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My 20 Years Of Wasted Life After University - Introspective Life

After Indiana University I went on to waste 20 years of my life working, trying to make a million, now I have a life worth living, and so can you.

Sat, 1 Aug 2015 19:15:47

Stop Wasting a Good Life

My 20 Years of Wasted Life After University

After Indiana University I went on to waste 20 years of my life working, trying to make a million.

The six years I spent at Indiana University between 1975 and 1980 were the crème de crème years of my life. I was young, and dumb, and ignorant, with no desire to work. After I decide to bare down, and work, and make my million, my life went downhill for 20 years. The more money made, the more miserable I became, no amount of money made me happy.

I stopped wasting my time working for money, and for the last 17 years I have worked on living the good life.

It is counter intuitive, I am more financially secure as world traveler earning a pittance of what I earned in the past, 10 times happier, and 100 percent sure the last 17 years of my life were not wasted. I cannot tell you clearly why my six years of University were not a waste of time, or why the last 17 years are great. These years are a blur, life was so good, and I did not have time to regret a moment, no wasted thoughts. Yet, for the time between University and leaving the USA to visit 107 countries, it was one painful memory after another.

The harder I worked to earn money, the more I needed to buy.
The more I purchased, the more houses, cars, boats, and the bigger the offices, the greater the torture. With each year that passed, it became more obvious to me, I was not happy, that somehow, I was wasting my time, chasing some dream of success. The “American Dream,” was for me, the “American Nightmare.”

Yet, I will be forever grateful to the USA, and the American culture, my mother, father, friends, and family and all the good Gods. Why, it is this culture, that allowed me the freedom to think, to explore, and to be different, that made me the man I am today. It is out of this confused, melting pot of diverse humans called the USA, that people willing to dream, and stop wasting their lives

How did the American Dream fail me? It kept telling me that money is the secret of success. After 17 years of searching the planet, I now know the secret of success is talking.

The richest people, the most successful people, can stop, and listen for hours, they never need to say, “I am busy, I need to go.”

You can never waste time talking. I you too busy to talk, maybe today it time to stop wasting your life, being too busy to enjoy life. Stop wasting your life being unhappy, time to start working on making a life worth living.

Thank you Mom and Dad, I owe you everything.

Andy Lee Graham in Africa, August 2, 2015
Living the adventure, while you sit around waiting for the good life to arrive.