Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

I am annoyed, I entered a new hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, it has the super modern put a little card into the slot as you enter the room and all the electricity works.

When you leave, you pull the card out of the slot, all the electricity is shut off.

99 percent of the time, I can separate the card from the key, or use a piece of cardboard to keep the electricity running 100 percent of the time.

This hotel got to smart, they have the expensive bar that does not allow anything but the plastic bar. Then they soldered or welded the key to the round circle of metal or key ring. I cannot open it or pry it open and remove the key. It is connected permanently, very smart, but too smart.

Why I need electricity in my room 100 percent of the time

1. Keep the air conditioned room at steady temperature. The furniture or rooms heat up or cool off, a room that is not constantly cooled, or heated, then has a problem with fluctuations. A room is much more comfortable when always as the same temperature.

2. Charge my batteries for camera. I want a steady six hour or until finished of charge.

3. Charge my cell phone.

I do not need to charge my computer, it is almost always plugged in, the battery of a computer that last only 2 hours is more or less useless. When they get me up to 8 hours of use, it will be worth worrying about the charge.

Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

Nepal Electricity Outages

Nepal Electricity Outages
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Friday, January 12, 2007

It is 6:23 in the morning, the electricity has been off since I woke around 5:00, and it may have been off for hours.

I cannot use my one-cup cooker to make coffee, and I do not have an alcohol in my bag to use as fuel for an alcohol fire.

I am on my batteries of the computer and cell phone, the computer is only good for about one hour, then out goes the lights.

I have light in a way, I can use my hand-powered flashlight, and I should remember to look into 12 volt cooking. Hmm, I have 14 AA rechargeable batteries presently; I am going to buy at least another eight so I would have a bank of about 20 in stock.

That is a lot of small electricity power; big batteries are not possible, too heavy and awkward. However, my 20 batteries could help to power up some smaller things.

AA batteries seem to power 90 percent of my electronics. I now only buy electronics equipment ran by AA batteries. Therefore my system of charging is complete, my alarm clock, GPS, Sony Camera run on AA Batteries.

IF I could have an AA powered reading light, I suppose I could live in the jungle for a few days and still live as normal. The computer is the problem; I think the new computers have 8-hour batteries, with four of them I could go for about five days in the jungle.

I will have to study this, I am going to Africa I hope soon, and I want to be prepared. Africa has good electricity, yet there is a temptation to go farther into the bush there, than here, I like the idea of big animals more. I guess, Nepal does have Rhinos.

Nepal Electricity Outages

Load Shading in Nepal

Load Shading in Nepal
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Friday, January 19, 2007

The Electricity is shut off at pre-arranged times.

I like words, the Nepali people around me have been using the term - Load Shading. -

I sometimes feel stupid, yet I resort to thinking, I am too old, too experienced, too much water has gone over the bridge to think this, I do not understand the term.

What they mean is this, the shut the electricity completely for areas of the city at pre-arranged times. This means where I am living on Mondays and Wednesday between 5:00 and 7::30 PM there is no electricity and also on Friday morning, I think between 6:00 and 8:00 AM.

I am thinking about this, because it is Friday morning and there is no electricity in my room, I can work on my computer because it has a battery good for about 1-2 hours…. hehehe, the lights need to come on.

Biggest problem is I cannot make coffee with my one-cup coffer cooker.

So where did the word - Shading - come from, I can understand load, or the load on the electrical system. Yet, there is not in the shade or middle ground here in my room, it is an outage.

I looked up in my Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer, there is not load-shading, however, there is load shedding.

Load Shedding:
- temporary reduction in electricity supply: a temporary reduction in a supply of electricity as a method of reducing the demand. - (2)

Maybe my hotel is just spelling wrong, I looked up on the Internet and there are pages of Nepal and Load Shading, so not the only place.

I will go do the Wiki thing. I did not find Load Shading, yet I did discover the Load Shedding, however, even that goes on to be redirected to - Rolling blackout -
Wikipedia.org on Load Shedding

My battery is getting weak, I need to conclude my thread of curious word following research.

There is probably a Wikidictionary.com? I will check.
Yep, there is:

There are hazards of following words of research, it is extremely easy for a the curious to get sidetracked. The page explaining about Dictionaries in the Wikipedia is fascinating.

No Load Shade, yet again there is load shedding.

Aaagh, low battery warning, 7:48, time to turn it on…

I think this is a what I call - India English - thing, the India people like many countries have their own version of English. I am finding this term mostly on India English pages.
Google.com "Load Shading" Search

Load Shading in Nepal

Nepal Electrical Outlets

Nepal Electrical Outlets
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 20, 2007

The electrical plug on the end of my computer cord is not the problem when travelling the problems is the Hotel outlets, Hotel sockets, or the Hotel receptacles are bad.

In 95 percent of the cases, I can buy the converter needed to make my American slotted plug to work in the hotel, I can find many stores that will sell this converter for 50 cents US. However, I cannot go around changing outlets in Hotels.

The female receptacles of the plug outlets in Nepal may be the worst on the planet. I have not stayed in five hotels in Katmandu, and stayed enough times and long enough to believe they are exceptionally bad.

The problem:
There is a loose fit, and the connection between the plug and the receptacles is almost always bad. There is an arcing or jumping of electricity between the prongs and the inside the plug.

Loose fit

Arcing or jumping of electricity is maybe my biggest fear for my computer. It is in my mind a type of power surge. To guarantee I always have a good connection is difficult.

I took a few photos, however I realize I need to take a part an electrical receptacles and show to really explain this, I will do later or soon. I am thinking I may just go buy the Nepal version of their receptacles and see why it seems always loose.

It is not good to have to move the plug around trying to get it to connect, I have a solution for this, by just inserting copper wires directly into the receptacles, yet this is not a solution for the electrical naive.

WHY Why Why is my Hotel plug so bad.

Think about it, 365 days a year, someone goes into a room and plugs in a cell phone, a radio, a TV, a computer, after this much usage the expanding receptacles of the plug become permanently expanded.

Nepal Electrical Outlets

12 Volt Travel Power

12 Volt Travel Power
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

A feasible solution to not having electricity, as solar charging is not much good without a way to store the electricity, the sun does not shine all night.

Chris the worlds greatest Internet researcher surfer has found an all-in-one solution that is the same as one of my ideas, and taken to finish. It is very hard to think of something that is not already made and sold.

