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Frequently Asked Questions of Andy HoboTraveler.com

This section is to help people understand my journey and to better understand the newsletter and webpage that revolve around the Hobo theme.
Andy the Hobo Traveler

Brief Explanation
I, Andy the HoboTraveler.com left on a vacation to Mexico, then shortly there after returned. Slowly starting I traveled south to Central America and to South America. Made a short trip to Europe. Approximately 2 years into my travels I started a newsletter and have written over 137 issues at this juncture. (As of January 2004)

Around the time of the first issue, and located in Panama I started the pages of HoboTraveler.com. It is slowly evolved into a Backpacker search engine. I have visited North America, Central America, Europe, Iraq, India, and Southeast Asia.

A few other newsletter have been added. Plus a few more WebPages and themes.

Three main Topic of interest are...

Hobo Theme

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How I started?

When did I start?

Why I keep traveling?

Where are photos of you?

How do you survive or have money?

What is a Hobo?

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