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Lessons Learned While Talking At Library - Introspective Life

I spoke at two local Indiana libraries, and after talking for an hour to an audience, I suspect the person who benefited the most was myself.

Sat, 23 Aug 2014 05:26:14

I want to thank two small Indiana libraries for allowing me to learn a few lessons about people; my Indiana friends made me smile.

Andy Lee Graham at Angola Indiana Library

Yes, I have traveled the planet for over 16 years, and yes, I have visited 90 countries, it has been good fun. Yet, let us be honest, there must be something a little wrong with my brain? The world is always passing in front of my eyes, I have been fortunate to collect many great memories. This is for the most part a solitary experience, very hard to share with others in any way that is even remotely close to the reality.

Was the lectures a success?


Did, I change anyone world?


But I made a few of them laugh, and nobody got up to leave because of boredom.

There is good works in entertaining people, and it was fun to share a few smiles with people from my own culture, my small town, Indiana friends who shared an hour of their lives with me.

I thank them, they inspired me, they made me stop, hold my breath, and remember.

"Andy, you like people."

"And, I often tire of listening to news of problems on the planet."

There are people who are nice, gentle, and wanting to enjoy life, and there are few bad eggs who always finding something that is wrong. I feel grateful, I think I returned home, and told the my tribe,
"The world is a good place."

"It is safe beyond the mountains, and seas."


Andy Lee Graham August 23, 2014 

I spoke at the Angola and Webster Libraries in August of 2014.