Exercising and Travel

Exercising and Travel

I am not 22, life is not the same as when I was 22, I am excessively introspective, both a curse and a wonder. When I was 22, I could live on my laurels, everything was simple, I did nothing and excelled.

I would like to be as physically fit as I was when I was 22, however, I have every excuse to not be, I suppose I take every excuse also.

I am not sure what to do; I can sit here and list all the excuses why it is difficult to exercise when I am traveling. Since, I never stop traveling, and then the excuses never stop. No point in listing excuses, that is the problem.

I am on the third floor of the hotel, I normally try to get on the first level, I just do not like going up and down the step, five times per day, or more.

I have been climbing the stair two steps at a time, trying to exercise my thighs.

What do I do in the next hotel? What do I do when there is only one floor?

This is the nature of excuses; there is always an excuse, why I will not exercise in the next city and hotel.

No excuses.

However, I also need to have options and choices, when I am ready to take one of them excuses; I need the alternative, the best choice that will allow me to not take the excuse.

I can live on the third floor and get some exercise or I can move to the first, this is a choice.

I am making a list of ways to exercise, I am making a list of choices, and the bottom line is there is no excuse.

Exercising and Travel

No Convenience Stores

No Convenience Stores
I am thinking of giving up convenience stores as a New Years Resolution.
I am trying to give up processed food, and it simpler to think this way. The next problem, places like Thailand thrive on the 7/11 and it is very difficult to find a regular grocery store.
I will be able to go to restaurants and street food, plus the extremely healthy open markets in most countries on the planet, at least 80 percent, the cheaper, called poorer, but sometimes much better.
I think the defacto result is I will lose weight. One by having less salt, and second because I eat less conveniently...
No Convenience Stores


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
January 1, 2006

No Convenience Stores
0r Snack Stands.

I am making a new years resolution, I have been testing the idea for a few days. In the endless goal of trying to control my weight, I wish to give up snack food, chips, peanuts, cookies or other processed type food.

It is good idea, simple, however I will need to carry water as this is my big temptation, to walk into a local small store and buy water.

The amount of salt intake has dropped dramatically.

New Years Resolution

Being Clean When Cold

Being Clean When Cold
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 8, 2007

I am not sure this is the life…

I am lying here in bed, all my clothes are on, it is cold and there is no electricity. The city of Katmandu has turned off the lights in this section of the city on Mondays for some reason, everyone says it will come back on at 7:30.

It takes a lot of work to stay comfortable at this time of year in Nepal, the weather is one small notch too cold. It is not cold enough where so that everyone installs furnaces and heats their home, it I just cool enough that for sure you wish you did. Many person can be seen sitting on the roofs of their brick homes during the day, staying warm and soaking in the sun.

I have been debating in my mind about the hands of the street vender selling me popcorn. Their hands are dirty, maybe it is the color of their skin, but 50/50 on this, some have very dirty hands and fingers.

I was watching the movie, - The Aviator - about Howard Hughes. Howard in the movie had this phobia or problem with dirt. I remember his face as he was squeamish to touch the handle of the door. I felt the exact same way as I was watching a man cup popcorn with his hands into the cup to measure my portion. I got this low, deep in the stomach, my arms felt heavy, why do his fingers looks so dirty feeling.

We are just upstream from India, where I feel live some of the dirtiest people on the planet, so there is a cultural influence. However, Nepal is cleaner than India.

I am thinking the cold makes them resist cleaning, it like being in Tibet or China and seeing their hands, but a lot less severe.

So whether their hands are always dirty, or they are just temporarily more dirty because the water is too cold to shower easy is my question.

Being Clean When Cold

Vitamin Loading

Vitamin Loading
Lome, Togo West Africa
March 4, 2007, 5:29 AM


I have went to Niger two times, I have went to Penn State to talk a professor about Malnutrition. I have a web site now:

We are generating large amounts of data, ideas, movement, and effectively I have done nothing, a big zero to change or solve the problems of Malnutrition. However, I suspect I am right in line with all the other organizations and have a better than normal chance of doing something.

