Hot Water Showers

Healthy Hot Water

Healthy Hot Water

Globalization is more of a MTV or Music Television and Fashion thingy, I see very little globalization of living standards. The television is encouraging this as people copy the Brady Bunch lifestyle.

The mice, rats, mosquitoes, fungus, viruses on the planet want to propagate, go forth and multiply. Like the HG Wells, novel - The War of the Worlds - whereby simple immunities problems destroys the Aliens, it does seem that the little things like a mosquito, I hate ants; cause some big problems, if not a plague on the planet.

Hot Water

A cheap, easy and ever present supply of Hot Water would be appreciated by me on the planet. I want to go take a shower, I avoid because I do not wish to be cold. I have Air Conditioning in the room, when I go under the shower; I get a rush I do not want. I like the warm soothing feeling of a Hot Water shower.
I have the ability to make a hot water dip shower.

I notice there are many plastic bottles in my room; the owners do not seem to believe this hotel needs a rubbish bin in the room. I normally drink the water in any country, however I have been giving myself a luxury of, COLD water to drink, for 10 Rupees or maybe about 20 cents USA money, I can buy a bottle of water.

On solutions begets another problem, I have stopped my need for a plastic bag; I am getting too good at refusing to receive a plastic bag. Now, I have no plastic bags in my room to use for trashcans. I will need to carry loose trash into the hall and somehow dump.

I have a solution, I can use the hotel provide clean yourself in the toilet bucket for a wastebasket. The whole procedure is mess, nothing is clean, there is no foolproof way to be clean, or the next person. If I use this or that than the next person has problem.

In the end, a good hot water cleaning is the only solution. I do like hot water, it disinfects to a higher level than almost any other way or less toxic way.

Healthy Hot Water

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

I went up on the roof of my hotel, trying to see the lake, the clouds have it covered, however I got a good look at their solar hot water system, that serves up cold water... hehehe

I am presently at one level above, there are two large water tanks where I am standing to take this photo. They pump the water up to the holding tanks, then gravity allows it to flow through this hot water solar device below.

On the left of a the tank is a heating element, and I guess in a very inefficient way it heat the water when there is no sun. (It is not plugged in, ergo the reason for no hot water.)

There appears to be no insulation on the tank, I think so the sun can warm the tank. This is made of galvanized steel, and would reflect most of the sun, however would get warm. I do not understand why they did not just use the big cheap and common black plastic tanks. There are electric hot water heaters you can hang in the water.

It goes through this and I think straight to the rooms, I will look, but I do think there is an insulated holding area.

Notheless, I heated up water with my one-cup cooker and took a shower, so I am good to go, I will nose around and see if the other guests take showers.

The man said this cost about 60,000 Rupees, or about 900 US dollars for this, I think there is about 200 dollars in materials max.

Nothing is complicated about this set up.

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 7, 2207

I have never thought of myself as a person that conserves energy unless I was trying to save money. I am more than willing to use extreme amounts of Electricity for my personal pleasure.

I am a practical person though, common sense, and just good old Indiana Horse sense. I look for the obviously good solution to problems.

I am lazy in a way, I think a good invention or idea needs a bit of laziness to empathize with the normal person, who is often more lazy than me.

I want my Travelers Nest, I want my room design, my creature comforts, my personal list of needs fulfilled anywhere on the planet, so as time has passed I have learned, invented, found, created work arounds for solutions to problems.

Heating water in Benin, Africa with an immersion electric water heater, this takes about 15-30 minutes. I purchased in Bolivia this thingy, and I think thingy is a word, however you can buy an on the edge of tank type in most countries on planet.

This is my system to heat water; it is my way of guaranteeing the greed of the Hotel owner does not stop me from taking a Hot Shower. Sometimes it is just plain stupidity on the part of the Hotel owner that stops me from getting a hot shower.

The reasons why a person cannot get a hot water shower are so numerous it is a never-ending list.

The normal reason and the present reason here in Nepal are because the owner does not turn on the electric heater. The want you to believe the Solar system works on cloudy days. I was laughing in Bolivia one time, there was three switches that needed turned on to use the nozzle head type heater in the shower.

(Note, a solar shower is normally on good in the late afternoon.)

