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Arrived to Work on Time

Arrived to Work on Time
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 4, 2007, 5:03 AM

Jet Lag

I am happy, I left the USA on February 22, 2007 and today is the fourth of March. I woke today at around 5:00 AM, and I have arrived on time to work. I have been late for work every day, and some days I did not even to go, just lounged around and did nothing.

I do not work.

However, I normally wake somewhere between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM, then spend the time between waking and going to the internet café typing on the computer, or playing. This time is my get organized for the day time, it is my preparation for life time, it is my clarity of thought time. Here in Lome, Togo is very calm, life is easy, I have very little brain clutter that accumulates during the day, therefore if I wake at my normal time to start play, there is little clutter in the brain to clean. I will be super organized today, not just moderately.

I am looking for the clarity, that brings me serenity.

The problem was my diurnal cycles was off, I had jet lag, the body demands to sleep and wake when it wants to, I am not a person that forces my body to stay awake. I am an easy boss, if the brain wants to rest, it rest, no qualms anymore with doing nothing. I have nothing down well, this is one of the wonders of travel. I have slowly been socialized in these under worked countries to do nothing. I can be just like the locals, or closer, I can languish around, hang out, talk with people and not have a guilt in the world about doing nothing.

I just realized, the men on the corner of the bar downstairs, do the same all day. However, I think the experience of going to the bar, sitting on the corner, drinking the beer somehow feels to them, like they are doing something, they appear to have no problem with doing nothing either.

My workers in the USA , had no problems with doing nothing. I am probably wrong here, I am the weird one, it is not normal to think you should work, the majority of persons probably spend most of their time trying to avoid work, while I am always trying to learn to avoid working.

Not an important issue, unless maybe you have no money, then being lazy has a problem. I work at doing nothing all day, nonetheless, I get more done than most. I feel I am effective.

I have been reading the book TRAVELS, by Michael Crichton, it is interesting to learn how this very accomplished writer thinks. The book is more of a self-revelation or auto-biography story, then intermixes some near death experiences or high adventure tours so the name can be Travels. I truly think the travels is just want is says on the book, the reviewer says something about going to the other end of the earth to “see oneself for the first time.”

Oh, well, not good to start on incomplete thoughts, I will finish the book today, therefore, I am intuitively thinking, this guy will wrap it all up, sum it up, make a tally and a total, and explain why he assembled the book together this way, and how “Spoon Bending” is related to travel.

I think he does not like revisions, he would like my style, no revisions, and, I do not ever reread or change bad wording often, I just let it fly.

I am awake today, and went to work on time, I am able to step to the batters plate and swing at the ball hard. I can try to bang it for the bleachers today, I have tons of reserves, and I took my vitamins.

My body cycles have been adjusted, my body is in synch with Togo, Michael would probably like the idea of good Karma or Kismet.

Arrived to Work on Time

I Have a Bigger Car

I Have a Bigger Car
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I have some observations and questions for why.

Why did the Spanish conquer most of Central and South America and now the Latino culture seems in nothing? Why did the Romans advance and then decline? Why did Egypt advance and decline?
Why is Norway, Sweden, Denmark now highly educated and expensive? What happened to the Mayans, this was a powerful and important culture? Who cares about Babylon and why should I care about Babylon, nothing there and but hot nothings, I saw it. Why does India have so many people? Why does Asia have so many people? Why does West Africa have so few people?

(Note.. Hehehe I just realized each of the lines above is not the start of a new paragraph and a separate idea; they are related, but different. I can combine all of them and not be grammatically wrong. This principle will dramatically decrease the line space of my writing.)

Is the life in America or Europe better than the life in Africa? Arrogance, lack of introspection, and failure to focus on the goals of work, would say life in America is better but it Americas goal of work correct?

I have always used my brain to conquer my world. Then I started to compete with other men and women in my society. I wanted a car. I went from about age 20 to age 35 into focusing my majority of efforts on level four of Mallow’s hierarchy of need and motivations. (See Below)

At age 17, maybe it is was 18, my Economics teacher assigned us the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau, who the Author I would now say and think of as one of my Mentors in life, along with my one Grandfather Fleck, and a Farmer Buster Spade. My parents became Mentors after age 30 and continue to this day to be my mentors. My Grandfather and Buster were mentors in working on level four of Maslow’s hierarchy and now I ask for instructions from my parents on step 5 of the hierarchy of needs.