What has been changed, is I am now eating healthier and taking my vitamins as I see a direct correlation between good health, happiness and brain alertness and the vitamins and food that enter my body.

If I eat well, and take vitamins, I am healthier and have more energy, I am the overactive brain Andy as normal of the past. My brain was slowing down, it was starting to be obvious to me, I was lethargic and did not wish to do anything.

I have went from cooking in my room about once every 20 days to cooking in my room once every two days. I am sure in Southeast Asia, I will always cook less because it is cheap to eat in places like Thailand. Here in Africa, I may be cooking daily soon, as I become more organized and prepared.

Sadly, I think I ate and prepared an egg sandwich in Niger and got food poisoning by doing what I am recommending. Eating in restaurants is not safe, however it is also complex and confusing to buy fresh foods. Just the other day, I realized the difference between and old carrot and a fresher carrot, the one is harder or almost brittle.

There are many trade offs in life, I now spend more times searching for food, but I have stopped eating all the processed package goods daily. I have never ate in restaurants regularly, I instead walk around and buy crackers, breads, and carbohydrates. Not the way to eat, but healthy and easy, or safe to eat this way, just not the full supply of nutrients and vitamins. If I eat packaged crackers, I will not get sick normally. If I eat in a restaurant, I will get sick.

Somehow, somewhere, there is an idea, a - presse - that will guide me to knowing if the food is fresh. I am thinking, I must only eat street food where I see them prepare it in front of me, or in highly active restaurants and only the plate that everyone is eating. The more exotic the order, the more likely the food has been sitting in the back for weeks waiting for some nut to buy.

I drank a whole container of apple juice, it must have been a liter. It took me days to find a place that sold juice that has the 100 Percent on the box. It is all French, and there is such and allusive use of words, I think they are selling sugar water, convincing the public it is healthy, and putting juice flavoring in the sugar water, this is portrayed as juice. I now only purchase juice looking drinks that has the 100 percent on the box. When looking at what is represented as juices, I see that about one in 10 boxes is really juice, the rest are just sugar drinks with flavoring.

Hmm, what great fun, I can watch the veggies and see if they pick up on this, I seem that as 90 percent easily manipulated by illusions of healthy foods. I will see if they buy the 100 percent or the normal, I think they normally just eat an orange because they have no money and a box is anti-organic in their mind.

Vitamin Loading

Travelers Mouthwash

Travelers Mouthwash
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I have had more or less a paranoid case of bad breath worries. I woke the other morning with a mouth taste that would not say goodbye. Brushed my teeth many times, swooshed the water this way, that way and tried my best.

Then decide, time to floss again.

I think the problem was this, I flossed the day before, and in a hurried, too aggressive way, I pushed down and made my gums bleed. When I flossed, again, this area told me, I am the culprit; this is where the smell resides, lives and is you worry.

There is dried or bad blood.

Baking Soda brushing, purchased some new toothpaste, finally went to a pharmacist to buy mouthwash. This is difficult stuff to buy in West Africa and it is not because there is not a good need.

4500 CFA for the first bottle - 9 U.S. Dollars.
3300 CFA for the next in line. - 6.4 U.S. Dollars.

Something African here, they will not show you or even admit cheaper exist, until you say no to expensive. It takes a long time to work you way to down to cheap and proper price hotel room, you must take a tour of the complete hotel.

500 CFA is about 1 US Dollar.

I said no, and went back home to search on the internet, learning that alcohol in the mouthwash dries my mouth and is not good.

I do everything wrong, coffee, dieting, cheese, I do not have good mirrors so I do not brush good, I like to see myself when I brush. Peanuts, Popcorn, every food that is perfect to set up home in my teeth, I eat.

Look across the street from the Pharmacist at some lemons, they was the super baby size, not big enough for prime time TV. Sometimes, I buy lemons and just cut one in two, bite, suck, and my mouth gets some type of citric acid clean. I think it will clean off a penny.

Baking Powder
Toothpaste Rinsing: Taking my toothpaste and pretending it is mouthwash.

