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I Still Believe in People Video by Andy Lee Graham

I was surprised to realize, even after 14 year of world travel, I still believe in people.


A person that does not believe in people is willing to do abusive and corrupt things, because they believe they are always smarter, and they will not be caught. These types of people will say things like, "nobody will notice."

Andy Lee Graham


I am just curious if YOUR 911 facebook friends realize your opinion concerning how narcissistic they are. After all, sharing pictures of each others grandchildren, local news, even links to hobo traveler, must seem narcissistic to you. After all, we do not do it for money. We do it to keep in touch with friends. To let them know about interesting websites, not for profit. I am dissapointed in your effort to put others down to make yourself feel superior. I have seen others leave derogatory statements on your website in an effort to do the same. I believe that you need a vacation. This was beneath you.

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I Still Believe in People Video by Andy Lee Graham. title=