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Aboisso Laundry Day

Aboisso Laundry Day
Aboisso Ivory Coast - Cote d'Voire
Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I have been doing my laundry in my room since I arrived in Ivory Coast, I have not been offered and I have not found a way to get laundry done. I am in a typical type hotel here in Aboisso and not a TOURIST Fare hotel, so I asked the manager, maybe owner to do my laundry. He was prompt, would not say the price, told me - Apres - I was amicable, second time here, I think he will be fair.

However, it seems to be good place to stop at the Bemosso Hotel in Aboisso, the price of the hotel is the first reasonably priced Hotel I have encountered at 2500 CFA per night. The normal prices are 10 to 15,000 and the 15,000 CFA is the easy to find. !5,000 CFA is 30 USA and about 25 more than the world-compared values should dictate.

He did the laundry for Free in Bemosso Hotel in Aboisso. I do not think people travel like me...

Aboisso Laundry Day

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January, 13, 2007

I took my laundry to four places, they all said my laundry weighed between 7 and 10 kilos.

IGNORANCE is bliss, I wish I was ignorant. I have been doing my laundry for about 10 years, the weight of my laundry is normally between 3 and 4 kilos or about 6 to 9 pounds.

So, when a person says my laundry weighs eight Kilos, I get a little angry. They use this hand held thingy and put the laundry in a bag, weighs them and nothing is ever accurate, no attempt to be fair and accurate.

I went to my friends shop, started complaining, and saying, explaining, my laundry does not weigh 8 kilos. Of course, I am complaining about Nepal, this is not so good. However, he pulls out this nice scales and weighs my laundry. The weight of my laundry was about 3.5 kilos, not the 8 kilos of all the places I entered, he than tells the laundry guy and I pay the correct weight.

Now, if I was ignorant, I would just pay, be happy, and not know they all are cheating me, some could say they are not cheating, that the scales are just bad. I disagree, an honest situation would be when some are too light and some are too heavy, these were all double, I could have understood one kilo to much.

This is a good scales, not what they normally use, but for you own piece of mind, weigh your clothes very accurately and you can save about 120 US Dollars per year or more.

I found a large Laundromat in the city of Kamandu, Nepal. I think this sets a record for the most clothes and hotel sheets hanging on the ground I have seen.

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal

Togo Children Photo

Togo Children Photo
Kametonou Togo West Africa

Togo Children diligently helping their mother do the laundry in the river.

There is a small river that creates the border between Ghana and Togo. On the Togo side these children are helping their mothers to do their laundry in the shallows of the river. It was if, they shrunk the children from adult to small size.

While the children are washing clothes, they are often trying to decide if they should go and bath with the major group of children. Fun to watch as they continually jump in and out of the water, trying to be small adults and finish the laundry, yet at the same time be children and go play in the water.

This seems to be a daily ritual, the water is a playground for the children, it is cool, shaded, and a very small set of rapids creates a pleasant place for the life of this village.

The next day the owner of the rooms we rented did my laundry for free, somewhat as a Cadeau to me. I am learning, if I am to get a Cadeau or gift in return, this type of Cadeau is going to be laundry, or something they can give that does not normally cost money.

I was delighted to have my laundry done by a person that can do this better than me, and also know they rinsed it well. Water is always short in supply as they need to carry it from the collection points. There is plenty of water in South Togo, yet the carrying of water make them sticky on the use. They washed my clothes in the stream, thus plenty of water and the rising cycle was done well.

The rip me off prices of laundry in West Africa demands, I normally do my laundry myself. Actually the best way to have you laundry done is to count all your clothes, remember the number, and pay some local to do them, not the hotels if you care about a budget.

Girls will volunteer to do my laundry.

Togo Children Photo

500 CFA for Togo Laundry

500 CFA for Togo Laundry
Danyi Apeyeme Togo Homestay
Sunday, April 22, 2007

I had my laundry down yesterday for 500 CFA or about one US dollars and about 10 dollars less than the hotels. I also think it was done about five times better.

The girl was exceptional and I gave here 1000 CFA after she realized the number of clothes I had. The motos allow the wind and the dust of the red roads to accumulate in my clothes. I have a line in my room constantly and am constantly washing my own clothes. I refuse to pay the tourist fare prices here in Togo or West Africa.

This is my new friend Saficoh who is washing my grungy red dust filled clothes.

This girl and I am think her husband, this is under negotiations is working in this Chinois Chinese Massage and Acupuncture shop, I think it is some trend or fashion in Togo

This is an interesting photo of the kitchen, separated from the main room that is for sleeping, this is actually two kitchens for two families. The doors or steel, chicken wire on the windows and soot black coming from holes at the roof line that is steel.

Laundry Wash, Togo Laundry Wash, Togo, Togo Budget,

500 CFA for Togo Laundry

Washing My Clothes in Ghana

Washing My Clothes in Ghana
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Thursday, September 6, 2007

I remember being angry in Aneho, Togo over a year ago when the price list quoted 1.5 US Dollars or 700 CFA to wash one pair of long trousers. I now realize this was a very good Hotel.

An Ok Hotels in West Africa ask,
- Do you want a Beer? -
However, normally a person has to ask for anything, including a Beer, service is a foreign word.

A Good Hotels will ask,
- Do you want your room cleaned? -

The best Hotels advertise, and provide laundry service, plus the beer, plus the cleaning of rooms.

If you compared Apples to Apples, or the over-head of the Beverly Hills Hilton to the cost of doing business in Aneho, Togo you would slowly understand to pay 1.5 USA dollars cost more than the Hilton does. One days pay in Togo for a Hotel worker is 1.5 US Dollars, and one days pay in the Beverly Hiltons Hotels for the laundry person is at minimum about 48 US dollars. Therefore, to compare Apples to Apples, the cost of getting a pair of trousers cleaned in the Beverly Hills Hilton should be 48 dollars.

In West Africa, I need rooms with showers, so I can wash my clothes by hand.

I am not sure what type of logic to call this, however, maybe quantum leap logic, or out of the box logic, or one-eighty logic, however, I am getting better at it.

What does it say when there is obvious Laundry service in a Hotel or City? Maybe with all I just wrote you would think reason the Hotels are not good, however, the better answer is there is no demand. The percentage of people asking for laundry service is so low, they do not see it as a good way of making money, and they sell beer.

I was at a meandering of the Amazon River, a village of 48 huts, I asked for a canoe and it cost 3 US dollars per day, I ask for place to sleep and it was free. Nobody ever wanted to sleep in the village, however tourist asked enough for canoes it had a price, the locals thought, why would a person pay to sleep?

I am asked in Ghana, what is my mission or where do I work? The people of Ghana assume I am here working on some save them from working, give them money project.

What do I ask the other White People in the Hotel?
- What is your project, what is your mission, where do you work in Ghana? -

I hope one day I find more over-priced laundry price list, as I would know there are some travelers and tourist in the Hotel. Aneho is at a border, you leave the country, you need clean clothes.

The quiz…?

How is your Quantum Leap Logic?

- I am a normal Hotel in Bolga, a bar large enough to hold four times the number of people living in the Hotel.

- The prices of rooms start at 8 and then double or trip to 20-24 per night.

Why is does the room prices jump from 8 to 20-24?

QUIZ TWO: Why are there so man hogs or pigs in Bolga? I am referring to the farm animal.

Washing My Clothes in Ghana

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