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To Avoid the Traveler Trolls and Live the Life of a Spartan Soldier

Can you avoid the traveler trolls, and make it to the other side of the bridge good soldier, a Spartan in heart.

Sat, 3 Dec 2011 02:35:33

I am afraid, maybe I look like an old person, that was never my goal in life, in a way, I have always wanted to be good soldier, and I think them old people are Trolls.

Salute a Life Less Normal

There is a life less normal in all of us, but we need to make it by the Traveler Trolls, stand on the moon and salute. -- To be alone, at the top of the world...

"Life is a hell of a thing to happen to a person."

Who knows when, however, somewhere around the age of 16-17 year of age, I stumbled on a “Spartan” idea, stating that the Spartan Soldier believed the mind and body 100 percent connected. Saying to me, if the body is weak, so is the mind; those with a weak mind, will have a weak body.

Rather a harsh dictate to internalize at age 16, but this mental construct has ruled my soul, mind and actions every since. It was truly an incredible in congruency for me when I became an alcoholic and my mind became diseased. I am truly grateful to give that crap up 24 years and 11 months ago.

The Life of a Spartan
 “Spartan were also forbidden to travel abroad, unless on instruction. This was because they didn’t want any Spartan’s minds to become corrupted by foreign ideas.”

Travel is to purposely expose ourselves to debauchery, corruption and trolls under the bridge, with the hope that when we get to the other side we are a better person. In most ways, I am surrounded always by trolls: these are people who want to stay away, in the caves, going further than most and not being responsible to anyone or anything. I remember this old hippie surfer on a bus in Mexico talking about the lack of law in Mexico and corruption.
“It is free country, I can do anything I want.”
This is the trolls of travel, they lurk under the bridge, hiding in plain sight, and wish me to agree with their stories, the more I agree, the weaker I can become.

Traveler Trolls

Travel is walking across the beautiful bridge of life and avoiding listening the trolls living below who wish you to join them below, to fall off the bridge that was put there to help you cross over small problems. I love the trolls, knowing I can avoid temptations of life, stay the course, allows a life less normal to exist. In the end, someone has to fly to the moon, and salute the flag.

Personal Development
People in a romantic, delusional, wistful way want to travel and find the meaning of God, return home a better person than they left - The wisdom of Mark Twain - Which, probably does happen if you stay out for less than a month or two, but the ones that stay out longer are 99 percent of the time the self-center, sociopath types. Living abroad is radically different than travelers abroad, this is why I have chosen to stay longer, more than shorter, I am doing the two month to three month stints now, I need a better quality of human around me than the real travelers, they are 100 percent selfish, ok, 99 percent. (They do 100 percent for their own enjoyment, never to share.) Not what a Spartan needs to have in his life, they are trolls, wanting me to go along, be along, and agree with their unfiltered lifestyle that dictates if nobody tells me to stop, it must be ok, no inner scorecard, debaucherouss and corrupt.

Now, how to put yourself through traveler boot camp, and not come out full of tattoos --- oops, a troll captured the traveler and lead another one astray.

OLD People here in Sosua are like the "Traveler Trolls," they exist here in my 1-3 Month Location wanting me to accept being old, I will die trying to avoid this.

I go out looking for Spartans, who want to blend the mind and body into harden steel, and somewhere along the line I find myself sitting with a bunch of men and women smoking cigarettes and talking about how much they drank and how much the women cost to buy.

The Expats in other locations can be hippie dippie dumb, the rebels without a clue, they want me to accept that sitting under a pyramid and meditating is going to lead me to nirvana, that sitting there is good, that it is the four lane highway to suddenly being something more. I tend to think they took nothing under the pyramid, and you cannot get something from nothing.

The 1 in 100 People is Always the Spartan Therefore, it is all the Lords Prayer in the end, do not allow temptation to distract you, the Traveler Trollss and the Old People want me to listen to tempting stories of how I can get to the other side of the bridge, without any work or strain, because, I just need to trust them, they know the easy way. I stand back, say to myself,

“Remember, situational awareness, in your soldier training pack.”

“What is the true situation, keep you eyes alert.”

--- Engage Maverick, engage! (Top Gun)

I look over a person that if I had his or her body I would not worry about what is under the bridge, I would be worried I would jump off the bridge. This is what I call the open window problem, when you around too many people who want you to live a normal life, where I accept anything weak, and become fat, ugly and stupid, and not the 1 in 100 who wishes to live a life less normal --- the 99 need to stay away from open window, for fear the jump out, or I push them, and the 1 in a 100 can walk by any Troll, Traveler Tramp, Old Person, weak and miserable non Spartan and stay the course.

Will your son and daughter return from Europe a better person, yes, the 1 in 100 will, the other should have heeded the words of the Spartans, and not travel. But, if you want to live a life less normal, you have to know in your heart, you are the 1 in 100 who can avoid the Traveler Trolls.

Travel: Highway to the Danger Zone

Travel is about walking over beautiful bridge of life and avoiding the Traveler Trolls who would make you fall off.
To Avoid the Traveler Trolls and the Life a Spartan Soldier