Other reasons:
- Their system is broken
- There is no hot water handle
- The electricity is off
- The have one 40 gallon hot water tank for 50 people
- The hotel has no hot water ever
- They ran out of propane gas
- They have solar heating, yet they have no sun
- The solar heated system means they have the water tank on the roof, as does most of the world.

However, I realized I am conserving electricity here in Nepal, and water. The other night two Brit girls requested the owner turn on the electricity so the water tank would heat. I thought, you have 15 minutes before lights out because of some crazy Nepal Electricity saving program called - Low Setting - or - Load Shading - or Load Shedding, - nonetheless they shut the lights off at 6-9 PM some days and in a random way, not way of knowing for sure.

15 Minutes is not enough time to hear 100 gallons of water.

However… I was thinking, they wanted the man to turn on the electricity for a tank of water on the roof that is about 100-200 gallons of water. This is a lot of water, and then they need to heat the water for about three floors of pipes leading to the bottom floor. The amount of water needed to take a shower was in excess of 100 gallons, then I have tested, it take 10 gallons of water running through the pipes before the hot water reaches the first floor from the top floor.

In the above system, I take a dip shower, it require from two gallons to about 4.5 gallons when I really want a great shower. With 4.5 gallons heated with the immersion water heater, I can even put conditioner on my hair and have enough water to rinse. I also use less soap, so I have less soap to rinse out of my hair.

Therefore, in my desire to have a hot water shower in my Travelers Nest, I have discovered I am saving water and electricity. Now, I do not feel so impelled to hide all these toys from the Hotel owner.

I purchased what was a large 5-gallon juice container in Cotonou, Benin and cut it off, after my plastic gas can from Thailand seams broke when I was trying to cook canned vegetables in hot water, a failed idea, in two ways. The normal NEW gas or petrol as the Brits say plastic 5 gallon can work good cut off and put in bag. Put duct tape on the edges or they will cut the material of the bag.

I buy abroad, because I can pay 50 cents US to have them cut this very durable plastic.

Note, there is nothing new about this sytem for me, I have been doing for about 4 - 6 years, not sure...

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower

No Hollywood Showers

No Hollywood Showers
That is some advice, I refuse to follow. I was thinking about my dip shower, where I take a dipper and pour water over my head. This is very eco-friendly, or at least this uses about a third of the water of a normal shower.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Andy of

50 percent of my showers are dip showers; I never get a good Hollywood Shower or as Tom Clancy taught me in the book the Hunt for Red October. I normally get cold showers. I believe cold shower are very unhealthy, I believe that a very hot shower is the best thing that every disinfected a body on the planet. Hot water to wash dishes, hot water to bath, hot water to clean clothes. This in my opinion kills them little things I do not understand.

40-70 percent of the world takes cold showers, washes dishes in cold water, and washes clothes in cold water.

However, anyway you do it, a Hollywood Shower is not hug a tree, save the planet, stop the Kyoto people from harping too much. I know that the energy use of a Hot Water heater in the home is about 10-25 percent of the house energy use…

However, for me, I want to take that Hollywood shower, that

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No Hollywood Showers

Why the Hot Water does not work in Hotel

Why the Hot Water does not work in Hotel
A video that answer the mysterious question.
- Why doe my Hotel say I have Hot Water, however, there is no hot water. A video explaining how to use the on demand hot water system to have the hot shower we thought we paid for.
Philippines - Southeast Asia
Monday, December 17, 2007
Andy of ---
Tell the truth, admit it, those cold-water shower in the tropics were not fun.

On demand hot water system, common in the normal world, the 80 percent of the planet that is not USA and Europe.

There is one handle, which handle also controls the heat of the water.

Turn up the water, makes it get cold, turning it down makes it hot

If the light goes off, the electricity goes off, therefore no hot water.

The slower the water goes through the water line, the warmer the water.

Sometimes owners put two or three switches to stop you from having a Hot Water shower, in Bolivia, I needed to have them turn the switch on at the desk, and often I have to turn on the breaker switch.

Getting a tow-along-Philippine-girl to show you how this works probably will not work, I doubt they have a shower or hot water at home. They could probably show you how to user the dipper that replaces toilet paper though.

57 Meg wmv File
Hot Water Shower

(Mom no-follow) - Pretty big for a dial up, and for a person that has never left the USA…

Note, I will soon convert and publish in formats for Linux and Mac users.

Why the Hot Water does not work in Hotel

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