Arrived a couple of hours ago into the Capital of Mongolia, a city of about 800,000 people and cold. I have already tried to go the Russian Embassy and the guy more or less said I had to get the Visa with a company he recommended called Legend tours. We went there and it very obvious this is a nutcracker operation and they like to put people in the vice.

I just do not know. Russian is looking less fun, when they want to force me to travel the they wish. It is obviously corrupt. I do not like to contribute, help, or be in the middle of this pay through the nose strategy or don't go.


I went to the US Embassy to get more pages in my passport, upon arriving the guards point at a sign that said,

"Closed on last Friday of month."

So, as I did the last time when I arrive at 11:00 and they said they was closed for lunch. I went inside and ignored the guard. I then got the same answer from the office. I said,

"Let me talk to someone that speaks English.

Let me talk to a United States Citizen."

The handed me a telephone, I said,

"I am Andy.. from Indiana, I am a United States Citizen and I need pages in my passport."

Now the person I was speaking with spoke Thai as their first language as did every other person that I had encountered so far.

I spoke very fast and made the person feel inadequate which in my opinion they all were or are. To me this is USA soil and we need to have USA people that speak USA English checking this place to make sure the crazies do not enter. But they


as they did before, and in my opinion they know,

"Pay attention to real native born citizens."

If you have ever been to a USA Embassy you would know there is nobody inside that you can meet easily that is from the USA in a normal typical way, but if you become demanding they will normally hop. The places are full of people with USA passports, but none of them act like me,


So I just put on the USA bravo the world hates and as why the world hate it appears. You get results. So even thought it was the last Friday in the month. Even though these dingalings want to close and give no service. (NOT a USA cultural characteristic to give NO Service.)

I will not say that governmental officials work hard.

The hours are funky. Like from 7 to 11 and 1 to 2

But back to being pushy, people should never apologize of be weak in their own country. When I go into the USA embassy. I am

BACK IN THE USA even if I cannot find anyone that speak English.

Do not every think that the people that get blown up in Embassies are Born in the USA!

I get really ashamed that America could every allow anyone crap to infiltrate our systems. This is the first crap that a world citizen would encounter. People not acting like the USA but pretending to be.

I ask the guards as I left.

"Are you American Citizens?"

The said,

"Yes." I am not sure they understand this question?

I said,

"Where was you born?"

Stupid looks.

I said,

"Which state do you live in?"

More and more stupid looks.

These are the normal questions that anyone would ask in the normal meeting of a person from another country, where are you from, what do you do, what is your city, are you married.. Etc.




I am Safe and Sound in a Hostel in Madrid...

I have all my money and debit cards, etc.

I have everything I need, except my passport.

Last night I had my passport stolen out of my side

pockets of my travel pants. Of course it also possible

that I place it down on something and forgot it, but I

suspect I got pickpocketed on the Metro, or Subway

here in Madrid. The reception or manager of the Cats

Hostel said it happens all the time and since I have

stayed in Barcelona for one month before I am about 85

percent sure I was pickpocketed.

The people in Barcelona always said, it is not who has

been robbed, it is

¨Who has not been robbed.

I feel really foolish as I try everything in the world

to minimize this happening and this the first time I

have had a passport stolen. I have though learned a

lot about what I should have done, and why maybe this

happened and how to stop it in the future.

My wallet was in the front secret pocket, but my

passport was in an around the neck pouch, and because

it is too large to put in a secret pocket it was not

in one of them. I needed to separate the recipts,

passport pictures, and etc from my passport and carry

my passport in a secret pocket. I do not do this

normally because I afraid of sweating and ruining the

passport and I never find a plastic bag the size of my

passport. Oh well, I will go to the embassy today I

hope and see about another.

I got on the internet now hoping that someone would

write and say they have my passport. Nobody wrote, but

then again, I realized now that I should have had my

email address, telephone and such taped onto the

passport and then I could maybe get it back. Right

now it would be a lot of work for someone to try to

return... So I have a lot of should haves...


I am using the

-Send from email option of blogger.com to send this. I

am hoping it works. I have logged into blogger, but I

cannot go to the page to write a blog. Who knows what

is wrong, just another glitch in life in a couple of

day full of glitches.

IT is very cold here and I was going to skip Mardrid

and go south to Malaga, and at the bus stop I realized

I had not passport. aaagh!


Note to my mother...

Hello Mom and Dad,

You said that Hotmail.com is down and you had to write

me from the Library, but you can read my blog.

This does not sound like a computer problem, it sounds

like a Hotmail problem, but then again the hackers are

always playing the rich against poor card and trying

to hack the big sites. I am pretty sure that Bill

Gates owns Hotmail.com so they think they are clever

or too smart when they do this.

But maybe try going to this link.


Or try typing in www.hotmail.com and not using the


I am fine, and the Hostel is very clean and nice. It

is supposed to be the number one Hostel in the world

by Hostelworld.com.


