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Zen and The Art of Traveling to Intellectual Paradise

The introspective life is the path to your privately owned Shangri-La which strangely is free to all men, rich and poor.

Zen and the Art of Traveling to Intellectual Paradise

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what other men say in whole books—what other men do not say in whole books.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Weaving Spiders Come Not Here

I once thought my ambition in life was drive a stake so far into the ground, that no human force could uproot me, a homestead, and benchmark, a place impenetrable by mere men. During middle life I strive to earn enough money to buy my way into paradise, where I would own a great estate, with loving friends, family, and people would grant me respect. In a leap of faith, I pulled the stake out of the ground, and withdrew from the competition with my fellow man; there would always be someone with a house bigger than mine. It is possible to find paradise, a Shangri-La, a place of contentment, where harmony with the world exists. This Shangri-La can be found inside ones own mind, what could not be captured, what could not be purchased, when one realizes no amount of work is sufficient to take us there, when we surrender, we win.

On a clear day, I can see forever, without shame, without fear, I refuse to accept all your goals in life, these addictions that would tether my existence to a mundane and petty life.

And, just in case God exist, I will hedge my bets, and say Thanksto God, no point in tempting fate.

Upon leaving will you please hang this sign on the door?

"Weaving Spiders Come Not Here"

Andy Graham on the other side…

By the way Gregory, I borrowed with no shame your quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, the story of simplicity, not complexity, in a mad world.

“Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”
― Albert Einstein

Bohemian Club

I hereby grant all my friends, family and partners in crime the right to deny they know me, and claim then know me after I die.

I have not forgot you, in memory of Steve Alfeder, a Jewish boy from Great Neck New York, who had a talent of making me, a farm boy feel under-educated, and yet his equal, who lost the plot and went missing.

If you are still alive, the old RP and P is still a movement.
(Something do with Pirates.)

Andy Graham in Kara, Togo West Africa April 6, 2013


I admit I put a stake in the ground but I did so only after many years of toil and trouble and a hell of a lot of good times as well. I also did so only after I was able to do it with cash on the line, the hell with interest.
I do not live high off the hog as my castle is a manufactured home or as my son calls it, a red neck, glorified trailer, LOL with that one. But I own it amd on a 1/2 acre of land very near the graet Pacific and close to the mountains in beautiful Redwood Country.
I am a child of depression parents and it seems that a large amount of children of parents from that era became as poor as their parents became or learned a very hard work ethic and regardless of setbacks always survived with roof, clothes and food and always stood proudly in a hard world.
After I was able to afford a better life style I did not go into debt over my income and so now I enjoy life and travel often as my home, property does not own me.
That in it self is a form of Shangri-La.


As a thought Andy, when you get older (hopefully not to soon) one of the things that slow us older ones down is health.
We put down a stake in order to deal with health problems. I fortunately am reasonably healthy at 75 but partly because I have good insurance, Vets's care, quit boozing over 20 years ago, other than a glass of good wine with good food and a cold, German beer every now and then and I still have an appreciation for beautiful women.
I know many expats become so to live where health care is cheaper and they also have placed a stake in the ground.
Keep traveling but consider a plan of where you may want to put a "health care" stake in the future, it can become a very important decision.
This goes for many of you who live the good life but forget that if we are lucky we will live to be older.


I am sure health problem will eventually make me move slower and slower until I die. I am not sure what I will do, my plan is to say in 5 different locations for 3-4 months stints, then move to the next. I an arrange health care at each of them, and I think as for assisted living, I can easily hire 3 people to work and live with me.

I can rent a two bedroom apartment here in Kara, Togo for 50 dollars per month. I could get 5-6 of them around the planet, and even rent them to readers when I am not there.

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"Weaving Spiders Come Not Here"