I want to use 12 Volt Electricity Power in my room, Nepal has been a great training country on living without electricity as the country shuts the electricity off from 3 to 10 hours per day, and can be random. Therefore, are you ready, oops, no electricity now.

If I am typing on the computer, reading a book, and worst, trying to take a shower, all the world is disrupted on a random basis. The Hot Water here is electricity, they say it is Solar, yet that does not work good, not even close to adequate, so in the night, if the hotel is good, they will turn on the electricity. But some mornings they shut off the electricity at 5:30 til 8, therefore no morning showers because the heater has been off for the time needed before my shower.

To depend on the Hotel or Nepal for Hot shower, is not feasible, they are just not going to supply me with a Hot Shower.

12 Volt Travel Power

iSun BattPak 3-Way Battery Charger with 10 NiMH batteries

This product is cool, one problem. I could not find on page if I can charge with both 110 and 220 electricity. If I cannot do with 220 then not much good, better to continue on my system. On the other hand the cost of 10 rechargeable batteries is close to this, so I could buy it and dump the charger.

I do wish I could just call them and ask.

Solar energy is a great idea, however lets be real, spending 200-300 dollars to buy a charger I use for a few days a year I am without power is way to expensive. Yes, I could go hiking for a 20 day trip, and what I really want electricity for is both my computer and a reading light. Campfire do most of the normal lighting while in the brush or jungle at night.

I do not want to carry everything on the planet, I have a 40 Kilo limit.

If a person or I was in the jungle for 20 days, I would need 40 to 50 hours of battery for my computer, this is a lot of time. The problem with solar is moving, if I live in the same place for 20 days then solar become easy and very feasible, but who would stay in one place for 20 days in the jungle. I suppose I could be living on top of a mountain being the Monk thing, but still, this is probably not going to happen.

I tend to think if I was living on top of a mountain I would go for hydro power, or make a small dam, and get a couple of car alternators and charge my 12 Volt System... hehehe, just like the one here. Water flowing down a hill seems more reliable now, and I truly do believe I could make a few or many hydro chargers with parts from any junk yard in any country on the planet.

But, back to the problem, I need to store the electricity, then for me, I need to carry the batteries. Motorcycle and Car Batteries do me no good, I cannot run my Sony Camera on a Car Battery. I need AA batteries, I only buy things with AA batteries, this seems to be the best size.

The Truckers and Recreational Vehicle people are doing all the research and if I can convert my non electricity time to 12 Volt, I can I think easy handle a random 5 t0 10 days of no electricity. The problem with electricity is not a planned trip to the jungle, the problem is as here in Nepal, when they just randomly shut the electricity off for 3 days. It is the bigger problem, I have been places where they shut the electricity off for a week.

I was in Mexico and because of the corruption, the government punished the people and ME, by shutting the juice off for the week of Christmas.

No warning, no idea what is going on, there just was no electricity.

Travel is not so much planning to deal with a trip, it is planning to deal with the problems you did not plan on having.

12 Volt Travel Power

Electric Voltage Fluctuations

Electric Voltage Fluctuations
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I move from a Hotel with one of them 3-4 foot diameter ceiling fans to a room with a small swaying or rotating type fan you place on a table or nightstand. I think I like the on the nightstand type better because I can point it away from my eyes. The fan here is running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week or the heat is extreme inside the room.

I keep remember the Middle East, where they go and sleep on the roof, this is a good solution.

A rotating or fan that moves back and forth make a noise, slow and fast, and whoosh and whoosh, a steady changing of the sound drone. I sat the fan on a stand, it is blowing about at my belly button and down away from my eyes. This is a great country to sleep naked as only by exposing all the skin on my body to the air from the fan can I not perspire and make the bed wet.

The fan is not moving.
The sound is going up and down.
Aaagh, the amount of electricity is increasing and decreasing.

The light bulb is doing the same.

That little black box in the cord of my laptop computer converts 220 and 110 to something like 19 volts. It works anywhere in the world without an inverter or toys not needed. I sort of think of it as a surge protector also, then hope the electrify is also being cleansed and regulated by going through the battery.

When I am very afraid of the electrify, I charge the computer, and use only when on battery.

The up and down electricity I believe or think is horrible for my black box in the cord of the laptop of the computer. This box can get extremely hot, I think I will hang it up in front of the fan to keep it cool.

I had one burn up in Peru, the same plug was being used to heat my room with a Hot Plate. I was lucky, a man in Peru rewired the thing for three dollars. To replace this box is difficult here in Africa, to replace the transformer box in line of the lap top computer cord is a very difficult item to find in funky, we-do-not-allow-imports-easy country.

I am sure, someone will say, buy a voltage regulator. Back to the same problem, things are big, I need small.

Up and down, whoosh or whoooosh the sounds change, I also become hotter or cooler. Amazingly bad electrify in this room, I am thinking I may have not been able to hear the difference with a ceiling fan as it work more quiet.
There seems to be neighborhood difference here, or quad areas differences. Math and mechanics is not Africa high point, so I am worried, will try to obsess on this issue, find small answers.

The one solution is to move again, which I will soon do towards the north of Togo.

Computer, Electricity, Togo

Electric Voltage Fluctuations

I Feel Electrically Helpless

I Feel Electrically Helpless
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 15, 2007

I turned on the air conditioning, just long enough to cool down the room and to give myself a cool easy feeling.

Then the electricity drops to an unbelievably low level, I can feel it as the air conditioner comes almost to a complete stop, I can feel the compressor, the fan, the movements inside the air conditioner. I know it is hurting, there is a continually edging away at its ability to function. How long can this air conditioner tolerate the abuse?

It causes me great inner frustration as I know I am helpless to help the air conditioner, I can only leave and go to another city, where maybe the electric workers do a better job, the is nothing almost ok in this small quadrant of the city of Lome, there is a need to fire some workers for negligence. I am in places where the electricity goes off, and on, but not where the voltage is so radically variant in nature.

I do not know the theories why exactly, I will slowly endeavor to learn why, however my astronomically mechanical mind knows there is problems being caused.

I know the small black box in the computer electrical line is also squealing a complaint, and my portable cell phone is already damaged, small, continues to regroup and try again to function, and is presently ok, yet I know just a few more straws and the smallish camel inside the cell phone will breaks its back, it will go over the edge.

The enjoyment or bright side of this, I now can go into the depths of the Encyclopedia Encarta and learn about things like Generators, Power Stations, Resisters, Volts, Voltage regulator and try to learn what those big masses of glass, wire and purple looking glass mounds surrounded by a fence outside my home town is doing?

