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Why A Higher I.Q. Intelligence Quotient Help A Traveler - I.Q.

The ability to adapt, to recognize problems, and find solutions is a daily activity of travel, when we move from one place, to the next, there is always a new, and unique situations.

Tue, 16 Jul 2019 08:57:47

"Everyone has a story... if we have patience, super patience is a sign of super intelligence."
--- Andy Lee Graham
"Why? The smartest of the smart, accepts that it is unfair to expect everyone to be smart."
---- Andy Lee Graham

Greetings from a place tourists seldom visit,

I am almost fluent in both Spanish, and French, my native language is English, I am from Orland, Indiana, I am Andy Lee Graham.

I have observed, that I can evaluate a person from my own culture, speaking the same language quickly. I can sense whether to trust them, to know their social status; generally in a blink of an eye, I understand them.

And, I have also observed when I speak Spanish, or French, this ability is severely limited, I must depend on instincts more, intuition.

Generally, I can feel them.

1. Tone of voice.

2. Body language is super important.

3. I look at their eyes, the quicker the eyes, the quicker the brain.

However, if a person is quiet, does not talk much, is shy, timid, it can take 2-3 weeks before I can understand them.

And, what is horrible; when a person is below maybe 100 in 80 percent of the countries on the planet, their morals, ethics are waylaid, and they can lie with no remorse.

We need to resort to giving small test to people.

For example, when hiring a person for Hobo Traveler, I will often just unload a lot of confusing things on the person the first week, or two; to access their ability to solve problems, organize, and handle stress. Always aware, that at the lower IQ levels, they are not able to cause themselves to worry, or stress.

If you have a person in a very stressful situation, and they are unaware of the problems around them, this is signal.

However, as for me, I can adapt fast, and when in highly stressful situations, I am thriving, it is what I do, adapt, travel is indeed,the fountain of youth.

Try to access the people in your life, here are few hints, maybe you are often expecting too much of people, maybe better accept them.

80-89 Below average

1. Can perform explicit routinized hands-on tasks

2. Can only make easy choices. 

3. Less impulse control.

4. Not able to delay gratification.

5. Does not plan for future.

6. Does not understand the Golden Rule.

90-99 Average

Can do everything below:

1. Can make decisions.

2. Able to learn in college format

3. Prone to saying, "It depends, does not predict.

120-129 Above average

Can do everything below:

1. Gathering information.

2. Infers from information collected.

3. Extrapolates possible outcomes.

4. Predictions of future.

130-139 "Gifted"

Can do everything below:

1. Can write a legible piece of text.

140-149 Intelligent

Can do everything below:

1. Rational communication

2. Scientific work.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham
Lome, Togo West Africa
July 16, 2019

"you will be assimilated; resistance is futile,"
--- Star Trek, Next Generation

Find new ways of solving problems, quickly.
Highly adaptable
Very curious.
Stay up late and sleep in late.
Trusting and easy to connect with.
Strive for perfection.
Maintain interest on multiple projects and are constantly learning.
Deep introspectiveness and ability to judge their own work.
Have a great sense of humor.
Are persistent with things that challenge them.
We explain something we know, and the person say, I don't know that.
The person needs to see something, before they believe it.
They do not change until a negative problem.
They repeat 
can see problems, but don't give solutions.
Mesmorized by television.
Mesmorized by loud music, it does not annoy them.