Mosquito Net Invented By Andy Graham

There are many problems with Mosquito Nets - How to connect to wall? How to stop it from tearing? How to stay cool under a mosquito net? etc.

Malaria kill many people every year around the world, the prevention of mosquito bites can be helped with good mosquito nets.

I have invented some extra features to a mosquito net in my 13 years of travel.


Mon, 9 May 2011 11:58:10

Sleeping on Roof to Stay Cool in Middle East
Bed with mosquito net
Mosquito net a must for travelers
Mosquito net used in hotels
Clinic in Lome where Andy  had Malaria
Andy with Malaria Medicine IV in Arm
Andy Graham in Malaria Ward
Malaria endemic areas on the map
Too young to have malaria
Islamic Child with Malaria
Lufanter Malaria Medicine
Assorted vials and medication for malaria

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