CNN Gave Me a Joke Today About Obama and Living Within Our Means

I am always amazed at the USA corporate type news on CNN, as world travel it become obvious CNN is not world news, and is just a USA thingie.

I am not sure why, but I enjoy surfing and doing research on the concept of,
"How to live within our means?"

Maybe, you can say --- how to live within our budget, or --- the ability to spend the correct amount of money daily. I was thinking my budget goes like this,

I think monthly --- I want to live on 500 USD per month.

I live daily --- I try to spend 10 USD per day, and when I spend 15, I am OK.

So I went searching on YouTube for instructional videos on,
"How to live within my mean?"

Go Beyond Borders

CNN is not allowing me to go beyond borders, too dumb for words. I am outside the USA, is that beyond border, the joke here is they just do not care what they say, just that it sound good enough for an American to believe and swallow.

There is absolutely no correlation between what CNN says to the world and what they do, they make up the new as they go.

Dysfunctional on Steroid, when something does not function, it is dysfunctional!

Here is the link to the video I cannot watch:


NOTE: Comments are shut off until I can figure out a way to permanent stop people with a desire to be clever.

Sat, 5 Nov 2011 05:22:59

CNN Gave Me a Joke Today About Obama and Living Within Our Means

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