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Working Abroad - Interview With Canadian Expat Marc Bizier

Here is an excellent expat interview of Marc Bizier from Montreal, Canada, who speaks four languages and works and plays abroad.

This is an interview with Canadian expat Marc Bizier of Montreal. He explains how he travels the planet installing digital-television towers. For years, he worked for an American company, but now he is self-employed, traveling the planet as he wishes.

Canadia Marc Bizier

High Points of This Expat Interview:

1. Canadian health plan – he tries to not work more than six months per year outside of Canada to maintain his coverage.

2. Expat living costs – his daily budget is only 25-40 USD.

3. Motorized fun – he plays with his kite buggy on the beach.

4. Marc's language skills – as a polyglot who speaks four languages, his life as an expat is easier.

Thank you, Mark,

Andy Lee Graham

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Like this interview, keeping it simple, there are dozens of sites, forums and bulletin boards as well as groups for wanna be ex pats and also for first time travelers, one travel forum I will not name, it usually takes a lot of luck or several weeks to get a common sense, simple answer on how to get to and enjoy destination point A in country B region C. Some brave anonynmous nicknamed souls from country ? have even asked me to plan their trip to countries B, D and F in region C. Since advice is cheap and I do not expect even a thank you, rarely get even that after giving advices on forums send them the URL of my 'primer for first time travelers' to region C, which is Central America, take it from there and start learning Spanish. saludos. salut. greetings.


Interviews are fun, especially when the person is like Marc, he was honest, up front, and made it simple. I am still amazed that he was able to find the welders, the tires, and all the things needed to make his kite buggy. Generally putting all that together in a foreign country takes great diligence, and speaks highly of his skills.

If you know a person who has lived outside the USA for over 3 years, then please feel free to click on contact above, and maybe I can interview the person over I have a program that can do this easy, so we do not have to be in the same city or country.
Thanks Andy Graham


Rich, I wrote Lisa Falour, on here contact link at here website. I was grateful to find this link, strangely many people have Blog, and no way to contact them, but gratefully Lisa Falour does have a contact link.

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