I suspect to translate that it means they send the

most commissions to Hostelworld.com but I am Jaded and

although extremely nice, it is by far not the best

place I have stayed in 8 years of travel.

Platypus Hostel Bogota Colombia BETTER

Grand Hotel Quito in old part of QUITO BETTER

La Espana in Lima Peru maybe the best all around

Hostel.. No kitchen.

It is even hard to get on my list when all it give me

is a dorm bed and no kitchen to use. The Barmy Badger

at the Earls Court tube stop in London is better.

This is very very clean and made to look culturally

nice, but it is still a flop house Hostel. Bar down

below and dorm beds up top. BUT it is very safe and

clean for a flop-house. Plus they have beds, and that

is alway good in Europe where I believe you should

ALWAYS get a reservation. Hostelworld.co has their

affiliate program on page, or my likely I have agreed



The man here in the Internet cafe has to put more time

on my computer and he says it has to run out before he

can do so. I am in extreme danger of losing this. I

have copied and pasted to the notepad on my USB, but I

am still wanting to type...

IT stopped and proceeded. It is alway a bad idea to

type a long email or blog because I can lose the whole

thing if the power goes off or other misc stupid

things. Like what just happened, but he was correct

and it did work, but NEVER trust them. Copy and paste

to notepad and save on the computer. I saved luckly on

my USB.

So the Cats Hostel is very nice, but I am stil amiss

to find the kitchen. Any Hostel without a kitchen tha

cost me 15 Euros is not my favorite. They are really

rating the best party Hostels. I have not came up with

a good way to get a good quality of life Hostel. A

very good hotel or hostel like the Barmy Badger in

London will have regular people that never leave.

Because all the services and the price work together.

But the University students come to Europe to party

and that is what they get.


I could talk all day about what is good and bad about

a Hostel. This place is ultra modern, and that annoys

me because I cannot find Madrid culture there. I like

the feel of a Old delapidate, but real building like

the La Espana in Peru. Still very good, but old. I

suppose they would say the Cats is old, which I was

laughing to myself. ... I am back in south America!

The is a sign in the toilet that says.

¨Do not put paper down the WC.¨

WC is for water closet, they mean in Amerian language

the stool. So as always, in my normal toilet civil

disobedience.. I flush the paper. I hope it clogs and

all the countries in the world put in adequate pipes

to handle the toilets. In Panama you can flush the

paper down the toilets and there are signs telling you

to do so.

My room is cold. Madrid is cold. I thought it would be

warmer and made a big mistake in not bringing a

jacket. I will hibernate and work on my computer until

I get new passport and go south.

The reason I keep going off on the Hostel is because

the idea of a Hostel was first thought of as place

where your son or daughter could send their children

and it would be safe and cheap in a expensive and big

city. This place is safe, but it is expensive at 15

Euros or about 20 USA dollars.

I just hate having a bar in my house.

United States Embassy in Philippines

United States Embassy in Philippines
I went to the United States Embassy in Philippines to get extra pages installed in my 2 USA Passports. I have 2 passports and both are almost full of stamps, I need extra pages.
I told the woman,
- I am ashamed of my country. -
I am in the United States upon entering the Embassy.
The woman said,
- You are not in the USA, you are in the Philippines. -
The Embassy is ran by clueless Philippines persons.
- I am ashamed of my country. -
I have gone to the Embassy twice, both times now I failed to get the pages inserted in the passports. I was able to get a new passport after mine was stolen in Madrid in 2 hours.
I can guarantee 100 percent that a person could carry a bomb into this embassy through gate 3 of the Embassy. I walked in the no entry gate two times and took a photo on the last time out. There is more security at the Cowboy Grill close to my Hotel.
I am ashamed of my country.
I leave tomorrow for Singapore. I need my passport. I was asked to leave the passport until 3:00, therefore at this time I could pick it up. I do not trust a Philippines person with my passport for three hours. I would not trust an American in the USA for three hours with my passport, when I need it to leave the country tomorrow. Note, I went on Friday; the embassy was closed in the afternoon, and is closed when they wish me to pick up. The last time they closed it because of a fire alarm.
I came back on the last day possible, and they want me give them my passport and return when the office is closed. Yes, this may work, but the downside is way beyond the need.
I am ashamed of my country.
The solution is easy, hire a few of the many United States Citizens that wish to live in the Philippines. I am sure there exist native-born citizens who speak English.
The Philippines is know for one thing, that it appears to do very well, and they are standing in line waiting to get permission to immigrate to the USA.
United States Embassy in Philippines

Visa Touristique Entente

Visa Touristique Entente

Dosso Niger West Africa
Thursday, October 5, 2006
Malanville Benin / Gaya Niger Border

(Visa Touristique Entente or Tourist Visa Entente)
Malanville, Benin - Gaya, Niger Border Crossing

You have 60 days to enter a Visa Touristique Entente
country, then once you enter a Visa Touristique Entente country you have then 60 more days to travel and to use the Visa.

