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NGO Managers Needed From USA and Europe

Jobs Available Abroad: There are aid organizations in every country that desperately need Americans and Europeans for management positions.

Sat, 25 May 2013 23:30:29

There are aid organizations in every country that desperately need Americans and Europeans for management positions.

Americans Work Abroad NGO

I am a world citizen, who was born and raised in the state of Indiana, USA. However, for the last 15 years I have wandered the planet, visiting 90 countries. I am grateful to be from the USA. I was born under a lucky star. And the USA passport makes me able to live anywhere on the planet.

International travel is a birthright for people from the USA, Europe, Australia, England and maybe Japan. We are the lucky ones. As an American, it is almost painful to realize that having a USA passport from being born in the USA allows me privileges that people in 200 countries can only dream about. They cannot move to the USA; it is just their dream. But because I was born in the USA, I can travel internationally about anywhere I want. This USA passport is an amazingly lucky thing to have.

The American Dream, as well as the prosperity of the USA, England, German, Denmark or Switzerland, can be exported; it can be shared.

I Have Been Angry With NGOs

Yes, this is Andy Lee Graham, and long-term readers know, I believe NGO’s and volunteers often need horsewhipping for mismanagement of well-intended donations. Why am I angry? It has taken me 15 years to understand that I am not angry at the noble aspirations of NGOs. I needed to focus on why. It makes me sad to watch mismanagement of donations. I am quite sure my family and friends give generously. I know the people from the USA: They are good folk.

NGO Managers Desperately Needed

The main reason so many donations are squandered is because there are management positions open in every country on the planet for NGO workers and volunteers. There is a desperate need for good people to manage good ideas, noble causes, to share the good life with the rest of the planet.

As a world traveler, a world citizen, I am surrounded by volunteer organizations. They are everywhere I travel. And often, I walk in the office of an NGO and ask a few questions, trying to find the manager, the founder, the person with the noble idea, but many times, he or she isn’t there.

The NGO Management Vacuum

Living and working for an NGO, the Peace Corps or any volunteer organization is probably the most frustrating and rewarding thing that a person could ever do. Yet after 2-5 years abroad, the managers want to return home. They need replacements.

There are two ways of looking at NGOs. First, I can enter one, look around for a manager and become disgusted and angry. Where is your manager?, I could yell. It is not fun to walk into an office full of poor people, looking at me, wondering what to do. They are desperate, and they too had a dream to help. But their founder is tired and has returned home. He or she has moved on with his or her life.

I Can Be Angry, or I Can Help Them to Find New Managers

Yes, it makes me angry that the NGO manager left without finding a replacement, and often these poor people in the office are looking at me, pleading, “Are you the new replacement?”

You’re Needed Now!

There are some truly excellent ways of helping the planet. Where I am at today has malaria, and every 16 minutes on the planet, one baby dies from malaria.

How many NGO managers are needed for Malaria? Thousands … millions! This is like WWI. We need to throw bodies at this malaria problem until nobody dies from malaria. The world needs you to help stop babies dying.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are throwing around 50 billion USD at social problems. The money is there, and the NGO management jobs are everywhere on the planet to be had, waiting for you to apply.

Write an NGO today and offer to volunteer or work as a manager. It is almost guaranteed they will say yes because the NGOs are desperately in need of managers.

It is not fun to watch babies die from malaria, something that 8 USD would have stopped.

How to Get Started

Read this Wikipedia page that lists "Without Border" organizations. It can help you to see there is a need for your expertise.

– “List_of_Without_Borders_Organizations

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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NGO Managers Needed from USA