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Hobo Group Chat Monthly Stats Daily Stats Earnings Expenses Roadmap I, Andy Lee Graham, Founder, CEO HoboTraveler Inc. This is for VC, Venture Capitalist investment. people who speculate in ventures that can explode in value. VC's take profits when the startup goes public, or when we buy back their shares. Talk me for one hour: Text message to +1-260-624-4414 - Invest Hobo, and I will call you back. Video explaining how EH will evolve, and grow fast...

--- HoboTraveler Inc. is a 23 year old business, with no debt.

--- Lifestyle Group Chat.

--- The site has the same exponential growth capacity of LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc.

--- Disruptor, Unique - We are the only website in the 400 social sites that requires real names, and real identification photos. The benefit is misinformation is minimal, almost no trolls, or moderation need. Members moderate by hiding problem people.

--- We paid a person to sign up with a fake name, email, and profile photo to over 400 sites, our site is unique, we are the only one we found to require authentic names, and profile photos.

To invest in HoboTraveler Inc.
-- You accept, whether written, or spoken, you are responsible for your investment decisions. We only guarantee you can lose money.

25 dollars US dollars per share.
200,000 shares of HoboTraveler Inc. Issued


HoboTraveler Inc. Andy Lee Graham CEO, promises no return on your investment. You want to invest in HoboTraveler Inc. whereby you know you can lose all the money you invest, that this is an acceptable risk. If you sue Hobo Traveler Inc, and lose, you agree to pay 200 percent of HoboTraveler Inc. legal fees. You testify that you are making this speculative decision, of your own free will.

By clicking on submit, you agree to the above. Please Note: Your name, address, e-mail, is collected by the Debit, Credit Card system. We will contact you personally after payment. We then delete, we do not share.

For a one hour anonymous talk with Andy Lee Graham Text message me, Andy at +1-260-624-4414, write

- Invest Hobo - and, I will call you back.

Life is good, when we anticipate the future.

Please - Do NOT copy and paste credit, or debit card information during this process, please type it in.

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