Ants in My Bed

Ants in My Bed

Maybe a solution:
1. Baby Powder to get them out of the bed.
2. Set up a perimeter around the bed with what you can find in the country you are in...

These are choices:
Cayeen pepper
Ground Cinnamon
Borax (Laundry Section)
Bay Leaf
White vinegar

I am hyper-sensitive, I can feel the ants, they are in my bed. I am now on the Full Moon Party beach of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand.

I am not in the cheap hotel, I am in the all concrete, 450 Baht room, I cannot buy to Ant Control... aagh.

Ok, wood rooms are way beyond my abilty to work with, I need a good, normal on the planet concrete room to make headway.

Hot Springs Chris has been recommending Pepper to me for years, however, how do I put pepper around my whole room. I have decide it is possible to reduce the space free from ants, I am setting up a perimeter around my bed only, I will now only set up my bed in the center of the concrete floor, then use pepper and other easy to find products.

Then, how to get out of my bed? I hope baby powder will work..?

I think, I hope I have a solution, in many ways this comes down to the problem, if I spray the room, I will be sleeping in a smelly, insect repellant room. I do not want to spray my bed with insect repellant.

I do not know, however these two pages are helpful.

This is like a tip in progress, one of these days I will figure out the right combination to make my life free from ants in my bed.

Ants in My Bed

Tagish Lake

Tagish Lake
Kathmandu, Nepal
Monday January 22, 2007

I met a man here in Kathmandu, Nepal that owns a Hostel in the Yukon, Canada, or somewhere up close to Juneau, Alaska. I do not know where Tagish Lake is, or why a person goes to Tagish Lake, but I purchase people, I do not purchase locations. I would rather go visit good people any day rather than something - Tagish Lake -.

There are maybe moose there, I am thinking of trying to go there some day. I can go live in the hostel for around 25 dollars... hmm Canadian or US?

OK, nonetheless, the man I met, Chris seems a very well balanced, and competent person. Easy to want to go and visit him and his Hostel. The transportation to the Hostel will be the cost, not the Hotel. I am not sure, he may have private rooms, I hope so. A Hostel often says Dorm, the worst reason to live in Hostel, he is fully aware of the idea of having a common room or area for travelers to talk. He does understand travel and a place for travelers.

Ok his webpage is:

It is MOOSE, I want to see a Moose.

Kayaks also and a course on something, I am sure he can educate me on backpacks as I have been asking him many questions and getting his opinion on my pack, and why he carries his pack and what.

Tagish Lake

Hostel Violence and Corruption

Hostel Violence and Corruption
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This GPRS cell phone connection helps me play, as some of you know, I have a dream of starting a Hostel in many countries around the planet. More or less good countries to enter areas of the planet, or continents. I have been working unsuccessfully on a Hotel in Katmandu to collaborate with, and while a contract in the USA seems so easy, the combination of violence and corruption causes many problems.

I see people as corrupt or violent, and not governments, the government is just an example of how the people areā€¦

I found a couple of good World Bank pages to evaluate or compare countries.



Interesting information, however just a guide, for sure the USA has some extreme violence in the inner cites, yet also easy to avoid.

I laugh when a person evaluates the USA by New York, Miami, Chicago or whatever voyeuristic tourist desires they have.

People find what they want to find when they are a tourist.

Hostel Violence and Corruption

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

Pokhara Nepal Hotel
Pokhara Nepal Asia
January 3, 2007

I am now in Pokhara, Nepal a city about 85 miles to the West of Kathmandu, yet takes about 7-8 hours to travel to in a bus. The trip is beautiful, sit on the right going to Pokhara, and sit on the left returning and you will have a good view. I did not know I had a reserved seat, or I would have tried to choose.

I am thinking
Hotel Pokhara Annoyme

They have the normal litany of names, Karma, Nirvana, Peace, Traveler, and other names, I am amiss to say where to stay, I have not seen anyone, except the people on the bus. There are tons of Koreans and Japanese, and I as trying to figure out where the Japs were staying, but no success.

The place seems deserted, yet it is a lot warmer here and nicer in a way, yet today has big cloud sitting on the city.

There are many touts and none of them tell the truth, I got in a taxi and went to one hotel, the taxi driver was demanding I go and visit the hotel of his wishes. I met a man who was supposely representing the Viewpoint, he waited, and after I looked at the deserted Damside area, I went with him to see the Viewpoint. He does NOT take me to the Viewpoint, itwas recommended by the hotel I was in while in Kathmandu. I cannot believe it, he was talking for about 10 minutes, and finally when I say yes, he takes me another hotel, I just got out and started walking.

I found a quiet one for 200 Rupees, and it is good, the door lock is a big India style bolt, so I am happy as I love to use my own lock. I can walk around without my backpack and see if I can find a room with anybody to talk too. Nepal girls are out of bounds, travelers chics are in etherland, I need to go to Africa.

Oh well, my Mero GPRS connection is working good, so I can surf the net and plan Africa.

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs
Lome Togo West Africa
Friday, May 18, 2007

This is a comment I feel is referencing what I call the Traveler Nest or maybe now the Hobo Cluster. There is a bundle of needs I have as a person that continually travels. The pivotal or essential grasp a person needs to get their head around to understand me is,



Just came across this while looking at LCC's and had to pass it along. You may already be aware, but Low Cost Carrier Air Asia's Chief Executive Tony Fernandez has recently started the Tune Hotel chain in Kuala Lumpur. More locations are in the works, but prices start at 9.99 Malaysian RM or 3 USD.

It's a no frills deal like the airline, but on the property it has a 24hr food store, a cafe, an ATM, 24hr free internet, and public transport at the curb. The flagship is in a KL central location to boot. Kind of like a ready made Hobo cluster.

(Edited the link, maybe bad. This one is good.)


Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

The needs in my Hobe home are:

MY Kitchen to cook a Pizza or Cheese Omelet
A private room to shag my girl.
Internet Access 24 hours
Books, Movies
I can wash and dry my clothes.
Nobody tells me what I have to pay for!
I want a living room, a common area, a place that is NOT a bar, not a restaurant; I want a TV room with a clicker.
NO Reservation needed, I just go home.

What I do not want in my home is.

- A bar that dominates the place
- A restaurant that dominates the place
- Tour Packages being sold in the Hotel are almost a NO NO, I just have never seen the management respect or help me.
- Reservations needed.
- I do not want to give my credit card to ASIA.
- NOT a dorm bed.

ATM is an interesting idea, I am so so on the need in the hotel, but would be nice.

IF this is 3 US, and feels like my home, then great. is one of the tricky LCC, so I am cautious, they are not just shooting straight arrows.

Travelers Nest, Traveler Culture, Hostels,, Togo,
Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

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