I am in a place where what is supposed to happen, does not happen and I can see the why-it-is-needed, but that does not mean I understand.

Now with GPRS Cell Phone connection, when the Encyclopedia drops the ball and can tell me no more, I go to the internet and it will take me on to step two for learning. I normally need to quiz a professional to go to step three.

I have never heard of this before, however, there appears to be a need to buy a large voltage regulator for the Hotel complex.

Time to make instant coffee water with my one-cup cooker before I need to use alcohol to cook. Addictions require maintenance.

I Feel Electrically Helpless

Togo Hotel Camping

Togo Hotel Camping
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I forgot about electrical problems, Kpalime, Togo has a small problem with the electricity going off, yet nothing close to Nepal or Lome, Togo. I am reconsidering the possibility that in Lome, the Auberge MyDiana maybe had a different type of electrical problem, I think the house was on a residential power set up and required a commercial account. Not, that the city should give preferential treatment to business accounts, but I think the Galion Hotel had less problem, they had about the same amount of electrical problems as Kpalime, but nothing close to the MyDiana Auberge, but no way to check, I would have to go over and say, hey do you have electricity every time one hotel went off, go visit the other.

Because the owner would not pay the residential set up, the city shuts them off more or allowed worst service.

Camping - When I camp, I do not have electricity always.

When I camp, I go the woods, and I accept that I do not have electricity and I deal with it. There is a lot of camping available in West Africa, the guidebooks are continually pointing where a person can camp, I am not sure, this may be because of about 90 percent of travelers through Africa seem to be in cars or SUV - four wheel drives.

When I camp, I plan on not having electricity, and then am happy when I do. This is what I am thinking about hotel camping. I do plan on having electricity in a hotel, it would be better to plan on not, and being happy because I do.

I do not try to camp, I only camp because I have no choice, and I do camp or live outside under the stars sometimes. I would think in reality I am better prepared to camp, then the person who plan to camp. There is an idea that a true backpacker is ready to camp, is living in a self contained backpack, ready to live anywhere. Cooking, sleeping, rain, mosquitoes and is ready for bear.

Togo Hotel Camping

I Follow My Travel Rules

I Follow My Travel Rules
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 1, 2007

I have a cell phone, it is a Quad Band V555 Motorola, it has Bluetooth that allows me to create a wireless connection between the phone and the computer.

I make very few phone calls with the phone, in fact, I almost never make a phone call, I find making phone call in most countries annoying and a waste of time. The phone call will cost X and the taxi will cost the same X, why call when I can go visit. Impossible to talk French or Mina over a phone, guaranteed to cause confusion.

I follow the rules.

I have a rule in my head about electrical wires, extension cords, power source of any cables that have to do with electronic equipment.

The rule is something fuzzy like this:
- I shall not be able to accidentally trip, pull, move or hook on the wire and pull the electronic device. -

Part two of rule:
- The computer, cell phone, fan, battery charger, shall not sit high and in a location where it can be pull off and fall on the concrete floor. -

A computer is hard for me to fix or replace.
A cell phone would be confusing to replace, but easy to do.
Battery chargers are very difficult to replace here in Africa, and a good one I think is hard to find that uses both 220-110 currents. (I use the Sony ones that come with he cameras)

One good jerk on the cord and these devices can be trash.

If I trip over the cord to my computer and it is sitting on the table, I can pull the computer off, it falls on the concrete floor and it is trashed.

If I am charging the cell phone and it fall off the table, ledge or anything and land on the floor it is trash.

With this is mind, I often sit my computer on the floor or in the middle of the bed. The floor is dangerous also, I could step on it, or I can spill liquid into the computer.

Coming out of the shower is a problem, drinking any type of sodas, liquid, juices are a problem. I would venture to think, that maybe beer is the number one reason for destruction of laptop computers, then maybe dropping them.

It would be an interesting statistic to discover and hard to know what is the truth. There are truths that people refuse to admit easy.

How did you break you computer?
- It just broke, I did not do anything? -

Do you know there is sticky fluid in the computer?
Did you drink soda or beer around your computer?

- I am very careful, I never drank anything near my computer. -

The spilling of drinks or the dropping of a computer on the floor are accidents, however for some reason a person associates dropping something with being stupid.

If a person bumps me and I drop the computer, maybe I can say they are clumsy and stupid. But for me to just slip, drop my computer, somehow a person says to themselves,
- I should not have slipped, I am stupid. -

Ridiculous and silly logic, and guaranteed this person will drop their computer.

I plan on getting bumped.
I plan on the fact that I will trip over wires in my room.
I know I will spill coffee.
I know I will accidentally give a hard jerk on the cell phone charging wire.

OK, the bottom line is this, for me to connect to the internet, I need to place my cell phone in the window of the room. I put in an the ledge of the window. I also need to keep it plugged into the electricity because when on the internet, the cell phone uses more electricity than the charger is charging, it consumes more energy than I can push or cause enter into the phone.

There are variables, and the best place for my cell phone to sit is in the middle of the bed. It will not fall out. However, the best connection is when the cell phone is just outside the window of the room.

I almost pulled the cell phone down from the ledge, it almost fell on the floor. I almost broke my cell phone a couple of minutes ago, this is the problem. Rules are not meant to be broken, they are meant to be respected. I have a cord open that I can jerk and pull the cell phone to the floor. This violates both the No Trip Rule and the No Fall Rule.

I suppose I now have a third rule,

When a potentially costly problem almost happens, or whenever I do something that cost a lot of money, for example rent a room that is 20 dollars per night. Or in this situation, almost pull the cell phone onto the floor. I take a timeout.

I do a focus session, focusing on possible ways of solving the problem, I do not ignore, or hope this solves itself, I start to have a severe case of cognitive dissonance. I pose the question to myself, and then start to drive myself crazy until I solve the problem.

The answer here lies somehow in typing the wires higher and in somehow putting the cell phone in a bag that can be tired to the window. Window just are not good places for cell phones, nothing is good to grip onto and the additional problem, people walking by can see the phone and try to steal.

I know of four people who have had their cell phone stolen here in Africa, all Togo people, but it happens daily here. I do not like to have my cell phone sitting in the window.

Really the solution here is not as important as a well-define problem, I know me, I will solve the problem. Or my curious little brain will do just what it is doing, it will obsess, drive me crazy, sit around and say, how, how can I, what can I do, what is the solution. I will think, dwell and come up with ways to solve this problem.

