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I Am Angry We Cannot Talk About IQ - Intelligence Quotient

I dream people learn how to adapt, for example, learning languages are difficult for me, therefore I must work study harder. I gain weight, while some friends are thin, so I do intermittent fasting to adapt. We can all be equal, but we must accept our intelligence.

Thu, 30 Jan 2020 05:43:23

There are two phrases that cause too much havoc.

1. "All men are created equal."


2. "Judge not, that ye be not judged." 

These 2 phrases used out of context, and weaponized make people into moral terrorist. For me, Andy Lee Graham, I want all people to share in the same advantages.

But, if a two people are not of equal IQ, a mentor, or helper, needs to give him, or her extra time to adapt, with the hope, they indeed can learn, and adapt to the situation.

Oops, this 70 IQ person is equal to 140, obviously not, and we send our children to University to stay above the lesser children, we don't even slightly want to be equal.

I demand, and will get violent, if a person does not have the equal right to participate. I sort of think, if you can pay the 80K to get into Harvard, let them go, but truly I can read Wikipedia, and have zero use for the Harvard degree, please note, I would never go to Harvard, I would go to Stanford. -- Nah, I quit college to start a business, same as Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, I think people should be champions of self-directed learning.

This is the equalizer, we can stuff the 70-150 IQ people with the Video, Wikipedia pages, the books onto a 100 GiG chip, and give to a 120 IQ person in middle Africa now, we don't need teachers, or professors, after we read.

But equal, for sure not, we all have aptitudes.

Number 2, don't judge. and, to think, I am either going to hell, or heaven, but for sure, I must judge myself, and compare myself to other sinners, and saints... But, don't make the decision, the judgment, which is right, or wrong, don't talk about it, or we are judging someone.

This too is taken out of context, and weaponized.

Wimping down humans is the new game.

I want humans to always have good manners, the 135 IQ has to stop being an idiot. These high IQ people are not smart enough to talk at a 70 IQ level of understanding, and abuse them, this is an idiot, learn to talk at the level of the person you are talking with. Accept that slower people take longer, a person without patience is not very smart, they don't see, understand, or know reality, they deny common sense.

Anger, and frustration is a sign of low intelligence, whether 140 IQ or 80?

Anger just does not solve anything.

Now you say, Andy, "You just said you was angry in the title?" Well, I am not that angry, but I am a writer, so I hooked you, because 99 percent of people will stop to see a fight, and I am frustrated I cannot talk about IQ, but, again, here I am talking about IQ, so I am just playing games to wake you up.

Be kind, be smart enough to recognize when a person does not understand. their body language is easy to watch, be smart enough to watch people for understanding.

And, read along enough, you will realize, I am not going to spend time proofreading something that I make less than 20 cent profit doing, writing this...

I do it for me, and you are allowed to read, just because life is a game.

Andy Lee Graham
January 30, 2020
Living in 80 dollar per month room, on Lake Atitlan, wandering the planet, while you are working at a job, making 70K-140k, and have no freedom.

Oops, seems simple to me.

Life is good, then we reboot, if we are smart, we need to daily do an introspection, a constant revision of our habits.

I am 64 years old, when I was young, I was much smarter, what's up with that?

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