I am thinking about traveling across Canada, so I can live in the USA, a great way to piss off the Canadians, and good fun.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour
The cost of internet in Manila, seems to be about 60 pesos per hour as of November of 2007 in tourist hotel areas of Manila. The best option is probably the Free WIFI at Taste Buds Restaurant area on the second floor of Robinson Mall in a food court providing you do not drink too much over-priced coffee. I have not found any hotels acceptable with WIFI.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Andy of ---

For 70.00 PHP or 1.6 USD I get a cup of coffee with Free WIFI, no key or crazy crap to deal with. Philippines Pesos United States Dollars 1 PHP = 0.0233770 USD 1 USD = 42.7770 PHP

WIFI is not free in Starbucks, or here the San Francisco Coffee. They want you to buy a cup of coffee, thereby your net cost to use the Internet is expensive. If you like to drink overpriced coffee and hang out with people who buy over-priced coffee you are good to go. If you just feel nothing, no guilt, go and use the internet at Taste Buds, and do not buy coffee or food, I will then call you a mooch.. Hehehe

I am as only as good as my battery, if they really wanted me to stay, I would have an electrical plug like the internet café.
Mobile Office

Too clever, the world is always wanting to be too clever. I cannot even blog about some of these things as it takes hours to explain all the catches to deals, as used in the English phrase,
- What is the catch? -

This is the problem with the Philippines and travel in general, there is always a catch.

However for good fun, and real entertainment, stop thinking of them hawkers in the street as annoyance and try think to think of them as the entertainment. I have great fun listening to the scams being explained to me, however they work on many people, so they should be afraid and run, or get angry.

Manila Philippines Internet 60 Pesos Per Hour

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