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Spend a few months working in Australia, here is my opinion on how do find a job in Australia.

Tue, 16 Oct 2018 15:38:45

Australia Jobs


I am Andy Lee Graham, and presently in Melbourne, Australia, October 17, 2017. I am in super cheap, super crappy place to lived, called the "Europa Hostel." And generally, maybe 20-50 percent of the people living here are working in Melbourne, Australia. 

One British man explained, he can get a super paying solar job using 

What I would do, if I wanted to find a job in Australia?

1. I would use and find the cheapest Hostel possible in the city I hoped to live in, because people who work abroad live in the cheapest places.

2. Stay roughly 7 days in each Hostel, and spend all your time talking with people early in morning, before they go to work, roughly from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. If this is too early, then you really do not want to work in Australia. You will need to wake up to work, so wake up to find a job.

3. Maybe after you find 5-10 leads for a job, retreat to your home country, and do the visa requirements. This will probably take 30 days of living in Australia, please be choosy about your job, life is not torture.

Getting the work visa is the essential problem.

This UK man recommended, as they have farm labor, even though it is really a Solar Farm.

Please working abroad is only about playing games with the systems, whether the immigration, visas, or other, nothing is real, most is just how to game the country of Australia for jobs.

 Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Andy is luckiest man alive, living abroad for 20+ years in 111 countries Travel Blogger, follow him
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