Extreme Travel

Extreme Travel North Pole

Extreme Travel North Pole

Some reader pointed at this site of a man walking or a couple of men walking to the North Pole, this qualifies for Extreme Travel.


You can subscribe to a newsletter he has, I am just starting to figure out what he is doing.

Extreme Travel North Pole

Extreme Travel on Khao San Road

Extreme Travel

Bangkok Thailand Trips offered on Khao San Road.

I think Khao San Road make a person immune to strange or unusual, sometimes I find myself not even thinking or reacting to strange. If I closed my eyes and opened them again on Khao San Road, cleaned my brain of any prior knowledge of Khao San Road here in Bangkok, Thailand and I would maybe think
- I am at the circus -
People do dress as if they are clowns.

Most people on Khao San Road seem to have tattoos, body piercing, strange clothes, the - I Love Genie - clothing and I suspect many will never find a good job; they have left the norm and strayed too far.

However, I was looking at the novel ever-interesting list of possible trips offered at Nat Tours by Jeroen and Wife; they may have the most interesting signs on the planet. I am on Khao San Road, - Center of the Backpacker Universe - Bangkok, Thailand, a true - Never Never Land - where if you are Peter Pan you never have to grow up. Thus, all dreams are possible, and therefore maybe I think there is nothing strange about a trip to North Korea, Kabul, Afghanistan, Helicopters tours in Kyrgyzstan, Ice Diving at the North Pole, or just a normal trip to Libya. I am definitely not in Kansas anymore.

I personally am keen on the somewhat boring trip to Iran and maybe a stopover in Afghanistan, and a normal trip to Nepal.

North Korea, a fine place to visit.

Hello Kyrgystan, next stop on anyones agenda.

Just another boring trip, off to Afghanistan, buy a ticket, grab my passport, and take the taxi to the airport, so what else is new.

I would like to go to the North Pole, especially the area north of Russia, never thought about the possibility of Scuba Diving.

I am sure the French go there all the time, however in reality the world is becoming very safe, ignore what your see, hear or read, the world is a safe place, and as always, someone will sell you a ticket or tour.

Jeroen at Nat Tours just off of Khao San Road can sit around and discuss the pros and cons of many interesting locations. He for sure is making my life easier as many of the common locations have been checked off or ticked as life goes by.

Nat Tour and Travel Company
Bangkok Thailand
+662 629-4122 With Skype.com
From USA 011 662 629-4122
Map to Nats just off Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Note: The guy next to me has a Mohawk, go figure...

Extreme Travel

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
December 31, 2006

Around the world motorcycle trip.

I am trying to plan a trip to Africa, my one friend wishes me to go to the country of Sao Tome a former Portuguese colony off the West Central part of Africa.

São Tomé or Sao Tome etc, and so forth, and on and on, searching for information on a place where almost zero American tourists goes is difficult. I suppose if I started, searching only in Portuguese is would be better.

I happened upon a great extreme travel journey of two people on a Motorcycle. I believe they are Australian and their trip is great.

Please look at the map of their trip, and then you can see the magnitude of this

Around the World on Motorcycle

The travelers on this page understand travel; I truly enjoyed their honest deliberations about how many countries on the planet. I do not like to read travel books, I do not like to read travel blog, however the wisdom or true experience in these page tells me these people know, as William Sutcliffe would say,
- Are you experienced? -

These people are experienced, they are travelers.

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle

Swiming The Amazon

Swimming The Amazon
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

I was reading on Hobo World New page.

A great way for me to get quick overview of the world new and make Iran still exist...
I picked up on this story about a man who swam the Amazon River from beginning to end.

My first thought was, hmm, wonder where he chose or how he chose the location of the beginning of the Amazon. I mused on this point too much and have spent time looking at maps, while in Bolivia and think the very start is around Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

I looked at his map, and this is really quite an amazing feat, and for sure qualifies as extreme travel.
(What do you think, will this BBC link eventually break?)

He is an Extreme Traveler.

I got immediate fear thinking about swimming down the Amazon. I cringed and imagined a Piranha going for my privates. I have swam in the Amazon but while with great self-talk saying continually to myself,
- They will not bite me, this is just a story, and happens only in movies.-

Swimming The Amazon

What We Do Not Say

What We Do Not Say
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 23, 2007

What I say I will do is who we want to be.
What we do is who we are.
In a dysfunctional blur of alcoholic haze, the is light at the end of the tunnel. One day I learned, I talk, I talk and I talk,
Je parle… hehehe
(Talk in French)

Talking is not important, what I do is important. I observe the planet, I try to learn how it works, why, and it gives me something to think about, I must take care and weigh people by actual actions, not anticipated actions; I need to know who you really are…

My mother in a well-intended scream wrote with the subject line of the email reading.

Ok, Mom, why are you hollering? Capital letter is screaming, I always get a little nervous when my older parents want me for something, and are urgent or I can feel the intensity. I am hoping, I worry about urgent news.

Oh, only this.

Funny, how the newspaper can make a person with a 70-Foot Boat seem important.

I am thinking; tell me after the break the record please, not before.

I am interested in what you do, not what you say you are going to do, plus living in a boat is going to be difficult, and harsh, but 70 x 20, this is a 1400 Square Foot Luxury Apartment.

I cannot get any of the links to work, they seem to be the too clever type and I empathize, I spend days trying to stop this from happening, it is something technical people and the way their brains work, that clever breaks things. I tried to connect with boy genius, nothing is working, but I can blog.

Ok, I give up, too much time, trying to listen to my mothers wishes.

I want to know the rules, and I want to know how many people can come aboard. The enemy is isolation while living in their 1400 plus foot apartment for three years.

I am thinking, the Satellite, Boat, and big business are quick to sponsor these types of trips. I should look into going rich and not Hobo, but then again, I do not like to Kiss for a Cadeau.

If I got a Cadeau, I have to give them a Kiss back.

Hope they do well; I like the first page, except for the pat line, and very cliché comment about being eco sustainable. I just went and pissed and saw a shooting start, I can say that… it was ecologically normal, yet not sustainable.

Cliché, life is not mean to be Cliché
Whatever cliché means, I continually look up this word; it just does not fit in my brain correctly.

I do hope they do well, it would drive me nuts to have to listen to all them old sailors tell me stories for three years and have to have these rich boat owner types, tell me this and that.

There was two young black girls, ages unknown, Togolese that with the help of two very small boys, not dancing or singing well who sang about 7 songs and dances in front of my room yesterday.

The clothing was normal, the hair cut short, faces were animated, they kept bowing, stepping, singing in this sing-song way, step into it, step into it, bow you head, hang is over. I was thinking, where I the camera crew, then I thought, I am not going to try. This memory is mine.

I bet they have a satellite connection to the internet, the big one, amazing how big of things you can put on a boat.

I cannot get their page to open, someone sign me up for their blog, put my email in the sign up box, if no sign up box, then not important. I will catch them after the complete the 600 plus days needed for the record and my mother forgets and no longer hollers.

I am still in question, is there a crew? Isolation is the enemy.

Fame, what people do in the name of fame and a cliché?

World Records, Sailing, Long Term Travelers, Extreme Travel, Togo,

What We Do Not Say

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