I have this problem with the cost of Hotel rooms in West Africa. I have told myself, I am not paying more than 10 dollars per night rooms in some of the poorest countries on the planet. It just does not make sense, that the poorest countries on the planet have the most expensive rooms, something is dreadfully wrong. I believe there are always cheap rooms, the people of Togo, and West Africa do move from place to place, they need to sleep also, and I know the average person making 1-2 dollar per day cannot pay 20 dollars per night to stay in an Auberge or Hotel.

There must be a ration, but I think a person in the USA who earns 100 dollars per day should look for rooms that cost about 25 dollars in the USA, and on vacation for 2 weeks maybe around 100-125 per night is a good budget. A person should not go bankrupt in the name of a room.

I believe a person traveling the planet for years should have a budget of less than 10 dollars per night for rooms. If I pay more than this, I feel like I am being ripped off. There is almost no correlation between the quality of the hotel experience and the cost of the room.

I Follow My Travel Rules

Travel Shower or Electricity

Travel Shower or Electricity
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 19, 2007

I was thinking, maybe I am also empathy impaired as I was mentioning about people.

I have solved many problems in my travels, that plague travelers and tourist. One of the major ones I solved a couple of years ago was the shower, how to get a shower in a place like India or Nepal, or even Europe when there is a major problem with either water or hot water.

I carry this bucket, I now have two, because I purchased another 5 gallon juice container and had them cut it off in Kpalime. I now have two of them with me. I use a one-cup coffee heater to heat when in cold climates, both ways, I take dip showers.

I can fill them up and have in my room close to 8 gallons of water to use for a dip shower. The fixer Michael appreciated the buckets on two occasions, one was when I filled up one with water so we had drinking water. The other was when he was worried about breaking his radio, I put inside the bucket, inside the backpack and it create a hard inside protection. It is really like having a hard pack, but I can remove the hard liner.

I am dwelling on my Electricity problems, I am sure one day, I will solve them and I will look back, and not talk about the problems of electricity.

Africa has exceptionally good water supply, the water is clean, good for drinking. However, it would be easy to think there is a water problem, as a person can see people carrying water all times of the day. I am guessing and I will ask some travelers, if they believe Africa has a water problem. I would think they would say yes, and up near the Sahara there is a problem.

The cost of a big tub of water cost money here, and this is different than most countries. But that is because they have public utility water and cleaner. Free bad water or possible to be bad is free. However, they must carry the water to their homes as there is no water lines to the house, and even if they was, they would all be broken, like in Mexico or Asia and they are just sucking in the bad water to the home.

This water is good, but you have to plan ahead, I do not remember having water problems in West Africa.

I have continually problems here in Togo with Electricity, I have started to work on my computer the minute I have electricity, because I cannot guarantee it will return. Plus, the batteries of Laptops to me are still just an annoying joke, meant to allow you to take notes, and shut off, not for real working.

My only prospect right now for continually electricity is this wind up light I have, it is great. It generates enough juice to stay on low all night. I have finally figured out, I need to sit and wind for about 5 minutes to really do good.

I will write Chris and see if he knows of a foot pedal type light as this hand wind up time is annoying and difficult to use for a good charge. If the power went into the computer, then I would have something, hmm, maybe I can wire up this 12 volt solar pad to charge my computer.

I figure it out, what I need is a splitter. I need a splitter that allow the cord entering my computer to either be charging from the 220 electricity or from the solar power pad. I could then plug in the solar pad to the computer, put out the window and hope nobody steals it.

What happens is this, I am in a room with Electricity, I am charging my computer. Most of the time in the room, it is plugged into the wall socket or the light bulb adapters thingy.

Then the electricity goes off, if for any reason, I leave the computer on, it will drain the battery. The hibernation feature causes me more headaches than benefits, as I lose information as it does not function correctly or I do not know how to use correctly and cannot be bothered to learn.

I have learned to turn off my computer in Africa, so not a problem.

Yes, I am charging my battery, it is plugged in, I want to know, I have 2 hours of work time. If I went to back to the border of Togo and Ghana, I could live in a room with no electricity and type away every morning for two hours. I am not sure, I think I am on the computer about 2-3 hours per day, and some days up to 5, but never really more.

Well, now I need this female plug that enter the computer to charge the battery to the computer. How will I find that? This is not so easy, there is not laptops in West Africa just hanging around and the cords to a laptop would be even more difficult to find. I can splice into the present cord and connect, yet I am not sure, this may be one of them coaxial type wound cords. I need to be 100 percent sure what type of electrical cords before I go an cut it up to connect a solar panel.

I am having trouble with electrical tape. I need to find some duct tape, to cover or use outside the electrical tape. The regular black electrical tape is having troubles. It gets hot, and start to unwind, as long as cool or cold, not a problem, but here in Africa, I am having problems. I think I can wrap up connections and then wrap with duct tape and it will hold. I will check, they do not cover up the connection here the way you would think. Duct tape is difficult to buy in many countries, not a normal on the shelf items on the planet, and very heavy to carry, I will check to see if I have a partial roll.

Travel Shower or Electricity

Togo Electricity Season

Togo Electricity Season
Tsevie, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 20, 2007

When to go?

I think it would be better to come here, after the rainy season or during the bigger part of rainy season. I would have electricity and it would be cooler. The country has hydro electricity and there is no water.

I am having serious problems here in Togo with electricity in rooms, and because of no electricity, the AC and fans to not work. There is no water to run the electricity generators of the dams of Togo, Ghana, we need rain.

I was in a collective taxi or a big shared station wagon riding from Kpalime to Lome, there was a very well spoken Ghana English teacher in the seat next to me. He said here retired, and now is living in Togo and works for a Chinese company. As we was traveling along, he pointed at a very large electrical transformer station and said,
- Ghana sold this to Togo. -

I was in inch away from saying,
- They sold them junk. -
- As normal, almost Africa, it almost works. -

Ok, who can say why the electricity does not work, and I for sure do not care. I only think to myself when someone starts to go into a long explanation about something they do not understand or know either,
- I do not care, just get it working. -

I have two choices.
- Sleep in rooms that do not need fans or AC.
- I can go to the mountain areas, not very high, and really about nothing, only between 600 and 900 meters high, but the valleys between the mountains and along streams are coolers at night.