I gave up today, paranoia is growing stronger, and brushing my teeth 10 times per day makes me nervous about myself. I went today and purchased some Hydrogen Peroxide.

The first pharmacy and the five workers FIVE were out to lunch mentally. I wrote Peroxide, then Hydrogen Peroxide, then went to H2O, the to 03 or the little 3, not like I typed.

Said it in Spanish, converted to French.
L’eau Oxigenateur.
Agua Oxigenado en Espanol.

I am saying, no need to spell good.

I gave up, did not say Merci, I wanted Mercy, this was too crazy, and a full on formal pharmacy and I cannot get Peroxide to use as mouthwash.

Said, to a Moto Taxi, see this sign, it says Pharmacie, I want another one, take me, he takes me down the street, and down to the corner and there is a pharmacy.

I ask everyone; (3 Men, one women here) showed them a piece of paper with written on it, H20 and 03 and Peroxide, and Hydrogen Peroxide. I then say,

A women, the only women, I do believe they are smarter than men, engaged here brain into first gear, finds a bottle of Eau Oxygenee.

This cost 900 CFA or about 2 USA Dollars and is powerful and cleans, and works, and it usually cheaper than mouthwash needed in West Africa.

I ask her, the women, are you the Pharmacist. She says no, and points at the man, I say in English.
- I am worried about you. -

Then I say,
- Tout L Monde, la femme est intelligence., et l-homme es mal. -

I hope she understood as this, in the entire world, the women are educated and the men are not. Culturally, the men somehow learn to sit and talk, and the women learn how to work. Now, in school, this is giving the women tired of the men drinking and carousing a huge advantage, they study and apply themselves.

Being big, and bad, does not stop intelligence from conquering the world, and the women are taking over the planet while the men go and watch football and drink beer.

The Medicines and Pharmacies, the true place where a person is going to start finding solutions to problems is crazy here in Africa. The price of medicines in Africa is double of South America, I think triple of Asia, and the French Colonies are the poorest on the planet….


I really like my lemon solution, yet I think the sugar in a lemon kills and advantage of taste.

I am still brushing my teeth and tongue and cheeks and scrub and so on and so forth in an obsessive, compulsive let discover a new problem way.
Travelers Mouthwash

Togo Mood Swing

Togo Mood Swing
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I can feel I am in a bad mood, I feel a little frustrated, I have nothing to do but sit in the room, or walk down the four-lane highway, and what I am now going to call the truck stop. Many large semi-trucks are on the main highway parked all the time, getting repairs and makes it feel like a big dirty truck stop, it is the truck stop.

The central village is about 20 minutes away on Taxi, and I have to walk about three blocks in the heat to get the taxi. This whole city demands a car, however generally the people are nice.

There are older sections of a city, and newer, the newer are less personal and probably the way people like them best. If a person lived their whole life in a place where their neighbor never said hello, and the truth be, they did not know the name of the neighbor, then this would be perfect. I find central cities or small village better for me, as the people live in an interactive environment. I feel home when people are in smaller family neighborhoods, not the big highway truck stop.

My day or mood is very dependent on the choices I make.

A good part, by living in the l’Amities Auberge or whatnot, I have found a person that can make a 12-volt battery charger. I cannot buy one, but he says he can make one. They was charging some very large semi truck batteries, and I guess they cannot just push start them, they need to charge the batteries.

My choice of homes increased 10 fold if I can live enjoyably under power or 12 volts in a place with no electricity. I think it is time to make that 12-volt river generator I think is possible to make for less than 10 US Dollars, a great project for my overactive mind.

I wonder what the people do, who do not have projects, they must drink a lot.

I will try to focus on something fun, I am letting the scrapes on my body to stop seeping, and scab over, I am afraid to wear a shirt much, it will start to stick. Now I am feeling more bruises and pain.

I need some books in English to read, the books on the internet tend to be boring in writing styles. I have not seen any Peace Corps people, sort of strange.

