Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

Translated that means a very small machines that will make electricity by using the water from a stream or water from a dam.

I am trying to find a cheap way to generate some electricity in the future to run my computer in the bush.. hehehe

Solar is good, but for a longer period it appears that Water electricity would work. I am thinking the water would be a lot cheaper, because the solar electric cells cannot be purchased just anywhere on the planet. I think I could convert a car alternator to a system, then store in a series of batters. Contrary to any illusions there are car batteries on the planet, the primitive word is hard to find. Coca Cola is already there.

Inverters, converters, etc, all the crap that is needed can be purchase now for a few dollars. I guess the challenge here for me is to know if there is a way to harness enough electricity to cook a cheese sandwich or boil water here in Guatemala, it would get rid of the problem with burning wood. To work you need to be able to make this for less than 20 U.S. dollars in any country. That is my idea of sustainable. They sell electric hot plates on the planet for about 3 dollars.

From this link I found the information below.

-The use of DC motors as generator
Permanent DC motors are a cheap and easy source of generators. They work in the same way as a dynamo. There are more efficient ways of doing this but this is certainly the easiest. DC motors can be found in scraped cars (fan motor etc.). Turn them fast enough and you've got power.-

I found some priced at 1000-2000 U.S. Dollars, I suppose there are suckers born every day.

Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

12 Volt Travel Power

12 Volt Travel Power
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

A feasible solution to not having electricity, as solar charging is not much good without a way to store the electricity, the sun does not shine all night.

Chris the worlds greatest Internet researcher surfer has found an all-in-one solution that is the same as one of my ideas, and taken to finish. It is very hard to think of something that is not already made and sold.

I want to use 12 Volt Electricity Power in my room, Nepal has been a great training country on living without electricity as the country shuts the electricity off from 3 to 10 hours per day, and can be random. Therefore, are you ready, oops, no electricity now.

If I am typing on the computer, reading a book, and worst, trying to take a shower, all the world is disrupted on a random basis. The Hot Water here is electricity, they say it is Solar, yet that does not work good, not even close to adequate, so in the night, if the hotel is good, they will turn on the electricity. But some mornings they shut off the electricity at 5:30 til 8, therefore no morning showers because the heater has been off for the time needed before my shower.

To depend on the Hotel or Nepal for Hot shower, is not feasible, they are just not going to supply me with a Hot Shower.

12 Volt Travel Power

iSun BattPak 3-Way Battery Charger with 10 NiMH batteries

This product is cool, one problem. I could not find on page if I can charge with both 110 and 220 electricity. If I cannot do with 220 then not much good, better to continue on my system. On the other hand the cost of 10 rechargeable batteries is close to this, so I could buy it and dump the charger.

I do wish I could just call them and ask.

Solar energy is a great idea, however lets be real, spending 200-300 dollars to buy a charger I use for a few days a year I am without power is way to expensive. Yes, I could go hiking for a 20 day trip, and what I really want electricity for is both my computer and a reading light. Campfire do most of the normal lighting while in the brush or jungle at night.

I do not want to carry everything on the planet, I have a 40 Kilo limit.

If a person or I was in the jungle for 20 days, I would need 40 to 50 hours of battery for my computer, this is a lot of time. The problem with solar is moving, if I live in the same place for 20 days then solar become easy and very feasible, but who would stay in one place for 20 days in the jungle. I suppose I could be living on top of a mountain being the Monk thing, but still, this is probably not going to happen.

I tend to think if I was living on top of a mountain I would go for hydro power, or make a small dam, and get a couple of car alternators and charge my 12 Volt System... hehehe, just like the one here. Water flowing down a hill seems more reliable now, and I truly do believe I could make a few or many hydro chargers with parts from any junk yard in any country on the planet.

But, back to the problem, I need to store the electricity, then for me, I need to carry the batteries. Motorcycle and Car Batteries do me no good, I cannot run my Sony Camera on a Car Battery. I need AA batteries, I only buy things with AA batteries, this seems to be the best size.

The Truckers and Recreational Vehicle people are doing all the research and if I can convert my non electricity time to 12 Volt, I can I think easy handle a random 5 t0 10 days of no electricity. The problem with electricity is not a planned trip to the jungle, the problem is as here in Nepal, when they just randomly shut the electricity off for 3 days. It is the bigger problem, I have been places where they shut the electricity off for a week.

I was in Mexico and because of the corruption, the government punished the people and ME, by shutting the juice off for the week of Christmas.

No warning, no idea what is going on, there just was no electricity.

Travel is not so much planning to deal with a trip, it is planning to deal with the problems you did not plan on having.

12 Volt Travel Power

Togo Electricity Season

Togo Electricity Season
Tsevie, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 20, 2007

When to go?

I think it would be better to come here, after the rainy season or during the bigger part of rainy season. I would have electricity and it would be cooler. The country has hydro electricity and there is no water.

I am having serious problems here in Togo with electricity in rooms, and because of no electricity, the AC and fans to not work. There is no water to run the electricity generators of the dams of Togo, Ghana, we need rain.

I was in a collective taxi or a big shared station wagon riding from Kpalime to Lome, there was a very well spoken Ghana English teacher in the seat next to me. He said here retired, and now is living in Togo and works for a Chinese company. As we was traveling along, he pointed at a very large electrical transformer station and said,
- Ghana sold this to Togo. -

I was in inch away from saying,
- They sold them junk. -
- As normal, almost Africa, it almost works. -

Ok, who can say why the electricity does not work, and I for sure do not care. I only think to myself when someone starts to go into a long explanation about something they do not understand or know either,
- I do not care, just get it working. -

I have two choices.
- Sleep in rooms that do not need fans or AC.
- I can go to the mountain areas, not very high, and really about nothing, only between 600 and 900 meters high, but the valleys between the mountains and along streams are coolers at night.

However, and I am not sure, but I think if I would have came here in May or better June, it would be cooler and they would have electricity because the water above the dams would be sufficient to create electricity for West Africa.

Therefore, now, I am trying to narrow this down, I want to be sure, when the rainy season are so I can plan my trip better. I normally do not care when there is monsoons or rainy seasons, it is highly over avoided on the planet. I suppose it matters for a bike rider. If I were in an overland car trip here, I would carry a generator for sure.

I am thinking it is time to go and sleep on roofs, like in the Middle East or India, the world has designed building that need electricity and then does not have adequate electricity for the buildings Regressive Architecture or Architecture that is not adequate and regressed.


- One rainy season
- March to September

- TWO rainy season
- April to June
- September to November
Rainfall doubles in the mountains. (2)

I cannot seem to find a good table of rain for West Africa, but the basic information is there for my planning. I need to somehow stave off the heat until the rains start; I need to think on how to solve this heat problem.

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Togo Electricity Season

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