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USA Road Trip Planning Map with Hope of Warm Temperatures March to July

An idea of USA States to travel by Van starting at end of Feb, beginning of March 2011 for Andy Graham - Itinerary

I am thinking, making a rather sturdy plan to travel around the USA in 2012 in a small mini-van unless I suddenly become rich, then I would use a small RV. But the gas is at 3.50 per gallon, so a killer. I want the shower of an RV, but do not like the idea of parking, the bigger the vehicle, the harder to hide in plain site.

Weather Travel Road Trip Maps

I truly do not like cold weather, so if I was to wander around the USA, I would need to start in the Southern USA States and squiggle my way around the bottom.

Feb March USA Road Trip

Because I do not care about time, I would wiggle around in the states above, mostly trying to avoid cold weather, but it would be nice to hit Florida during Spring Break time or South Padre Island in Texas.

USA Road Trip Andy Graham

Do the middle USA States as the weather became better, my parents are in Indiana, so I would sort of start this trip there, or wherever I can buy a cheap Van.

Road Trip June

I could go up to Alaska, then fly to Hawaii, then over to Thailand to say goodbye. 


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Andy Graham in Van in June July 2012
March April May in Van for Andy Graham of
February March Andy Graham in Van

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