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I Found a Job Overseas by Accident

I found a job Overseas by accident, whatever you like to do, can be sold: Jobs Available For Foreigners

I started collecting movies and books on my computer so when I travel to Africa I would have something to do when bored. In most countries on the planet, I can buy a DVD of Movies, or buy books in English. However, in French Africa it is complicated to find book or movies.

Therefore, I started to prepare to travel to Africa by collecting many movies onto a terabyte external hard drive. I now have approximately 500 movies, and maybe 100 books in PDF format.

Well, one day sitting in the coffee shop in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago Attila I realized many of my friends purchased movies every day. I started to give them a few movies, well this quickly became an annoyance, because they never stopped asking for more. They was saving paying two dollars and I was becoming a sucker.

Stop People Asking for Movies
I decided to stop people asking for free movies by saying,
"I sell movies for three dollars."

I accidentally started a business of selling movies.

Now my friends are giving me lists of movies, I put them together on a thumb drive and when I see them, I load them onto their computer. I burned a few onto a DVD, but realized this took an hour or two to do, occupied my time, was no fun and overheated my computer.

The bottom line is this, anything I collect overseas can be 10 times more valuable, than at home. What is easy to find in your home country, has move value overseas.



Andy is there a way for me to send you a private email?

Dave H.

Gadget or go to my profile, click on message and write me. The Private Message does not expose your email. Andy


I've been thinking of what sort of small tech things I could bring from US to sell or trade, barter at hotels, or to make friends. But if there's something easy to double my money thoughts include (a google home mini or chromecast), but anybody here think of what I can bring to make some moeny or maybe pay for a week in a hotel?

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