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Some Hints On How To Raise Your IQ, by Andy Lee Graham

I believe true functional genius is in the grasp of any human. And it would great to raise our IQ, so you could make more money, have a better life? Common sense can make our lives better, here are some ideas.

Sat, 8 Feb 2020 00:30:15


High IQ people adapt, they can see what others cannot see, understand quicker, they have personality traits that make them special. 

Richard Branson is a billionaire, and in my book of life, I believe it is impossible to earn a billion dollars, and not be a genius of sorts. With emphasis on "sorts," there are people who are genius at computers, but are are social idiots. What makes him special, he is happy, he appears to delight in being Richard Branson.

I believe true functional genius is in the grasp of any human.

The genius sees the correct choices maybe 20 times faster than an IQ of 80, maybe we can explain this as common sense on steroid. However, if you met a genius, or a billionaire, and he, or she was angry, hateful, and morally corrupt; would you want to be this person?

Yes, I can hear your answer.

I am willing to call anyone hateful, angry and full of rage, dysfunctional, they do not have the common sense to choose a path that makes them happy. Many people are divorced, which means they made a bad decision. Ooops, blaming our wives, or husbands does not negate the fact, we made a bad decision, when people say, until death do they part, I do not think they was joking, they truly meant it, or thought they did. 

How to raise your IQ, be genius?

Accept that a genius can make a good decision 10 times faster than you, or me. However, is we post the question daily to ourselves.
"What makes me happy?"

Woke up, looked at the mirror, with a big sign on it,
"What make Andy happy?"

I think after 1 year, 2 years we can be genius, one day, the obvious answers would appear, yes, they took longer to make than the genius, but the answers would still be the same, we would find our unique, correct answer for us.

And, if you continue to say money, well, please accept you are an idiot. Money does not make people happy, it makes it easier, but many rich people are not happy.

Awareness, and understanding:

To see clearly, we need to keep seeing.

I am always laughing at people who have decided to be disabled; the ones who have on sunglasses, earphones, looking down at their phones, an refuse to say hello, they look straight ahead. They have completely blocked, or disable their sense, eyes, ears, brains, turned off awareness, therefore understanding is about a zero.

Keep your head on an a swivel.

Keep your eyes open, and moving around.

You cannot hear, because you have shit in your ears.

Say hello, the greatest genius on the planet is saying hello, and you are a jerk.
- Gong, you lost an opportunity.

I ask people on a regular basis,
"Do you know this place?"
I am fully aware the drive by it daily.

They are blind, but with common sense, you can see.

I am happy, prosperous, I travel with my best friend, I smile quick, laugh a lot, and have zero regrets, not angry at anyone. Please do note, I am quick to adapt, if a person is snarky, angry, too clever, I erase them from my world, I adapt, why be insane, and continue to talk with a person that does make me happy, 

People who talk to people they don't like for money are prostitutes.

All the information we learn, comes in from our eyes, ears, and is processed by our brains. When the brain is too busy, it cannot learn; maybe you don't like yourself, to talk with yourself?

With every step, ask yourself, am I truly happy with this decision, never continue on with a bad decision, expecting a different result. I dream that all people could live a life of no compromises, no sucking up for money, and unlimited friends.

Insanity is doing the same things daily, and expecting a different result.

We all have the ability to change our stars.

Thank your friend, Andy Lee Graham
Panajachel, Guatemala 2020

I could go back, and proofread this, but it would not make me happy, it is like this, I wrote this for me, not for you, while writing, my answers appear.

Richard Branson is Genius

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