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Travel Is A Life Lived 12 And 24 Hours

Introspective Life lying on the floor in JFK Airport, my life is cut up into pieces of pie, each life lived is either 12 hours, or 24 hours long.

JFK Airport

Never take yourself too seriously!

Travel The 12 and 24 Hours

Making my bed in JFK airport, this is my home:  December 27, 2105, 1:04 am, and my world is lived one day at time, cut up into 12 and 24 hour lives.  The American Airlines flight is scheduled to arrive at 2:10 PM in Fort Wayne, another 12 hours of my life.

So what do I say? This is either hell, or the kingdom of heaven. It is my good fortune, with gratitude I have 12 hours to ask myself why? Why am I lying here in the JFK airport, when I could be safe, sound, and secure?

Introspection is a gift we give ourselves, and hope others discover.


Glad to see you're safe and sound, Andy. Merry Christmas and Happy New!


Andy, are you still working or developing your teak export business?

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