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I am Brave Enough for World Travel Because I am Willing to Repeatedly be Dumb

The Introspective Life is most likely the act of asking the same questions endlessly, to repeat accepting just how dumb we really are.

Sat, 10 Dec 2011 00:02:29

Big think

"I just do not get it."
Try it again.
"I just do not get it."
Try it again.
"I just do not get it."
Try it again.

I caught myself watching the video below over eight times, which would normally mean, "I truly care." But, I thought about it, I truly do not care, I just wanted to get it, I wanted to finish my understanding.

Building Self-Esteem Blocks

What is self-esteem made of?

What makes a person brave enough to leave their home, family, job, and venture off into the world? Although, there is a good argument to say there is a 50 percent chance people just do not think it over, and it is the absence of thought is that, that enables them.

However, if I wanted to construct a house out of blocks of self-esteem. Be braave. I would need to go buy or make some self-esteem blocks. I sit around and think about it, self-esteem is confidence. And strangely, people with high self-esteem people are also considered arrogant, or they get it.

How to build a self-esteem block?

Do something repeatedly until you get it. I watched the video below until I got it, until I understood. Therefore, I am no longer just aware, it is no just recognition, it is at the level of recall understanding.
"I get it."

I have built a solid self-esteem block. I get it, and the block is solid, and not going to bust under pressure, I have good self-esteem about the one issue, this video, for something I do not care about, but took the time to care.

I am afraid, I have no desire to be dumb, therefore I will repeatedly be dumb, ore i will admit I do not get it, until I do get it. Why would I want to be dumb?

It is intriguing to me, I can write something on this Blog about world travel that is truly unfathomable. Unfathomable information is full of hooks, I give you small pieces of the pie, but not enough pieces to make the whole pie. I would love go give you all the pieces of the pie, but explaining all of my human experiences from the other side of the planet is beyond the scope of writing. I am just giving you a glimpse, I know the only way for you to truly understand what I experienced, is for you to come have a similar but different experience.

Therefore, daily I attempt to give you, offer up, to give you a glimpse into my world. I am trying to explain all my feelings, then make you feel, and as my friend Wade from VagabondJourney.com says,
"When the reader is angry, you really made them think, therefore you did your job exceptional."

Why do they get angry, in essential term, I think they just did not get it. Simple to me to understand, I was explaining an unfathomable experience, there was no way for them to get it, it is by definition unfathomable and not understandable. It is was just a glimpse at the other side of the world, without going to the other side of the world.

I am willing to repeatedly be dumb, I am never too busy. I mean, to build a truly great self-esteem block requires as much time as it takes. I often hear people say they are too busy. It makes me feel weak to hear this, how will this person ever become brave, how can they go out make good, solid, self-esteem blocks, if they do not dumb it down and take the time.

All the lights are on, but nobody is home...

All the challenges of life can be overcome, by accepting we need to repeatedly be willing to be dumb. To say, I am too busy, this is an excuse used to say,
"I am not going to do this right."
But please do not hold me to the fire, do not hold me to high standards.

Do you get it?

Understanding is tiresome, it is an unfathomable river, that only can be swam by people who accept they are dumb, until one day they get it. It is a difficult life living around millions of people who are delusionally believing they get it, which is impossible when they are too busy to even enjoy life.

Buy some time, not a car, not a house, and build some self esteem blocks, and build happiness.

Big Think.

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