I now see that at age 17 upon reading Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden I understood his experiment on Walden Pond whereby he proved a person could work about five weeks per year and live well.

I went and disobeyed the Mentor Henry David Thoreau because I needed to go and compete, to see if maybe I was ok.

The logic stuck though, the common sense has always held, I have never stopped believing his theory of economics was brilliance. I see and continue to see or believe, this man understood how things work. His theories of Economics enveloped in writing and surrounded by an annoying preoccupation to talk about the beauty of nature is confusing, hard to understand, and why his chapter is named Economics when he talks about so many other topics is difficult. And the book Walden seems to be more about his love of nature, than about the simple economics of life and the theory of Civil Disobedience.

I often wander, and I do think, Thoreau understood Civil Disobedience ten times better than Ghandi or Martin Luther King, in a way, I think both of those two just wanted power, and they found the power of Civil Disobedience not the profound nature of it to use against power, and in many ways just elevate themselves to higher social status and dominance, to become the big cheese or boss. They accomplished a lot, and not as simple as it seems,

Civil Disobedience is:
I will try; the idea is you cannot ague with a person that does not talk back or argue back. To do nothing is sometimes more powerful than to do something. I protest by not obeying, passive not active.

Military might is the ability of the Army to feed itself, and to exchange natural resources and information resources for the best weapons, hmm, that made Sadaam very dangerous, he could buy the best weapons, if he was smart enough, however he was too dumb maybe.

The bigger the physical power, the more a person or culture is capable of dominating another by violence, the more they are considered advanced. The USA because of extreme security and safety, just forget to see that it is not safe, it does not thanks its leaders for taking great care of the people.

All this aside, the idea is for one person can and should be independent, as Thoreau pointed out in simple and complex ways, a person owes society a debt, however an individual also owes themselves the right to enjoy their life the way they wish. After you die, there will be no refunds because you squandered your life.

- If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. -
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

I think the number one reason people want to travel is to play, to disobey society, to go into a hedonistic pleasure filled existence of mental and physical masturbation. They want to go on an endless party. What is crazy, is the party people can see that they can work say maybe two months per year and play the rest of the time, and the economics majors think you need to work 12 months. Fools

The Western Economics now enables a person born in Western country, to travel to the West, earn the money in two months, and go live where the cost of living and more correctly, the competition for step 4 of Maslows is not enforced or developed acutely and thrive.

Providing, they do not need to prove to their fellow man they are someone, they are something, or they are better than their neighbors are. The competition to prove ones self is more capable or better in money, cars, wealth and affluence is staggeringly stupid. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet do not work for money; they work for ideas, the game of ideas.

I say, have said on many occasions,
- It does not take a genius to make a million dollars working 16 hours per day; however, it does take a genius to make a million working 2 hours per day. -

I truly believe time spent spinning time at work or employment is a severe hindrance to the accumulation of extreme wealth. An extravagantly good idea creates extreme wealth. Conquering the ability to survive earns enough money to live was done with social security act and pension plans. An accumulation of cash is winning if you have the need to prove you are competent, this is an emotional need, not maybe a want.

Economical is making great sense to work where the pay is highest and to live where the pay is lowest. This give a person the optimal quality of life for the least amount of money.

The cost of living normally stays at the same level as wages. The cost to live in luxury is 10 percent here in the cost compared to the the USA. I can have a cleaning lady for 1 dollar per day here. The competition with peers is still here, and who has the most money, but a Western person competes too well in this area of the world, and too easily dominates, in the game of bragging who can prove they have more money, this is a no need to go.

Many Travelers love to feel rich one time in their life; some love travel to India where for one brief journey or period of time, they are competent. They are complete failures in the modern world, in India they are Gods, and held in high esteem by the India people because they have the passport and the money. However, when the go home, they are constantly reminded, they are a nobody. They have trouble leaving India, they love to be a somebody… hehehe Clueless Travelers.

