No See Ems - Because We Cannot See THEM, an Annoying Travel Insect

Ceratopogonidae is the technical word for "no see ems," a type of insect that attacks our ankles, is an unacceptable hotel guest, that needs evicted

Strangely, not every person is attacked by "NO SEE THEM” or the shorter name no-see-ems, and to me, mispelled as no see ums.

Weird thing about No See Ems:

You can be eaten alive while the person next to you thinks you are crazy.

You know when there are "no see ems." When your ankles are being bitten, they bite hard; they are extremely annoying. They concentrate on our ankles, and the people around you will declare,
"There are no bugs."

Welcome to the Tropics!

Do you live in a cold climate? Then welcome to the tropics, where every type of insect thrives. There are bugs, mites, small fleas, cockroaches, things that crawl and critters as long as pencils. You do not want to see them, they make me nervous.

Sometimes, I lie in bed in Thailand, Dominican Republic or Africa, thinking,
"What is crawling on my body?"

Preventioon of No See Ems :

1. Do not walk around outside one hour before and after sunrise or sunset. - Learn where the itching started, and avoid these locations.

3. Using 

Best Solution: Most people seem to not have a problem. Try this, put iodine on your body, spread it around on your stomach, and let it soak in. This changes your chemistry, and keeps the no see ems away. Please test, to see if this works, you need to keep doing, not like an insect spray, but to change the iodine content in your body. You can put iodine on your body to test if you need iodine. 

When you have iodine in your body, the no see um, no see ems stop biting you.

List of "No See Um" Solutions for Hotel Room or Home:

1. If no-see-ums are in the hotel room, you have no choice; you must buy Raid or something else really toxic and dangerous to insects. You will need to spray your whole room – no mercy, no quarter, you must kill them all, insect genocide.

Spray the whole can: top, bottom, behind things and everywhere. I now do this for every tropical hotel room I enter, it is S.O.P. (standard operating procedure). This is essential to live the life of luxury in tropical, not-so-paradise conditions.

Tolerance is for fools who cannot adapt, and learn to love getting bit. You need to thrive and kill the no-see-ums; use the ultimate solution: bug spray.

2. If you see Arabic words on the insecticide can, buy it. Arab manufacturers have some truly great chemicals that are illegal in the USA! 

4. Extremely dry room seem to annoy no see ems.

5. Stopping them from entering house, or hotel room by install very small hole mosquito netting, and I carry mosquito netting with me as a world traveler, then use packing tape to cover the windows.

6. Stop the no see um from coming under door or room, take a towel, and place below the doors, or if you are living in a home install weather stripping as if you were stopping the snow. Use "Draft Stopper Snakes"

7. Air Conditioning seems to make them leave, or go into hiding.

8. Have your room cleaned daily, and make sure the room is very dry.

9. Place a fan in the window to have the air dry out the room. 

How to prevent No See Um's when walking around outside?

1. Bugs attack at sunset or in dark areas of a room. By placing mosquito repellant on your body, you can avoid them biting your ankles.

2. Long socks, and pajamas.

3. Skin So Soft an Avon product in the USA makes them stay off, I have never used, but seems certain it works. Thanks to Sean Fadden

4. Set up a mosquito net, and sleep under it. (Problem, they are in the room during the day in the dark spots.

5. Vitamin B1 in the blood seems to repell them.

6. Garlic cloves, eat food with garlic.

7. Eucalyptus leaves.

8. Lemon grass or citronella

Stopping the itch of No See Ems : Solutions

1. Putting on deet, the repellant often make the itch stop.

2. Direct sunlight annoys them until they leave. I go to the beach and lie in the sun, baking them from my body, along with mites and fungus.

3. Put chlorine (Clorox) in a bucket of water and soak your feet, not too much, this is about the same as taking a swim in the pool.

4. Ammonia is an excellent way to stop the itch, you must dilute it greatly and take caution.

5. Take iodine and cover the area of itch.

6. Baking soda solution, mix with water and cover skin.

7. Vinegar solution.

8. Buy, or carry Exfoliater, the Quick Dry Scrub Net

No See Um

No-See-Um Defined: Ceratopogonidae, or biting midges (including what are called, in the United States and Canada, no-see-ums, midgies, sand flies, punkies and others), are a family of small flies (1–4 mm long) in the order Diptera.

They are found in almost any aquatic or semiaquatic habitat throughout the world. Females of most species are adapted to suck blood from some kind of host animal.

Many of the hematophagic (blood-eating) species are pests in beach or mountain habitats. The bite of midges in the genus Culicoides causes an allergic response in equines known as sweet itch. In humans, their bites can cause intensely itchy, red welts that can persist for more than a week. The discomfort arises from a localized allergic reaction to the proteins in their saliva, which can be somewhat alleviated by topical antihistamines.

The smaller members of the family are tiny enough to pass through the apertures in typical window screens. Camping tents are often equipped with extra-fine mesh netting, called no-see-um nets, to keep the pests out.

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No See Um is a good reason to move out of hotel, and trust me, you can only feel them, you cannot see them.

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