However, and I am not sure, but I think if I would have came here in May or better June, it would be cooler and they would have electricity because the water above the dams would be sufficient to create electricity for West Africa.

Therefore, now, I am trying to narrow this down, I want to be sure, when the rainy season are so I can plan my trip better. I normally do not care when there is monsoons or rainy seasons, it is highly over avoided on the planet. I suppose it matters for a bike rider. If I were in an overland car trip here, I would carry a generator for sure.

I am thinking it is time to go and sleep on roofs, like in the Middle East or India, the world has designed building that need electricity and then does not have adequate electricity for the buildings Regressive Architecture or Architecture that is not adequate and regressed.


- One rainy season
- March to September

- TWO rainy season
- April to June
- September to November
Rainfall doubles in the mountains. (2)

I cannot seem to find a good table of rain for West Africa, but the basic information is there for my planning. I need to somehow stave off the heat until the rains start; I need to think on how to solve this heat problem.

Seasons, Electricity, Dams, Fans, Air Conditioning, Togo,

Togo Electricity Season

6-12 Volt Fan and Lights

6-12 Volt Fan and Lights
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 20, 2007

I want to buy off the shelf products to carry in my backpack; I want to be capable of buying replacement parts, when one piece is lost or broken. Nothing worst than having a favorite piece of gear lost that cannot be replaced while traveling.

I have found on the shelves here in Togo.

1. Batteries to run lights and fan.
- Six Volt Sealed Motorcycle batteries for 5500 CFA or about 11 U.S. Dollars.

2. Charger I think or hope will work.
- I am 90 percent sure I can buy a 8-12 Volt cell phone charger, that works with both 110 and 220 or in a really drastic move, I can splice into the charger I use for my portable phone.

IF I can find…

- A computer fan, or a some 5-15 Volt fan.
- A light that runs on 6 or 12 volts.

I have a 12 Volt one cup coffee cooker.

There is a converter I can purchase in the USA, which will allow me to plug my computer into a cigarette lighter, which in the USA is 12 Volts. I need to place two six-volt batteries in a row to have 12 volts.

I am excited as this would solve many problems, and make my life more pleasant. I wish I could calculate how long my computer would run on two six volt made into a 12 volt system would last. I can purchase 8 hours batteries for my computer, and one cost 150 US dollars and, this set up would cost around 40-50 US and could be fixed or replaces anywhere, with the hope it works of course.

It is easy enough to find electricity every five days or so, and I do have a 12 Volt Solar Battery charger to try to use

Fans, Batteries, 12 Volt, Lights, Electricity, Togo, Batterie Charger, Cellphone,

6-12 Volt Fan and Lights

Solar Needs for Africa

Solar Needs for Africa
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Solar Panel and a Battery for 20 US dollars that will run a Freezer is needed.

Note, I really do not see these people needing much, yes, it would be nice to make them live longer, have a stereo, and TV and such, but these are not needs, they are wants. I do not see hunger, I do see malnutrition and this seems more and simpler to solve, as they need to grow and can vegetables and fruits.

Overall, they have what they need; they just need to use it. India is where poverty and too many people are a serious problem.

I am trying to mix and match needs of West Africa, what is really needed and what is just some perceived idea of a needed in West Africa. I am not sure, West Africa seems very under-populated, most of the people in the Sahara area could move south to the rain type forest areas.

Hmm, there are some long-term needs, maybe to stop cutting down all the trees to use as firewood. Gas seems cheap from Nigeria, if they had any money, they could cook with the pump gas stoves, and stop burning the wood. They do not need this, this would be nice, the still have plenty of wood it appears for another 20-30 years or more, and maybe really forever, hard to burn all of Africa.

- Wood works, solar does not cook at night, when people eat, the only way to make solar function, the need to have 2 burners run off solar panels and run for about 4 hours per day. Then the cost needs to be about 20 US Dollars for the burners, batteries and solar panels.

- Plenty around, I think the long-term storage is a problem, but the Chinese seem to have this covered and there are water towers up or going up everywhere.

- Red clay is everywhere, not even a consideration to me.

The problem child, this is needed to keep foods from perishing and to change the mix of diet from a few foods to many. There is no electricity in most villages outside the main roads.

Music, Noisemakers, and Beer
- Loud speaker system is why they want electricity, so they can run the bar, have lights and beer that is cold.

- Kerosene and Candles work great, hard to beat, the LED lights are with a battery is slowly become cheaper than the Candles, I doubt the Kerosene. Nepal has this little four bulb light that worked good on one C Battery and they said was cheaper than candle.

In the end, they have what they need; the majority of modern solutions just are not going to work, unless they have excess cash. The direct quality of life as perceived by the Western world is sort of silly in a way, as a goal The place needs mass employers, that could allow a person to make about 5-10 dollars per day, while only working about 3 hours. I do not think you can convince them to give up sitting around, to go and work 8 hours per day, they are hold out for fun and easy money jobs.

Solar Needs for Africa

Goodbye to Electric Hotplate

Goodbye to Electric Hotplate
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am saying goodbye to my save money product, I am saying goodbye to my electric hotplate and going to use the alcohol cooker.

I am using just the base that holds the alcohol of the Alcohol Cooker. Yikes, I just learned this gift I received cost about 15 to 40 times more than my can of Tuna cooker.

I guess they call this the Trangia Burner.

I think it cost 15.95 for just the base, I do not think the average person need the rest unless they go jungle for months, and I stay in rooms. A windscreen can be made out of trees. A nice gadget, however I think I would use the tuna can, my friend Chris sent it to me.

Alcohol is very heavy!

I have been using an electric hotplate for years, and it is cheaper to use than the alcohol cooker. The problem is I cannot use 100 percent of the time, however when have no alcohol, I cannot use that cooker…
Note: Arabic countries make alcohol almost impossible to buy, because people would drink it and they are Islamic.

I think I need to try gas, normal gas, I can always buy it. I am not going to carry gas in my bag. But I could buy quick and easy.

There are many problems with a hot plate.

- It will burn up the wires in your room, and you will have no electricity in a badly wired room.
- Blows a fuse about 10 percent of time
- Blogs a breaker about 10 percent of time
- Burns up wires about 1 percent of time.
- Breaks about 1 in 50 uses, so I have to rewire it.

Cheap to buy, an electric hot plate in the world is normally under 5 US dollars, and you can buy them most places. Africa is difficult, because they use wood about 99 percent for cooking fuel, and electricity is considered very expensive. I do not know, about 100 Fran per kilowatt.