Independence from the need to compete, and independence from social controls, to have the introspection capacity to see that the rules of global life has changed, and a person needs to grab the advantage while they know this, or eventually the wages and cost of living will all be the same everywhere.

I have a friend, who is in the epiphany phase of travel thinking. He has returned to the USA and now has to put back on his boxing gloves and compete with people in the USA for social status. It is amazing how when I return to the USA, they also or think, I want to compete or stay with them in the game. I wonder if my other traveler friend in the USA, also now in the USA can see, paying the same amount of money as an American in a restaurant is silly and a competition of sorts. When I return to the USA, I do not pay the same as the people around me, I have left the game. I think to myself, why I would spend 10 dollars per meal. I think that here in Africa, there is this Brag by having money group, why would anybody pay 10 dollar for a plate of rice with a scrawny chicken when it cost the person outside the hotel less than one or two dollars. Unless they want to brag to the Cadeau girl, I am somebody.

The USA pays a lot for convenience, they work 8 hours per day so the four hours after work are easy, or busy and not convenient. This is 8 hours of work to have convenience, that is not convenient.

The goal of work is to give ourselves and family enough food, shelter and safety to be ok. Then to allow ourselves free time to enjoy our lives. Now the modern world spends 50 percent of their time working and 50 percent playing.

Africa spends 95 percent of their time playing and 5 percent working.

How things work, the ideas on how things work is amazing, I keep dwelling on the explanations of the world, I keep seeing and become more capable of seeing the way things work on the planet.

Did you know Fat, to be fat is to say to your peers, I am so rich, I can eat all day. To be Fat is a sign of rich in many cultures. I had a girl in Africa tell me to stop losing weight, I am looking poor.

The amount of water, food, the need to fight the cold determines how much work a person must do to survive, once survival is easy, the average person takes a coffee break from life. They only wanted to get fat and prove they had a bigger car and bigger house than their neighbors and to not lose their wife because the man down the street was willing to give here more money and fun.

Note, Michael Crighton alludes many times to the idea that subsistence farming may be a better form of life, on the other hand, I think he may work all the time, I do not know, I am speculating, there is a different from fun work and working for money, the fun work is not work it is getting paid to play.

Interesting read:
Principle of Population By Thomas Malthus

Maslow has hierarchy of needs or motivations of people.

(1) physiological; (2) security and safety; (3) love and feelings of belonging; (4) competence, prestige, and esteem; (5) self-fulfillment; and (6) curiosity and the need to understand.

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I Have a Bigger Car

Buying Back Your Life

Buying Back Your Life
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have three friend who are now searching for jobs.

One needs the money.
One doe not need the money.
One lies and says he does not need, but he needs it.

I continue to bargain with my life, the stake are high, if I lose I continue to live and life goes one.

I live on a residual income receive from Advertisements on my internet pages. This has been the same level for two years, does not make me feel good, I want it to grow, not recede, but progress.

I bargain with life, I will continue to be lazy, sit in countries full of exotic this and that and play at work and hope I survive, and if my income ends, then I need to get a job. I calculate how much money, how much do I need to retire, and think of a number, when I have that number I then can stop worrying, however I will continue to play at work, because I am not working, I am playing.

I do not want my face to be famous, or I would put photos on the page of the big I, me.

I just want to sit and think, dwell on my navel, and contemplate the stars, and think about fun projects like Solar Energy, Hydro and why people get so fat. What do people think about in factories and should a person urinate in the shower.

I do wonder too much what people do who go into the bush to do the number two and I know they have no toilet paper. I do think India people lie about the washing of their hands, I cannot find the soap.

Is God playing tricks, and is Religion the reason for all war, should some people die, it this normal for evolution of man.

I need time to think, I need the peace of mind to relax long enough to listen to person tell me about who they are, I am in negotiations to have guarantee I have extra time, a surplus of time. I am jealous of the African and underdeveloped people, they do not feel guilty doing nothing, I do.

Maybe I am supposed to do something with my life.

