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The 2012 Top 25 Countries to Invest In When You Already Know You Are Silly and Crazy Enough to Lose Your Money

The 2012 top 25 countries to invest in worldwide: a list of the top 25 countries that showed real growth in 2011.

Invest 2012

I have lived for 13 year abroad, in a former life, I was Real Estate investor and broker.

"It is impossible for the majority to be good at investing, or the majority would be rich."
- Quote from not sure...

When someone starts to talk about "Investing" overseas, or when the silly folks that are retiring want to use the words --- Buying Real Estate Abroad --- and Investing in the same sentence, what I really want to do is,
"Slap the Fxxxk out of them, and tell them to get a life, and to say, you are dumber than a box of rocks."

--- I was told the other day from Johnny returning from Ecuador, the nickname for International Living is "International Lying."

I don't slap them, I try to listen, maybe I will meet the 1 in 500 who has a clue, with the risk-tolerance to not be silly. An investor is proven in 20-40 year cycles, not one year, a good Real Estate investment is good for life.

Risky Real Estate:
Yes, go invest abroad, no appraisals, no title search, no loans, no way to sell, and they only way to sell in the future is the next sucker coming down the pike. Yes, the country really is corrupt, and if you do not squat on the land you bought, you can return and someone owns it other than you.... hehehe

But let me give you an Investing hint today:

Investing is like surfing, you need to ride a good wave, and jump off before it crashes into the shore.

I was doing research on two new "Expat Hangout Centers" we have listed: We have a list of the top 100 places foreigners like to hangout, stay, live for a month, three months, just the best 100 places to stop and relax. And, of course some turn into rather good places to end-the-road at, to die, to "tire" at, although personally I would want people to choose 4-5 cultures to retire at, so when one in annoying, you can change channels.

Now, these two places have shown incredible economic growth in the last couple of years, they were not even on my radar, but while the first world is grasping for air, some of the cheap countries are thriving.

When I was not looking, some truly off the wall places are doing good, even my friend country, Ghana is doing well.

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka Travel Community
- Surfers

Asuncion Paraguay Travel Community

Map of Growth

CIA - Central Intelligenc Agency

Ok, the CIA is the collector of this information, but in normal form, their pages are prone to broken links, so go to the Wiki page to read further.

Wiki on Real Growth

Now, please there is no reason you need to invest, and their is no reason to invest in anything that "could go up." There are things in life that will go up, if you have to ask the question,
"Is this going to go up in value?"
--- Then you do not need to invest in it.

The fact you ask the question proves it is not an optimal investment, and you are sort of using a gamblers mentality about things.

Andy Lee Graham


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