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Introspections on Over Stimulated Planet

If you live the "Introspective Life," upon self-examination you would one day weight the numbers of stimulations per day.

Tue, 24 Jul 2012 21:45:03


"A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction."
- Rita Mae Brown

There is nothing more irksome for me to hear, than a person who says,
"I can handle it."

My instincts want me to say, yes, but you are so angry!


I can handle it, at first, this feels to be a positive affirmation, and confidence is good, the deliberate man makes a decision, the does what he says. The eventual truth is this, people do handle all situations, sometimes good, and sometime bad, but they do handle them. The art is to handle a situation calmly, quietly, and with the least amount of calamity caused in your brain.

Irksome Defined: Causing vexation, annoyance, or boredom; troublesome or tedious.

Pretend you are standing by the coffee machine at work.

1. First person walks bye, says hello.

2. Second person walks by and says hello.

1000 people walk by and say hello.

Wow, that is a lot of people, can you handle it?

Now, pretend 10,000 people say hello to you.

Shaking Hands With President of the United States

It is the custom in the United States to shake hands, and it is manly to shake firmly and with confidence. Well, think about this, when the President is walking around "glad handing" all the people in the crowd, a few men will try to shake hard, firm, and even with too much force.

As I have heard, and not confirmed, the Secret Service have to go around and plead for the people to not shake hands hard, otherwise the Presidents hand is bruised when he returns back to the White House.

Could he handle shaking hands 10,000 times per day?

Now try to count your stimulations per day.

1. How many phone calls per day?

2. How many times do the children need something?

3. How many trips in the car?

4. How many times does the boss say something to you?

5. How many questions do you answer?

6. How many comments on Facebook do you read?

I could go on, but each time something occurs, and it does not matter, whether it is good, or bad, you have a small stressor in your life. You need to count the number of small things in a day, it matters.

Each stressor makes the mind secrete endorphins:

"Endorphins ("endogenous morphine") are endogenous opioid peptides that function as neurotransmitters. They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise, excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food, love and orgasm, and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being."

10,000 small stimulations and you are junky...

There are people who become hermits as the try to stop the stimulation, they become angry when anyone enters their world.

However, the normal thing for people to do, is slowly build up stress, a slow rage starts to burn, and they start repeating in their mind, "I do not this, or you." They often refuse to admit, they cannot or do not want to handle this.

Well, in the worst cases, they go grab a shot gun, walk into a movie theatre and shoot people.

Mouse House Study or Research on Over-Crowding
- By John B. Calhoun

"In the early 1960s, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) acquired property in a rural area outside Poolesville, Maryland. The facility that was built on this property housed several research projects, including those headed by Calhoun. It was here that his most famous experiment, the mouse universe, was created. In July 1968 four pairs of mice were introduced into the Utopian universe. The universe was a 9-foot (2.7 m) square metal pen with 54-inch-high (1.4 m) sides. Each side had four groups of four vertical, wire mesh “tunnels”. The “tunnels” gave access to nesting boxes, food hoppers, and water dispensers. There was no shortage of food or water or nesting material. There were no predators. The only adversity was the limit on space.

Initially the population grew rapidly, doubling every 55 days. The population reached 620 by day 315, after which the population growth dropped markedly. The last surviving birth was on day 600. This period between day 315 and day 600 saw a breakdown in social structure and in normal social behavior. Among the aberrations in behavior were the following: expulsion of young before weaning was complete, wounding of young, inability of dominant males to maintain the defense of their territory and females, aggressive behavior of females, passivity of non-dominant males with increased attacks on each other which were not defended against. After day 600 the social breakdown continued and the population declined toward extinction. During this period females ceased to reproduce. Their male counterparts withdrew completely, never engaging in courtship or fighting. They ate, drank, slept, and groomed themselves – all solitary pursuits. Sleek, healthy coats and an absence of scars characterized these males. They were dubbed “the beautiful ones”.

The conclusions drawn from this experiment were that when all available space is taken and all social roles filled, competition and the stresses experienced by the individuals will result in a total breakdown in complex social behaviors, ultimately resulting in the demise of the population.

Calhoun saw the fate of the population of mice as a metaphor for the potential fate of man. He characterized the social breakdown as a “second death”, with reference to the “second death” mentioned in the Biblical book of Revelation 2:11 His study has been cited by Conservative Christian writers such as Bill Perkins as a warning of the dangers of the living in an "increasingly crowded and impersonal world". "

Conclusion: I believe the belief in mult-tasking, the addictive behavior with cell phone messages, the constant music, the never ending clutter created in the brain as harmful to the human race. There are hermits, and there are endorphin addicts, both are handling the situation in their own way.

Solution: The rapid urbanization of the planet, the never-ending migration to the cities must be stopped. The leaders of our planet must say to the people, we must do less, we must stop doing so much in a day, we will self-destruct. The leaders need to say to the people, we must move from the cities, to the small towns, and find a manageble amount of stress.

There is an insance celebration of the people who have smartphones, excitement, and constant something going on, this is childish behavior, it not the behavior of an reasonable person.

Fun Visual
Just think, what would John Wayne do in one of his Westerns? Did the gunfighters live in a constant clutter of calamity, or were they calm, and deliberate men? When you are not acting like John Wayne, you are too much, of too much.

I am trying to give you a visual of the future, each person has a choice, to do more, or do less in a day. Isolate where the most noise in your day is occuring, and shut the noise off, delegate it, or pay someone to do, what you believe you must handle.

It is irksome to see people proud to be busy, it is just insane, welcome to dysfuntion junction, this is our way of living, all the geese can be flying the wrong way.

Andy Lee Graham
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
San Antonio Hotel in San Pedro la Laguna
July 2012

Introspections on Over Stimulated Planet.

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