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Strategies To Do Better Than People With High IQ's?

It is rather easy to do better than super smart people, if we learn some rules, and are wiling to work. My guess, if we have a low IQ, we can learn, but it may take 2-5 times longer.

Sun, 2 Feb 2020 03:49:14

"You cannot beat a person, who will never quit."

Hello new friend,

I would say, my ability to learn languages is about a 2, when 10 is the best, and 0 is bad. English is my first language, and I can speak good Spanish, and French.

Why? When, I am about an idiot with learning foreign languages. And, to think, I cannot even learn grammar in English, it totally evades me, and I am a writer, yes, I get better, but I don't understand; I just know some ways of writing to avoid.

However, you put a mechanical object, like an engine, or if I am watching a person doing construction work, computers, then I am 9 out 10. I just look at it, and I understand, 90 percent is instantly in my grasp. Maybe, I am genius, who cares, well, I do, when people want to endlessly debate, when it is obvious to me.

Political argument have no common sense, but are mechanical, there is a causal relationship of an argument, ideas build on concepts, and eventually a conclusion, unless you are sort of slow, and cannot connect the dots.

So, what am I saying?

Well, honest people can have better common sense than a dishonest genius.

Searching for truth is wisdom, while searching for clever is dysfunctional, 

One strategy for beating high IQ people?

Honesty - people want to let honest people make money.

While, they will never forget the smart person who cheated them.

Second strategy for beating high IQ people?

Well, the first one says, don't go back to the cheat, and forgive him, or her, remove this person from your realm of being. People who pleasure in cheating, or being clever, seldom change, white lies, are really black.

I can go on forever.

There are common sense idioms, strategies, maxims, obvious truths, self-evident concepts that an honest person can agree on. 

Third Strategy

Well, may as well give you another, hang around with people you admire, and if the person you admire is dishonest, prone to drinking like an idiot, thinks putting people down, well, you are talking about yourself, time to grow up, be an adult.

So, be an adult, we are truly just like our friends.


I wrote a book, simple, common sense, The Rule of Travel Volume I -- And, I just list out 10 good guidelines, sort of rules which makes people angry, this is good, if you can spot the people who hate rules, then you again, can avoid the dingalings

Rules are guides, they are soft, or hard ways of making decisions.

Make rules, list of guidelines.

For example, if a video is really wise, then you, as lower IQ, need to watch it 3 times, and if fore example, I have a high IQ, I am going to watch it 5-10 times. A rule of thumb, anything profound, a good idea, deserves a second reading, and way to retrieve it later.

I love it when right at my finger tips, I can retrieve good advice. 

Collect good ideas, use bookmarks, use YouTube playlist, create a filing list, and cross reference, so you can find a path back.

And, hang out with Hobos, we are smarter than average bunch of people, because -- Well, the slower ones, who cannot adapt, really do have trouble traveling the world. If there is one things a smart person knows, adapt to all situations, there is no one set rule that always work, we must see the better path.

Life is good, and if you say opposite, you are getting what you say... 

Andy Lee Graham
Panajachel, Guatemala
Living in a 80 dollar per month room, so I don't need to work like you, I spend my whole life thinking about fun thoughts, like why dishonest people are often popular?

Hang around with people you want to be like, keep your mouth closed, first don't annoy them, eventually they won't avoid you.

You are the words that come out of your mouth.