Photographers for Wanted

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The internet is extremely different than a magazine. An internet page full of great photos will make 12 Cents USA per year. A Magazine Photographer can be paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for the perfect photos, however the internet is a place where people can easily steal you photos.

What and other Hobo related name sites need is web pages that explain travel destinations, tips, hotels, and other travel related subject. Each page of photo needs captions and small paragraphs of original wording that explains the photos.

This is the problem, what is needed is a Photographer, Writer, and Internet Webmaster all in one person, then the huge problem is the site will only make 12 Cents USA from a minimum of 3 hours of work, however for the beginner, probably 10 hours. needs a well rounded site, with all the pieces of the puzzle finished, therefore it will lose money making some page so as to give its readers the complete story, thus making the site better with the hope of the viewer bookmarks the site and this profit margin rises per page.

 Why then take photos for Hobo?

1. Learn to be a better photographer.

2. Practice you art.

3. A medium and a resume stuffer where you art can be shown to the world.

4. The creation of low pixel pictures and the ability to sell the high quality original photo for magazine rates.

5. Have fun traveling with Andy on Expeditions with others and share in the fun.

You are welcome to ask to travel along with Andy for short periods of time, the pay could be nothing, however possible if you are the person that can photograph, write, and create pages you could earn enough to pay your travel expenses. Nonetheless you can learn to be a Hobo, and travel the world.



- 5 Dollars per Hotel
- Review with 10-15 photos, plus questionnaire completed, and submitted to internet.


- 10 Dollars for 10 Attractions
- 10  Major Attractions in a city, then 5-10 photos of each attraction with explanation.


UNESCO Sites: Photo expose made into internet pages of the World Heritage Sites of the world.  They must be made into webpages, NOT thumbnail clicks, but photos labeled

1. Photos big enough to print.
2. Labeled correctly.
3. To be published only on
4. 2-5 photos of each major photo opportunity of the UNESCO site.
5. Probably the best way to perform this is to purchase a brochure of the site and go around and photograph all of the normal labeled attractions.

50 Dollars paid for GREAT ready to use web pages and photos.
Note: All photos and page become the property of

Thank You
Andy a


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