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I Found a Job Overseas by Accident

I found a job Overseas by accident, whatever you like to do, can be sold: Jobs Available For Foreigners

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 06:03:00

I started collecting movies and books on my computer so when I travel to Africa I would have something to do when bored. In most countries on the planet, I can buy a DVD of Movies, or buy books in English. However, in French Africa it is complicated to find book or movies.

Therefore, I started to prepare to travel to Africa by collecting many movies onto a terabyte external hard drive. I now have approximately 500 movies, and maybe 100 books in PDF format.

Well, one day sitting in the coffee shop in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago Attila I realized many of my friends purchased movies every day. I started to give them a few movies, well this quickly became an annoyance, because they never stopped asking for more. They was saving paying two dollars and I was becoming a sucker.

Stop People Asking for Movies
I decided to stop people asking for free movies by saying,
"I sell movies for three dollars."

I accidentally started a business of selling movies.

Now my friends are giving me lists of movies, I put them together on a thumb drive and when I see them, I load them onto their computer. I burned a few onto a DVD, but realized this took an hour or two to do, occupied my time, was no fun and overheated my computer.

The bottom line is this, anything I collect overseas can be 10 times more valuable, than at home. What is easy to find in your home country, has move value overseas.


I Found a Job Overseas by Accident