The heat does something to a mood, I think of the mean people in the Village of Koti, they lived in a dry hot place, and nasty place. However, up on the mountain of Danyi Plateau they was happy. I could rent a room with AC, but then it is worst if the electricity goes off. I am going to look for hotels with big trees over the top of them. I feel better knowing I am getting a good value for my buck.

Togo Mood Swing

Togo How Do I Feel

Togo How Do I Feel
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 26, 2007

After my Motorcycle accident.
I am getting these small email from my parents, how do you feel, are you ok, do you need something

How do I feel?

feel like I was doing a two a day American Football practice in August and am very worn and tired.

I was a middle linebacker, I remember when I screamed through the line and sacked the quarterback in scrimmage.

Now, this brings on a torrent of screams from the coach, the Center and the Left Guard are worried, if it happens again, the coach say,
- You are going to run the ridge till Hell Freezes over. -
I have embarrassed them.

On the next play, for some strange reason, I am out of play, I fall down in the backfield around where the safeties would be, as I am getting up, the Left Guard and Center see me, I am out of play. But, I am the threat, they decide to take the cheap shot, as my knees clear the ground, I am hollering, hey, I am out of play. This is just scrimmage we are on the same team.

They take the shot, two fat, overweight, farm boys from Indiana, with a head of steam do a dive block into me at about rib level, I am on my knees, they plough me into the ground, I am punished.

This is a real story and this is how I feel, like I got punished by two very large Farm boys in Indiana who wanted payback.

What can you say, it is over, it happened, I was in a motorcycle accident, I accept it hurts. I really do not have problem with physical pain, it is pretty normal in travel to not be comfortable.

I was trying to avoid the fight with the Peugeot Car Taxis, this is why I was on the Moto, I wanted to be more comfortable. It is real ineffective to talk about pain, explain pain, it passes, I broke my femur in four places and walked around on crutches for a year. I know 99 percent nobody cares, yes they can give platitudes and comments, but who cares, I had to let the time pass, then all was ok. It is very easy to say you care, difficult to show it.

All the comments were just reminders I was damaged. Now, then again, my parents are worried, and they do not see American Football as dangerous, they can relate, understand me feeling pain for the home team.

Time allows all pain to pass, I have no choice, it will go away, I am positive of this, if I wait and try not to push to hard, time will heal all my pains in life, both physical and mental.

Health, Injury, Sports, Togo, Moto, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Taxi, Tranportation

Togo How Do I Feel

Going Crazy While on the Road

Going Crazy While on the Road
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I call it losing the plot, Alex Garland in the book, The Beach continually alludes to this danger, I think about it, I feel it, and there is always a creeping worry.
Will I go crazy?

Here are a couple of comments from people who wrote personal email to me about this real danger. I think they both wrote these comments as something to say, or as or of some sub-conscious knowledge of a real danger.

I have seen many people go crazy from travel, it is not a joke, I am not joking, and this is a real danger.


Hello Andy, I have been following your site and newsletter for many years- congratulations on staying human. (… )
Bonne Chance Tony
June 05, 2007

Peace, Andy. I hope you are doing well. I think often about you and your travels and the times that we met. Keep doing what you need to do to ward off going crazy while on the road
(… )
May 31, 2007


Why do people go crazy? I could write a 225-page book, full of the many ways and real example, I do not know where to start so I will finish.

If you can keep your head when all about you
- Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too; -
--- Rudyard Kipling

Going Crazy While on the Road

Togo Africa Malaria Medicine

Togo Africa Malaria Medicine
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is one of many ways a person can take medicine to cure Malaria here in Togo.

Three intravenous serums on three separate days.

Photos of Malaria Medicine.

Quinine Dyhydrochloride

All the assorted vials need for a three day quick recovery. This person had the Doctor come to her house, the cost total was 32 US dollars or one month of her wages.

Togo Africa Malaria Medicine

Depression Caused by Vitamins

Depression Caused by Vitamins
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I remember to take my Vitamins about 50 percent of the time; it is confusing when I travel from city to city. However, when I am stationary, I put them on a table and try to eat some in the morning, if I take later, they keep me awake.