Visa Touristique Entente - This is the Visa that is put in your passport when you purchase. It is to allow you entry to Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, however did not work for Niger. I am from the USA, we do not need Visa to Cote d’Ivoire, therefore we can fly in to Abidjan, get the Visa at the Benin Visa, they travel to Ghana, Togo, Benin, except the problem. Niger did NOT honor the Visa.

Togo Visa Stamp as I entered country of Togo. September 9, 2006 is when I started my Visa by entering Togo, the first country in the Visa Touristique Entente list. I then should have to November 9, 2006 more or less; it can only be 60 days inside the group of countries.

I went over this with the Benin Embassy; they said no problem, that the Visa will start the 60 days when I entered Togo. No good.

Visa Touristique Entente Advertisement, and even in the office in Niamey, Niger. This photo taken in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire in the Benin Embassy.

I was made to pay 20,000 CFA to purchase a 30-Day visa to enter Niger today, this smells to me of corruption. I entered Togo and started my Visa on 9 September 2006.

I have a Visa that as I double-checked with the Benin Embassy in Abidjan, I have from August 2 to October 2 to enter and start the visa, after that I have 60 days to travel.

Because it is the fifth of October today they refused to accept, the man said in English,
- Take the Easy Way. -

Smells of corruption to me, and for sure if you apply for a Visa Entente you have to know that it can be problems. This is Africa, all things simple become problems. I am not sure they ever seen a Visa Entente before. The great part is they did not try to send me back to Contonou or something stupid, It was obvious from the start they was looking for a gap in the Mexican find a way to get money method.

I was going to stay in Malanville Benin and then go to Gaya Niger, the next day, another instance of the person writing the guide driving a car, I did find however, two hotels, but more boom boom bang the girls and loud music bars. There are many cheap hotels, that are for the men to bring their extra girl, drink and do boom boom.

Directions given to me by the Benin Embassy, very nice people, in Niamey to the office that handles Visa. I was told they would give me a refund. I hit a dead end; they were determined not to listen.

I went to Niamey, eventually and complained at the D.S.T office in Niamey. The person in charge Souley Djofffo said,
- Niger, we have our ways of doing things. -
I said,
- This is not about Niger; it is about Tourism and the agreement with four other countries to honor a one-visa system to encourage tourism. -
He said,
- Niger does not obey the rules of other countries. -
I said,
- But, Niger was in agreement, to establish this… -

He was impossible, just wanted to be in charge, or the boss, nothing to with listening. Now, Niger has about a 15 percent literacy rate, this mean that anyone and everyone I talk to have almost no ability to read.

Visa Touristique Entente

Planning Trip to Africa

Planning Trip to Africa

Visa problems...
I want to know where every Embassy or Consulate in the world is for the country of Sao Tome?

I am planning a trip to Africa, as of today I wish to enter Nairobi, Kenya and go by land to Gabon and so forth.

Visa sites are annoying as they assume you are in your native country, for me this is the USA, however, I am not in the USA, therefore the Visa perspective changes.

I need a website that tells me... for example:

I need the location of all Sao Tome Embassies or Consulates in other countries, so maybe if I am close to one, I can go, but this scenario exist for all the countries. I am not interested in where they are located in the USA, I want to know in other countries.

Planning Trip to Africa


Pokjara, Nepal Asia
Monday, February 5, 2007


This is one of my Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 pages, not sure of the priority or number. I am sussing out the criteria better this year and realized when I said, this list of for the true travelers and not for tourist; I knew this page must be included.

I think there are at least 312 x 312 needed pages to cover the Visa, Passport, Entry Visa, and Tourist Card and in the end, the question is, what do I need to do to get permission to enter a country.

97,344 combinations with a guess of 312 countries, enclaves, islands and autonomous regions.

Therefore, if you are from Ethiopia and you want to go to Chile, which is one combination question. The answers would change by the minute.

Now, Embassypages.com does not give that specific of help, but I think it is as close as I have seen on any site. It will tell you

Embassies in the country, as an example, maybe the USA, England, and Germany have an Embassy, Consulate, or something that issues visas, maybe in the country.

Embassies abroad or where does the USA have Embassies, which countries does Ethiopia have Embassies in?

This person that made the site, I think from Denmark, has an extreme capacity for detail and organization, just a remarkable collection of information.

A little hard to find, but nonetheless a true guru type site, a bookmark, write down, never forget the link address when you travel site.

Knowing all the rules of entering a country is not easy, a rule of thumb, if they let you on the plane, you probably have a good chance of entering… hehehe

At the border, as Stellan my Swede friend riding a bike around Africa said, if you wait long enough, they will let you in, change of shift, etc.

Contrary to anything you think, most countries want you to enter, and will find a way to allow you to enter.

I do encourage this person to make a PDA version of this or computer version so I can download and use when I do not have internet access.

As a note, most Travel Agents has some computer way to show you whether you can enter a country, but beware, travel agents have to me a 50/50 success rate. Either they lie, or they do not know how to use, so you need to get collaboration.

Three down, seven to go.


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