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Her   Who   To Pay  
Him   Why   Toilet Paper  
I   Excuse me   Toothpaste  
My   Forgive - Sorry   Water  
We   Goodbye   Date  
You   Hello   Day  
Telephone   Name   Hour  
What is this?   Please   Month  
Close   Thank you   Time  
Far   Bank   Week  
How far   Market   Sunday  
kilometers   money exchange   Monday  
Left   Pharmacy   Tuesday  
Map   Restaurant   Wednesday  
Number   Store   Thursday  
Right   Tours   Friday  
Straight   Travel Agency   Saturday  
Bad   Available   Airport  
cold   Find   Bus  
Happy   No   Gate  
Hot   Permission   Plane  
Hunger   Problem   Station  
To Like   Yes   Terminal  
Hotel   Automatic Bank Machine   Train  
Kitchen   Beer   To Be  
Room   Check - Bill   To Clean  
Shower   Cigarettes   To Eat  
Store   Drinks   To Go  
Toilet   Food   To Help  
How   Medicine   To Pay  
How Much   Menu   To Talk  
What   Shampoo   To Walk  
When   Tampons   To Want  


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