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The Sin of Respectable People Reveals Itself in Flight from Responsibility

Running from responsibility has become normal, I hear the words daily, it is not my responsibility.


"The sin of respectable people reveals itself in flight from responsibility."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

What begets what in the mind of man, I want to know, can any man be happy that does not first respect himself? Does a man need to be honest to respect himself, does a man need to be truthful?. Is delusion and illusion of honesty all that is needed to be happy?

I see the world as small and petty, almost none of the people on the planet strive to be good, moreover they strive to avoid punishment.

The people of the world are content in the delusion of being OK, their does not appear to be a need for real respect

However, the introspective man strives to respect himself, therefore he or she must be held responsible, and be proven honest, diligent and reliable. Honesty and truth, the hope of being a good person who is proven.

Yes, to run from responsibility is the sign of person who does not warrant respect.

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