I have tried to make a few of these; I just cannot find the asbestos material to make a small 220 electric cooker that works also in 110 but cooler. This one I purchase in India broke about 20 uses, it is too big and has many sharp edges, and the sharp edges it not normal. I can fix this, but I do not have the will.

I like the alcohol cooker, not because it works better.

Because I do not have to hide it, owners of hotels get Hotel Hostile when the see an electric cooker. About 60 percent do not care because they steal the electricity and do not pay. However, I do not show them my electric hot plate.

Africa has a problem with electricity here and I am opting for the alcohol stove. It is smaller and easier to carry, maybe this is not true, and the carrying of alcohol is a serious problem. I have found a special bottle.

I would not be changing, if I had not found that Togo sells this special bottle, and I think I can continue to buy it, so if I lose the bottle, I can buy or replace. Replacing the container is more difficult than the stove; a can of tuna will replace the stove.

Alcohol here cost about 4 US dollars per liter, this is not cheap, but it says, 95 percent alcohol.

My alcohol cooker unit is on the left, I have the other half of what I think they call a Dutch Oven or something, you can buy on

I cannot find it, but I purchased three there, maybe discontinued, there is a top and a bottom, the pair together and make the safest place in my pack for delicate items to be stored. To kill the alcohol, I sit the pan of vegetable on top and kill the oxygen.

They have a funky; I would never buy Hobo Knife and Fork.

Oh, rectangular items are easier to pack than round or oval, and a ball is ridiculous. I like this cooker because it optimized the space in bag.

One of the worlds most difficult to buy bottles. I have two shampoo bottles I have been protecting with my life for years. This could work for shampoo but is one liter in size, very big, but it rectangular and not round.

I found this in the market, here in Atakpame, they sell used bottle of all type in West Africa, and this one is special.

That little insert in the top, has a hole, it meets the inside of the lid, what happens this extra stopper helps to minimize leaks. This type of bottle takes a lot more beating than you water bottle ever imagined. This is why a Coca Cola bottle is so good. The world abuses the soap, coke, and other drinks. This extra stopper almost guarantees the bottle will not leak. Then if there is enough length of threads, I am good to go. I will trust this bottle farther, the problem, any bottle in a motorcycle accident can take a good squeeze, but this bottle. I should be able to fill it with alcohol and throw it from the top of the door height and not break, I will test later for fun.

This would make a great drinking bottle if I could wash the soap taste away, a liter in size, and would not leak. Hard to fill because you have to pry the top out. Water is an item you refill a lot.

I may need to buy a Hotplate again for a room heater.

Gear, West Africa Gear, Cooking, Stoves, Alcohol, Electricity, Food, West Africa Food, Hotplate

Goodbye to Electric Hotplate

Hot Air in Hotel Rooms

Hot Air in Hotel Rooms
Badou, Togo West Africa
Friday, May 4, 2007

The world makes rooms with concrete, close to 95-98 percent of the rooms I am in, are made out of concrete. This is good in tropical hot climates, concrete is cooler than wood or bamboo, in a way.

It has started to rain here in Togo, hard to say there is a rainy season starting, but that is what they tell me. I get near the window of my room and I can feel the cool rain air, I walk outside my room and down the hall and there is cool sense of peace. I walk back to my room and enter and I think, wow, this place is hot.

I want an exchange please, can you please take the outside air and bring in and the inside air and send out. Thank you.

I have been dwelling on this for years, why not buy a small fan and put in the window. I have one fan, but I need the include in the price ran blowing on my chest and body to keep it from over heating. With a fan blowing on me, I am happy, but I can feel it, the air outside is cooler.

The fan above is blowing out, hard to say, where the old in or out is better, not so important, or I am not sure, but I am blowing the hot air out of my room. Just a baby fan, 220 and cost 10 US, and sold in about any hardware type store in Togo. Perfect in a way, and transforming slowly my room from hot to rain cool. I am still in Beta phase of this game, but I think if this runs all night, in the morning the temperature in the room will be the same as outside.

It is usually cooler to sleep outside a room under the big sky, then inside your room. When you are in the Middle East and you see somebody carrying their mattress, think and remember, they are a going for the roof to sleep.

Togo, Heating or Cooling, Fans, Electricity,

Hot Air in Hotel Rooms

Off the Grid

Off the Grid
Badou, Togo West Africa
Friday, May 4, 2007

Off the grid of the electric company, or is this not participating, what if there is no grid.

I think this is the jargon or buzzwords of the solar, hydro-electric, wind and any other ways. I am not off the grid, I am going where there is no grid, or I am slowly trying to go there.

Electrical Grid

I am coming to believe the problem is simple math.

Take the electric bill and figure out my yearly kilowatts of electricity used. Divide that by 365 days, then I have how many kilowatts I use per day.

Go to the world of solar panels and say, I want to produce and store this X amount of solar energy per day, l think the sun shine hard for about 4 hours per day. How much for the solar panels to produce, and how much for the batteries to store, and please include all the other toys needed, like inverters, wires, etc and such.

There are people that just love to do this type of math and answer these questions that work with solar toys.

I have a village in Togo, it has 50 homes, how much does it cost buy the solar panels, and batteries to put two 25 Watt Light bulbs in the home and run all night. The technology exist, this is not difficult science.

I was just in this village of Akloa, there is a Cascade or waterfalls, theu are off the grid or as they say on the,
- Group -

This means they have a group generator, that supplies the one village from 6 at night to morning, this is not reliable information, but I do think they turn on the electricity at night.

I think, hmm, there is no need for electricity here, or they would turn on during the hours when a person work or not work. Sewing machine are those seesaw pedal things, not always electric.

Electricity is a convenience, not a need, unless you need it for work, I suppose I need it for work, to run my computer. I am trying to think of one job here where they use electricity and need it, nothing that I can easily think of, maybe this is a luxury, not a need in life.

I would need electricity to read, still a luxury, and I would want my children to read. I do not see reading materials, they do not read much, not like India, a newspaper everywhere for the cows to eat and the people to read.

Bottom line in the USA, if I could invest 2 years of electricity payments and go off the grid, I would say,
- Do it. -

Math, I think a solar energy person should be able to calculate and it they cannot, seems like the wrong person.

All this work, solar, water, wind, etc is not really the essential problem, the problem is to get the governments of these countries hand out of the pockets of the citizens. Any good idea and the country will put there hands in and want money.

