My Mind is in Thailand and West Africa

"Now, which way do we go?"

I want to apologize to readers, or I want to apologize to myself.

Self, I am sorry for spending so much time in the USA, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic in the last year. I left Africa on April 25, 2011, this last year has been introspective torture.

I fly to Thailand on October 23rd, and onto West Africa around December 8, 2012, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
- Socrates

Wizard of Oz

I pasted the quote onto the page.
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
- Socrates

That is a rather serious, and alarming thing to say, and for what it is worth, I am examining my life today.

There are people who live their whole life without asking the question,
"Now, which way do I go?"

The world has changed, I have trouble even finding people, there is a "Novation of Opinions" to a cell phone, I need to leave the "West" behind, it is not a want.

Many people ask me why I travel, and there is no pat answer, but the other day I found myself saying,
"I wanted to live a life worth living."

Thank you,

Andy Graham


Hello again Andy. It sounds like you are about to do something worth while for Bah and yourself. There is no telling what wonderful good might spin off from that. .. and seeing her face as she looks out the window of a jet liner on her first take off... back at the land... and in many many other ways that will chain react through Africa eternally to one significant extent or the other. It makes no difference. It is standing on the threshold that counts.

Myself, I have lived a life worth living and that is for sure. But it is an internal thing. And it has been an external thing. I have lived for myself, to attain the goals I've had since I was 2, standing in a plowed field with my friend age 1 or 1-1/2 who was wearing a diaper the twilight as the sun set, we stood there until long after dark. On the northern outskirts of Elko Nevada, south of the indian reservation.. a gravel road ran past. It would have been 1943 or so. I told my friend who said...'blub burp,, boda hick,,geeeeze' that I had come here on purpose and pointed to the spot in the night sky.

So that my life has since been a mix of minor and not so home runs, base hits, foul balls and getting hit in the head with everything from deliberate pitches to base ball bats.. and I have learned about all of that... and have helped a few, in rebellion, whom I call eagles with broken wings, heal and get off the ground again... and soar... just one of those is enough.. it may be what some of us came here for... those things echo through eternity.

I will go out bandaged. Scared and probably used up. It will have been a life worth living, with all the examiners wondering why I just didn't take a civil service job, shuffling papers.. and able to die in a hospital... on a ventilator as they will...

never having been in the arena, nor tasted their own blood and the dust and knowing neither victory nor defeat. (paraphrasing Teddy or FD Rosevelt)

It is not the size of the battles won or lost, it is the fact of entering the arena itself... just the simple fact of choosing to enter and look around.. and feel the dust beneath ones feet, and the life and death potentials. and then stepping ahead despite all the broken bones.


Phil J

Thanks Andy for a wonderful post. I I really appreciated it. And Phil from USA I think your comment was truly right on the mark. It helped me. I travel a lot and have the same attitudes as you and Andy.
Phil J


Thanks Phil J.. makes my day.

Even stepping out of the arena holds no shame... we will all step out one is failure to have ever stepped in that is a waste of life for many.

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