I think this is the question, are you supposed to do something with your life, and when I die, will I think, that was cool, but sort of a waste of my life.

The existential desire to make or define a life as having value, a life less normal, this is what I hold onto in the dark, I am sometimes weak and think, there is something wrong.

I am trying to convince a few of my friends to buy a moment from their jailors call the culture, tradition and society and have an introspective epiphany, get out of the box, stop thinking out of the box, and get out, hell break the box.

Some of you do not have to work, if you just stopped. To get a job and pay a person to be your boss with the sweat of your brow, I know some of my friends, they would be happy working at nothing all day.

I want a person to live the way they wish, however, I am positive some of my friend never needs to report to work again, they have won, the battle has been fought, and they can retire. There is no rule you have to wait until you are 65 to retire, 30 sounds good to me, any age is good when the battle is won.

I try to think of a wise word to tell a few friends, come out and play, you have won, count your chips, pile up the money, buy your freedom, you can pay to be let lose, you have your get out of jail Free card. (Game of Monopoly.)

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Buying Back Your Life

Hobos Work and Travel

Hobos Work and Travel
- The past 25 years have seen the most dramatic reduction in extreme poverty that the world has ever experienced. -
Quote from the United Nations

A Hobo is a person that travels to work.
A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.
A bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

I need a job, I need money, my family is starving, I will do anything, give me a job. I am hungry, I am a man.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 28, 2007
Andy of ---

Freedom from want, a lofty idealistic, no meat on the table goals.

I am not a beggar, you can take away anything I have, my bags, my freedom, my home, you can take it all by hook, crook, extortion or the police can just take me. However, I am 100 percent positive.
“I must give you my pride.”

I have suffered the shame of poverty, not a fun thing to say, but I remember my parents bringing me chicken every week. They would drop off chicken at my home. I would cook it during the week. I was on house arrest after my fourth DWI, I was a miserable person.

I would think about some Bob Dylan,
“When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” ~ Bob Dylan

I had to say some Johnny Cougar quote,
“Nothing matters and what if it did.”

I truly think that thought saved my life, it told me, nothing is so important that you need to off yourself. When people kill themselves it is not because they need a reason, then need a reason to not do it, so if it does not matter, there is no reason. Dylans idea was not a help, when you got nothing, you go nothing to lose…

I suppose the little bum Hobo has a special place in my brain; it is reserved as a way to remember, to be grateful. Too many years and we have a built in forgetter, we forget our path, we forget, I did this, I did that, and I am responsible. I was that person, I am, I are that person.

Take away the fun crap, and a Hobo is a man without a job. Then a man with pride who wants a job. So, they run out the door, and run down the road, they put their thumb, they jump a train, and they buy a cheap ticket on a bus to where they hope is work. The go and find there is no work, but there was a job, stand in this lot, some truck will come and pick you up, and dump you out, you will make a few dollars. You will earn enough to eat today.

Mothers have a special pain; they need to feed their children while the man is out drinking. It is the way of the world. I was a very fortunate son, my father never drank. I think there is some story about rolling a truck after a baseball game.

I was born under a lucky star, and gamble the luck away for about 28 years, then the star looked down on me and said, it is up to you, nobody is going to save you. I gave you luck, and you keep refusing the gift, what do I have do, just accept, the wolrd is good, the life is good and you just have to be a good boy.

One day after another, one day at a time, I am a good boy, and what do you know luck looks down and gives me unlimited happiness and the right to complain. Because when you have enough, you complain, because it becomes a hobby, the more I had, the more I complained. Now I am very good at it, and think, wow, what a waste of energy.

To run to a place where you hope. To run to a place where you think, you your heard was a job.

Ok, so I have played around for years. The basic theme of is not to be a tourist; it is somehow to find a job to continue to travel. We that travel already know we love to travel, we are also tourist, but there is something magical about the road. It is an addiction.

I am doing well, I have enough, more than I need, more than I want, and more than a few people look at me with respect, when someone looks at you without respect, no amount of pride can stop the feelings.

