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This is a collection of the most important words needed for a traveler by priority. The first, second, third, etc.
To use this print out the first page of link. You can then carry it with you, and if you lose it, print it again.
We would appreciate if you would helped expand the list, by translating a blank list into your native language and sending by email. You will receive credit for your language school, or business if desired.

List of ways to learn a language:    languagewaytolearn.htm

Blank forms to fill out in your language:
Blank First 1-100
Blank Second 101-200
Blank Third 201-300 Numbers


German / English
English / German

Spanish / English
English / Spanish
Spanish 1-100
Spanish 101-200
201-300 Numbers




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Please explain Waterfalls of the Planet.

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