Jobs For Travelers

Jobs Available for Foreigners listed by types: Temporary - Permanent - Internet - Teaching - and advice to find high pay employment.

List of jobs an expat or foreigner for work abroad or overseas.

Generally, the goal of a Traveler is to make Western Dollars, and live in cheap countries. Yet, please think of money this way, it is often easier to save money, then to earn money as world traveler.
- Andy Lee Graham 18 plus years abroad, 107 countries.

Australia Solar Jobs With Workpac Com - Jobs Available For Foreigners

Spend a few months working in Australia, here is my opinion on how do find a job in Australia.

Barter And Trade - Jobs Available For Foreigners

Barter or trading is the easiest way to make money as a world traveler.

Flexjobs Names 20 Companies To Watch For Work From Anywhere Jobs In 2020 - Jobs Available For Foreigners

Boulder, CO, January 27, 2020—According to a FlexJobs’ survey, wanting to travel is one of the top reasons why people say they work. In fact, they ranked travel above other important factors for working, such as paying off debt or saving for their children’s education.

I Found a Job Overseas by Accident

I found a job Overseas by accident, whatever you like to do, can be sold: Jobs Available For Foreigners

Jobs For Travelers

Jobs Available for Foreigners listed by types: Temporary - Permanent - Internet - Teaching - and advice to find high pay employment.

NGO Managers Needed From USA and Europe

Jobs Available Abroad: There are aid organizations in every country that desperately need Americans and Europeans for management positions.

Starting any NGO and Volunteer Organization is the Most Common Job Abroad

Concepts to Learn
Barter and Trade
Computer Jobs
Dangers of Competing with Locals
Destination Jobs
Digital nomad
Fulfillment house
Import Export
Job Shoppers
Local Employer
Location Dependent
Location Independent
Mobile Office
Order fulfillment
Overseas Projects - Sent by Employer to perform a job overseas 
Photography Jobs
Remote Employer
Selling Services at USA Price
Service Fulfillment
TEFL - Teach English as Foreign Language
Visas for Work
Work Rules

Barter and Trade Adwords - (Big Need) Set up for Hotels, Tours,
Design Web Site in return for free room.
Draw picture of room in return for free room.
Printing Signs for Doors in Hotels
Painting Hotels Pictures
Manage Hotel While Owner goes on Vacation.
Free Room for Working at Reception Desk in Hostel (Europe)

Self-Employed Jobs You Create Based on Internet
Adjunct professor specializing in on-line learning (teaching and designing on-line courses)
Affiliate marketing
Apartment finder for 100 dollars for a person who wants to come down and visit a city
Day Trader
Freelance writer
As a music composer and sound designer along with running an audio production company
Building Blogs and websites for small companies and social media consulting
Business adviser
Communications strategy consulting and content development
Niche products Sales
E-books Sales
Graphic designers
Market research
Sell Products on Internet
Selling Soap Opera Updates to Tourist
Selling Movies to other Tourist
Social Network tweaker - Person who manages Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc for business that do not understand these sites.
Teach how to use
Teach how to use

Self-Employed Temporary Jobs Working with Computers
Cleaning Temporary files on Computer and Setting up Disk Cleanup or Cleaning Programs
Indesign with Photoshop4
Install WIFI Internet Routers in Hotel or Ethernet Wires to Rooms
Repair Computers Troubleshoot
Set up Web Cams in Hotels so Owner can monitor from remote location
Set up Computer so it can show Movies in Hotel
Webcam System for Hotels whereby owner can watch movement in Hotel

Self-Employed VOIP Jobs
Skype lawyer
Teach English
Sales (conducting phone sales with Skype to contacts in the US)
Cold Calls for Marketing Company

Self-Employed Temporary Teaching Jobs

How to do Massage
How to set up
How to set up
How to E-mail photos to friends.
How to use Adwords - (Big Need)
How to be a Yoga Instructor
How to do Tae Shing - James on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Self-Employed Temporary Jobs
Astrology Readings
Baby Sitter for Foreigners
Bread and Bagels - Many foreigners sell breads, pies, cakes to restaurants.
Cabinet Maker for High End Resort Homes
Crew on Sailboats
Haircuts given to Foreigners in Hotel
Landscaping of Resort Homes
Predicting Future
Professional Poker Player
Receptionist that speaks English etc at Hotel.
Running a Yacht Charter Company
Tae Shing
Tarot Card Reading (James E.)
Teaching English to Private Students
Working on Sailboats or Cleaning
Writing Doctorate Thesis for Rich Arabic Students

Writing Jobs
Articles for Internet Sites
Magazine Writing
Book Writing
Newsletter Writer
Write articles about a company and get them posted on website to create incoming traffic.
Writer articles about Resorts, then have it paid to be published in Travel Media.

Self-Employed Temporary Jobs as Photographer or Video
Facebook Photo Profile Update
Making Videos of Tourist Family at Destination
Photograph Expatriate Homes to help Sell
Photograph Expatriate Homes to help Rent
Photograph Non Governmental Organization to create a Page to get donations.
Resume Photos or CV

Self-Employed Location Dependent Permanent Jobs
Localized Courier System to the USA whereby I would have stamps and packaging ready to go
Manage a Store
Land development and consulting
Language Schools the Foreigner Manages
Running a Yacht Charter Company
Shipping Consultant that helps foreigners get packages through customs.
Teaching in Korea
Teaching in Japan
Teaching in Bilingual School

Remote Employer and Communicate by Internet
Affiliate marketing manager and digital marketing consulting
Audio Engineering
Consulting in software development
Customer service manager for on line software company
Database consulting for MySQL
Editing Blog Post for Grammar, Spelling
Graphic Artist
Moderating comments for large Blog
News Reporters
Software Writer
Updating Blogs as ghostwriter
Web designers Web developer Web development 
Working as a full time employee at home for a major IT company
Working for a Publisher

Job Finding Systems for Freelance Internet Workers

Employee Jobs Working working for a Company Overseas

Arts consulting
Body Guard
Cabinet Maker for Resort Homes
Cleaning Sailboats
College instructor
Computer Repair
Construction Job Shoppers
Mercenary Body Guard
Oil workers
Restaurants as Chef
Restaurants as Waiter or Waitress
Real Estate Agent
Timeshare Sales
Work In Embassy

Employee on Overseas Projects
Outsource manufacturing to China
Consulting services for organizational development

Sailboat, Ships, and Yacht Jobs
Au Pair on Boat teaching
Baby Sitter

Language Jobs
Translation and related language services

Work Rules
Do not avoid
I Enjoy Work it Gives me Something to Do
Make 5 to 10 times the normal country pay
No Appointments

List of Jobs to File Above
Offshore Investors
Freelance script writer and script doctor
Freelance translation of technical documents
Geographical information analysis for research institutions
Health and wellness coaching
Instructional designer and consultant for large businesses
International airline/aviation consultant and lobbyist
IT project management and regulatory compliance
IT systems design and software implementation
Manage operations of on-line business
Marketing coach and copywriter
On-line community manager
Point of Purchase
Project Manager for an electronic medical records software company
Public affairs and public relations working in digital engagement
Public relations for creative (advertising
Remote office for Architecture
Running a web application with a monthly subscription model
Selling an extension to a popular content management system
Selling information products and coaching
Stock Market Investors
Through coaching and consulting
Rental Property Income
Web Hosting
Hotel Reservations
Trading forex (foreign exchange)
EBay Power Sellers
Feature an Apartment for 100 on Internet
Import Export Clearing House
Live in Guatemala Assistance
Share my point of view and get paid
Ways of Falling Out of Love with Stuff

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Jobs Available For Foreigners

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