I really appreciate the USA, a government official cannot just walk up and ask me for money, 80 percent of the planet they can and they do.

Off the Grid, Electricity, Water Power Electriicty, Solar, 12 Volt, Togo,

Off the Grid

Electricity I want for Travel

Electricity I want for Travel
Atakpame, Togo West Africa

If I put a solar panel outside my room, someone will steal it.

I am not going to wear solar clothes, I already stink enough without wearing the same clothes every day.

I need a continual source of electricity.

I do not have a river running through every hotel room to tap into.

The ONLY thing I know I do every day is walk, if I could harness the pressure of my every step and convert to electricity, then I stored on batteries, I could continually charge batteries to use for my camera, cell phone and computer. I really do not like the fact that my computer does not use AA batteries, what a headache. I live eat and drink on AA rechargable batteries.

If it is not run by an AA battery, I just say no to the gear.


Gear, West Africa Gear, Electricity, Togo,

Electricity I want for Travel

Travel Cords are Tangled

Travel Cords are Tangled
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 11, 2007

I have many electrical cords in my backpack, they become entangle and knotted, I search for simplicity.

I use one long extension cord, and I make all other cords short.

I have a 14-gauge special made extension cord that is lightweight but about 3 meters long, it will go across the room of most hotel rooms. A common problem is an electrical plug is high on the wall and I want to keep my electronics on the floor or lower.

I continually worry that I will put the computer on a shelf, then will trip over the cord pulling the computer off the shelf and destroying it. If possible, I sit electronics on the floor or in the middle of a bed.

Before I cut this great Sony AA Battery Charger cord off, Sony gave me enough cord to reach a high plug on the wall.

This is after I splice the cord; I am learning I need duct tape to cover the electrical tape. Normal electrical tape starts to separate in hot tropical areas. It is possible, I believe to just use duct tape, however difficult to find or purchase in the under-developed countries.

This uses less space and weight less. This is also a great way to change the male plug when a plug breaks or burns up.

Travel Cords are Tangled

Togo No Nest No Books No Electricity

Togo No Nest No Books No Electricity
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I continually try to set up a traveler nest, surrounding myself with all the small things that makes Andy happy. Today in Togo, I remembered my thoughts about Traveler Golf or Travelers Chess, and I realized, and sadly thought, Togo has been beating my butt on a steady basis when it comes to getting CHEAP functional hotels, I am doing good with cheap, for around 3000 CFA, however I need to do better with electricity.

My Hotel situation has continually been random, the rooms are good, however the electricity is way off mark, plus there is no English books to read in Togo, a couple at the Hotel Galion, but I have read both of them.

I feel like a surfer waiting between waves, and instead of riding the wave, it crashes on my head. I keep stalling between electrical blackouts and thinking this will soon end, but it does not. The say there is not water in the Dams therefore the Hydro Electric Generators cannot produce enough, however it has been raining a lot and there are continual problems with electricity. India has a constant problem; however, they have generators in the Hotels and generally use them without a shove by me.

I purchased an Electrical Generator the other day in Lome, and now I am in Atakpame and the Generator is in Lome.

I need to think on this problem. I am not going to rent a room for 30 US just to have electricity for a fan, this seem crazy. I need that care package I that is now sitting in Boston full of Electronic toys that will help me go off the grid.

Togo No Nest No Books No Electricity

Togo Group Generator for Electricity

Togo Group Generator for Electricity
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, June 28, 2007

I purchased this noisy little, smoke making 2-cycle gas powered generator for my room in Lome, Togo.

This is a Group in Togo French, it is not a Generator, and they call it a Group.

This cost me 35,000 CFA for the Generator, and I made a 6 meter cord that cost me 3000 to run a good wire to the room. The gas cost about 1000 CFA per day.

38,000 CFA or about 80 US in the purchase.
1000 or 2 dollars per day in Gas.

I now have a toy; it makes 220 AC or 12-Volt DC and has some small plug for a cell phone.

Cost of room in hotel with Group Generator is 6000 CFA; I am in a room for 2000 and 1000 for the petrol

38,000 dived by 3000 net saving it will take 13 days to break even and then after that I am saving a lot of money per day. Now, if I could figure out how to put in a backpack and carry gas easy, life would be confusing.

Togo, Generator, Electricity, Togo Budget,

Togo Group Generator for Electricity

Togo Electricity Has Me Locked Up

Togo Electricity Has Me Locked Up
Lome, Togo West Africa

Togo is Hot.
Thailand is Hot.
Ecuador and Peru can be Hot or Cold according to elevation.
Mexico is Hot.
India is Hot.
Basra, Iraq is too Hot.
The USA can be extremely hot and humid, maybe humid is worst.

Ghana is Hot.

I have encountered a new obstacle or a new problem that needs solved so I can travel freely in West Africa or maybe all of Africa. I wish to wander and wonder, not wander and cook myself.

--- I never knew why the USA was good until I stopped living in the USA.
--- I never knew why I liked Electricity until I stopped having electricity.

I live my life on a precipice, very close to the edge, I am grateful to the good Gods that no car has suddenly swerved to miss a motorcycle and ran over me here in Togo. I know my life can be terminated that quick.

Lome, Togo is presently had about five days of consistent electricity. For five days minimal, the electricity has stopped during the daylight hours and started at night, somewhere around 7-8 am the electricity will stop and around 3-5 pm, it will resume.

The Hotels and Homes in Togo are modern, they are designed to use electricity on a 24 hours, 7 days per week schedule and not a 18/7 schedule, I like the 24/7 idea, seems to work for me.

I think only Fan Milk or the FanYogo Ice Cream or Frozen Treats Company is concerned. The major businesses in Togo all seem to have Generators or Groups big enough to provide themselves electricity.

I am trapped in my room, and protected only by the generator I purchased.

How can I wander around West Africa and just stop, live and feed my addiction to electricity and a fan. I am not sure what I like more, the fan or the electricity that runs the fan.

The only simple solution I know is to buy a Van or Motor Home whereby I can haul around my own personal gas powered electric generator.

Chris, my way to smart friend has put together a great care package full of electronic toys.

Electricity making Solar Panel
12 Volt Automobile Battery Charger that runs with both 110-220
AA Battery Charger that does 10 AA Batteries at one time
- I hope it works off both 220 and 110
12 AA Rechargeable Batteries
Laptop Computer Powers Source - Allows me to connect computer to Cell phone car charger for Motorola V555
Miscellaneous 12 Volt Connectors

However, I have no way to ship this package to Lome, Togo or West Africa without paying from 500-1000 US dollars in shipping and fees to something government related.

