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Save Me, I Have an Overwhelming List of Inventions, Innovations, and Business Ideas by Andy Lee Graham

I am age 64, and world traveler, which hampers, interrupts me developing this list of ideas, bringing them to fruition, making money, etc. I need saved, this drives me crazy. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Wed, 5 Feb 2020 02:12:02

I am age 64, while I do think I will make millions of dollars with the Hobo Traveler social network in the next two years. Inventions, innovations, business ideas require obsessed people who want to develop them.


Or, maybe a person with a lot of money, who like to play, think, and talk.

Whatever the case, I am overloaded, overwhelmed with ideas. One reason I love to travel to Togo, West Africa, is there is an opportunity to make money everywhere, as I walk around, there are endless opportunities.

Whether in Guatemala, Thailand, or Africa, it does not matter, 85 percent of the planet is the process of developing, new business ideas are super easy to develop; while the 25 over-developed countries are so competitive, and expensive, what takes 3,000 dollars in Africa, takes 30,000 in the USA to bring to fruition.

Well, here is my Google Sheet list of ideas.

Peruse as you wish, steal the ideas, to what you want, I just do not care, they are free to steal, copy, and develop, I am 64, I don't have enough life in me to do them all. 

I just like to make good ideas thrive, I don't need money to live, I will not be happier when I have millions of dollars, but that list would be my playground.

Click here to look at list:

Note, most of you are selfish, inconsiderate bastards, who think you would be doing me a favor, if we talked. Until, I am see real genius in you, I don't want to be annoyed by you. And, people who want to talk about business ideas, mostly dream, and don't have the balls. Therefore, to keep you snarky, self-centered idiots from annoying me, you have a choice, on how to talk to me.

1. Join Hobo Traveler, pay your 25 dollars, get verified, hang around, help people, help people, then after a month, if you are a nice person, fun, we can talk on WhatsApp.

My WhatsApp number is +1-260-624-4414 - It is a USA number, that rings with Skype on my Smarphone wherever I am, on the planet.

2. Pay 50 U.S. dollars, and we can talk on WhatsApp, until we become friends, or you just annoy me, and I stop picking up.

Generally, I am a great guy, love to talk to people.

3. Oh yea, you can also fly to where I am, and talk in person, that is the best idea, I will not want to avoid you, unless you are crazy, which is about 5-20 percent of people who live abroad.

To pay me 50 bucks.

Now, I suppose I could make the above, glossy, well written, and could even proofread it, but to me, true genius can smell intelligence, they don't need a dog and pony show.

Life is good.
Andy Lee Graham

Andy Graham CEO of

Hobo Traveler Lifestyle Social Network

Thank you, "Life is Good."

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