So back to the issue, how to help the other Hobos to travel the earth, look for jobs. I have been in a dilemma the last few days as two and two came together and I was trying to work on my project. I have many projects and hope I bore everyone, this is my life, and hope you see, a good project keeps a person out of trouble, that idle hands thing. The long-term travelers need to go home, they become nuts, drink, drug, they just do not know how to be free, they need a job to tell them what to do, I think they need a project, and for sure I do not want to hear them save the world, quote this and complain, I want them to work on a solution to what they perceive as problem, or well, do something so they shut up and stop talking about being a vegetarian, not a very macho thing to do, and at the end of the day, I am an Indiana Farm boy, hard to listen to the noise.

The problem with jobs.

A person in Thailand may make at Joe Blow about 5-10 USA per day, 80 percent of the planet, the guy that digs the holes makes less than 10 dollars per day. Then we have the halves who make 20 times that and say they are poor, as they go to the mall.

In the end, everyone wants money, and truthfully, I cannot honestly say I saw a person I thought could die from hunger. I just have not seen it, I have seen skin diseases, I have seen what cars do, and I have seen beggars with no legs from a car. I just do not see much hunger, I do see want.

In the end, we need to distribute the wealth. I think some of the people should work less and allow some others to get a job, or think; I can make some jobs… I suppose I respect Bill Gates, here is a person that has made many jobs on the planet, and feeds a ton of people.

Making jobs is to me a noble thing to do; it is a great and prideful way to give a Hobo a job. This Hobo needs a job Joe; let him clean the back 40 of weeds. The farmer knows the man is beat up, probably cannot handle the heat, but better to give him work, then to just give him money, do not give, it will buy his pride, give him work, where there was none that was needed to be done.

I really despise people that give people money; I think they like to make fun of people. I will give money to a person, but it has to be me and them, and the wall, I do not think I should tell the wall. It is not to be trusted. Give in secret, one on one, and say, pay me back when you have it, this is a loan. Or give it back to someone down the line, someone who needs it, but I want it back, and you are obligated to give it to someone less than you, or back. I will not buy your pride.

Ok 50 cent per business card. I have this horribly complicated project, how do I collect all the Hotels names and addresses on the planet. I am getting close to having a CP… a Control Panel whereby a person could say.
- Andy, I know a hotel that I like, can I recommend it? -
- Yes, Margaret, go here and post it, I am sorry, you must also take a digital camera, photograph the business card of the hotel, and post is with the listing, we need some backup proof it is really a hotel.-

You don't trust me I think... No, I need a business card.

I keep wanting to say to some travelers, you can do this, but the truth is 50 cents per card is probably too cheap for a halve on the planet. The can go back to McDonalds and make money a lot easier and faster. I on the other hand cannot afford to pay more than 50 cents per proven hotel, and I am not good at getting help for nothing. People do not feel sorry for me, and do not just help me. Some help in other ways, but the average Joe thinks I am a jerk, and this is ok.

50 cents is one-half the daily wages of many people on the planet, so this is a windfall proposition for some people in say, Uganda or Nepal, or Haiti or any place where earning 50 cents 10 times in day would be a job.

I guess I am thinking, I am dwelling, how to somehow induce people to collect Hotels, or Guesthouses, I really do not have a proper word. I am thinking Tourist Rooms is best. To collect business cards of Tourist Rooms and add to the site. We are also collecting list form Tourist Offices, but this normally only helps the Hotels that do not need helps, and the rough, cheap ones are not there. You know the Hobo priced ones.

I want them all, this is the problem, the Five Star ones are too easy, the 2 dollar minus one star ones are a big problem.

Oh well, any suggestions are welcome, I have an online job application. It has been there for about two years, and two years ago, we started to tap into the world’s job market. I knew two years ago I wanted to collect business cards of hotel. I also knew and accepted, it would not just be me, I needed to tap into the world, and I need to find people in all 252-310 countries of the planet. (I really wish that were a definite number).

Jobs for people who need five dollars per day

Funny, I lived in Thailand on five dollar per day for about one year, and still find cannot help but look for he cheap room, it is what I are.

or maybe Contact Andy

Hobos Work and Travel

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