I suppose I should obey the instruction if there are any; however, I normally take two multi-vitamins and two of some B complex Vitamins.

I took two of these Vitamins and two of the B-Complex. I then walked somewhere, upon returning to the room I fell asleep. The whole day was miserable; I slept and continued to fall asleep. I did the same thing in Lome, Togo and in was worried. There was some bad things happening in the day, and I know that depressed people sleep as one way to hide from reality. However, this is not my way of hiding, so to me was worrisome.

I am very happy to isolate this problem as feeling sleepy and depressed make travel difficult. On the day, I came from Lome, Togo to Accra, Ghana by 15 passenger van, or Tro Tro I slept in the Van. I had a truly miserable day and was very angry with the Tro Tro people; it was not a good day. On hindsight, I can see I was under the influence of these Vitamins and not alert and happy.

I have stopped taking them and will obey the instructions on any multi-vitamins purchase. The truth is, there are not any instructions, I will take just one per day, and I purchased these in the street from a girl who carries medicine on top of her head.

There are always rumors of fake medicines being sold, if I was to purchase antibiotics I would go to the pharmacy and hope.

It is possible the combination of the B-Complex and this Vitamin caused a problem for me personally. I was somewhat thinking this was just a monthly low or a periodic form of depressed state people have, however I now have it isolated to the pills.

The solution is to buy a big 200-500 plus bottle of Vitamins at Walmart and carry; this does however take up a lot of room.

For those off-topic people, I am only in the USA about 20 days per year, and it is not possible for me to prepare the same as 99 percent of you that are on Volunteer Vacations. I must buy provisions as I go, and in the countries available, I am not on vacation, I am a traveler.

Depression Caused by Vitamins

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING
I am scared; I could have died if I took diarrhea medicine in Niger, or maybe I did take the medicine and this is why my feet tingled for three months. I cannot remember, I was delusional sick.

I am 90 percent sure I had food poisoning in Niger. (I thought Malaria at time.)
I think taking Diarrhea Medicine could help to kill me.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Andy of ---

I have a low-level fear of water; I have a high-level fear of food. I think all this do-not-drink the water noise is annoying. I think the dingalings should be saying,

An empty restaurant with no clients and only me eating scares the shit out of me. I am 100 percent sure, a restaurant in India, Thailand, Philippines, Ghana, Peru, Jordan, will sell me food that is old. A very busy place is safer and me watching the cook.

I believe food poisoning and low-level food poisoning is 20 times more of a problem than water, people blame the water, when it was the food.

I had a conversation this morning with my Thai Friend who is has masters in Pharmacology and works in a Hospital.

She said, and I am not a doctor, I am not an expert, this information at best is critical speculation on my part.

She said,
- When you have food poisoning a person need to have Diarrhea to clean the body and drink lot of mineral water. If a person takes, Diarrhea medicine all the poison will stay in the body. -

It takes a long time to die from Diarrhea.
It takes a day or two to die from Food poisoning. (I think, I am not sure of any of this.)

My feeling and thought is this, it is never worth the risk to take the Diarrhea medicine. I may just keep poison in my body. I do not die from Diarrhea and most is Type II Diarrhea not the more dangerous type.

People say, go to a doctor, it is 100 times more complicated than you think when traveling, people extremely under-estimate what going to a doctor entails. Plus going to a pharmacist is normally a lot better idea, the pharmacist in 80 percent of the planet do the triage work that saves the lives of the people. The doctor is way too late.

I have said, by the time I find an honest Doctor, I could be dead.

Note this is again one of them annoying times where I am positive, I am not perfect, I do not know. I would love to hear experts and critical opinions on this subject. If you know of an expert, please send this email to them or the page link, and ask for help. I really want to learn more about this, and reading lapses full of nebulous conclusions. I want comments, I am in Thailand, not the USA, I am in an no English information vacuum.

The implications about advice given to travelers on diarrhea is amazing, the normal standard advice about how to deal with travel diarrhea could be crazy wrong.

Traveler Diarrhea WARNING

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