My friend Gary is says he is coming to Togo, I think that has about a 20 percent chance of happening. The care package, I desperately need is now in Boston with Gary who is on vacation. What a cluster bomb of problems.

I really hate to say it, but the only comfortably way for me Blog, work, and stay cool is to travel in:

West Africa
(I think maybe all of Africa.)

Is by small van, caravan or motor home.

I am trying to find a sidecar for a motorcycle, or a small trailer, this is a possible solution if I could make a cart for a motorcycle so I could carry a generator. The care package is smaller, if I had it, I could just continue the way I am, and hope the experiment of mobile electrical sources worked.

The easy solution is to come and stay in a Five Star Hotel and never talk with the locals or go to their villages. Leave in an AC Toyota SUV and come home in the SUV, never leave the resort, then say I was here.

I am told Ghana is worst, and I think Benin is the same as Togo, I could fly to Dakar, Senegal or Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, but not a solution just a way to avoid. If find very few people solving problems, I think the majority avoid.

I believe researchers, NGO-ONG need to find low-cost solutions, and user-friendly solutions to this problem to actually study cultures properly.

Togo Electricity Has Me Locked Up

Putting the Batteries in The GPS Correctly

Putting the Batteries in The GPS Correctly
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 14, 2007

I marked the plus and the minus with permanent black marker.

I think I am fond of functional worlds; I want my world to function. I sometimes feel paranoid; I think to myself, am I the only one that cannot put the batteries in correctly?

Actually, I am more afraid of what happens to small computer like circuits when something is backwards. I just do not want to accidentally pop the small brains working in my electronic toys. The camera is the same, very easy to put the batteries in backwards. Plus is minus and minus is plus, I am fortunate, I do not need to mark the batteries because I remember which is plus.

Ok, I purchased these permanent markers, I carry them with me, and I make sure it says permanent on them or they just are not worth buying. I mark things, I often mark the light switches in rooms whereby I know when off is off and on and on. This is good to know in Togo as the electricity is off too often and I want the lights on so I get a wake up call when the electricity returns.

I also mark the hot and cold water when there is hot and cold water.


Putting the Batteries in The GPS Correctly

Africa Developing Too Fast

Africa Developing Too Fast
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why is there a big problem with Electricity here in Togo?
- Electrical lines are installed slow. -

Why am I angry with many Non Governmental Organizations working on problems?
- Information on the problem of AIDS travels fast. -

The development of West Africa is happening so fast, I am almost certain the governments cannot add electric power plants as fast as the people go and buy refrigerators, televisions and portable phones.

I see Hotel and Homes designed for Air Conditioning and all the modern conveniences, and they need to buy a huge Generator because the city cannot supply enough electricity to keep the house supplied with Electricity.

NGO problems? Condoms, AIDS.

Some problems are information problems, how many years does it take to scare the crap out of a person and use a Condom. This can happen in one day. However, to get them to stop talking and collecting donations can take a lifetime; the money comes in, and why tell people the problem is solved?

Refugees, can you really say in Palestine or Tibet where the problem happened 50 years ago that they are still refugees or occupied. The people who were occupied are dead.

The spread of cell phone towers is 20 times faster than landlines; the world is not installing landlines for phones. What this will soon mean is high-speed internet and dish TV will be everywhere soon, however the electricity will not be there. A good time to sell generators in Africa, and a booming business. When I was in Iraq, everyone was selling Satellite dishes because after Sadaam was out of power, everyone could go buy a TV, I am worried about being killed and they are buying a TV.

The French are angry with English, English is growing faster and surrounding and extinguishing the French language.

I was telling my Kabye friend, you better go and watch the Animist Festival of Evala before it ends in the next 10 years. Animist is a religion considered primitive, out of fashion, I expect it to end.

I think the Islamic Religion is primitive, out of fashion, not changing with the modern world. A television and wrapping women in sheets does not work, this to me it the anger, they do not want their children and women to enter the modern world, the men lose control. Send them televisions, the weapon of mass destruction of cultures hehehe.

Information is growing at hyper speed; the ability to travel to check on the reporters lies is growing about 10 times slower. The reporter and NGO’s can tell lie and the consensus will not know for 10 years this was crap. I can find many desperate situations, however Africa is in very good shape in general, but I can find one poster child and make is look horrible.

The lag between reality and legends is amazingly stupid and as long as the reporters and save the world idiots make money and there is no oversight, the world will continue to hear crap. The only hope of an honest planet now is the internet. However, a wild story is always more fun to tell than to say, I have AC and it works great, we ate Pizza.

I ate a very good Pizza the other night at restaurant and went to have Chinese food a few times now; I tend to forget the good.

I can say it safe, and people are too afraid to leave the house to see the rain has stopped. This is the generation of TV fear, the world is afraid because they watch too much TV, and I have to call the Iraq War a police action, how can it be a war when three soldiers are killed. I would guess about the same number of police are killed in the USA in one day.

I keep saying peace is breaking out all over the planet, it is hard to find a good danger rush, I have to really work. Time to come to Africa before all the Topless women disappear, if you want to Africa of Tarzan, you have to come now, very soon it will be gone. The country has dish TV. I think the water is safe to drink, but do not tell the NGO people, let the Togo people make money selling to them. The con men do not tell their volunteers below it was a shell game and the hand is quicker than the eye.

Africa Developing Too Fast

New LED Lighting of World

New LED Lighting of World
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia

Candles versus batteries? This is the real fight for lighting in homes with no electricity.

This is real; a battery-powered flashlight has a rough time competing with candle.

A candle has a tough time competing with kerosene and a wick.

Batteries are slowly becoming a cost effective feasible way to light houses in the world.

This is the second version of this home made LED light I have seen, I took these photos in Orodara, Burkina Faso and saw them all around the country of Burkina Faso. The first version of this home made house light I saw in Katmandu Nepal.

They used 4 1.5 Volt Batteries and said it would last a month.

The plucked the LED bulb from a Chinese made cigarette lighter and used them to make the light for the house.

This is real, this is not a toy, this is real people using their noggins to create something they will buy. The cost of candle is cheap, works, and is efficient; to surpass a candle is a feat.

New LED Lighting of World

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