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I have been wondering around the planet very slowly for the last 5 years. I started to write a group mail to my friends and it has evolved into a travel newsletter.

This is  a list of the tips in the chronological order written.
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ISSUE:  125
DATE:  September 25, 2003
TIP: Vacation or Tour
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain

ISSUE:  124
DATE:  September 16, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Baghdad to Paris - Babylon - Dangerous Clothes
TIP: Dangerous Clothes
LOCATION: Paris, France

ISSUE:  123
DATE:  September 11, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS -  Paris, France - How Freedom Defined:?
TIP:  None
LOCATION: In an Airplane to France.

ISSUE:  122
DATE:  September 2, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Mass Grave - Screw the Guidebooks.
TIP:  How to screw the guidebooks?
LOCATION:  Baghdad, Iraq

ISSUE:  121
DATE:  August 24, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Road to Baghdad, Iraq - Tip - Illusions of Safety
TIP: Illusions of Safety
LOCATION: Arbil or Baghdad, Iraq

ISSUE:  120
DATE:  August 19, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Erbil, Iraq - Travel Instincts
TIP: Instincts - Intuition - Insight
LOCATION: Erbil, Iraq

ISSUE:  119
DATE:  August 11, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Mosul, Iraq, Go This Way!
TIP: What is an Explorer?
LOCATION: Mosul, Iraq

ISSUE:  118
DATE:  August 5, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Dohuk, Iraq - What is Adventure Travel?
TIP: What is Adventure Travel?
LOCATION: Dohuk, Iraq

ISSUE:  117
DATE:  July 29, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Silopi, Turkey - Backpack Camouflage.
TIP:  Backpack Camouflage.
LOCATION: Silopi, Turkey

ISSUE:  116
DATE:  July 22, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Istanbul Turkey - Culture Crash
TIP:  E-mail on the road. 
LOCATION: Istanbul, Turkey

ISSUE:  115
DATE:  July 1, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Istanbul and Velcro Straps
TIP:  Velcro Straps

ISSUE:  114
DATE:  June 24, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Passports
TIP:  Get a Passport

ISSUE:  113
DATE:  June 17, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Current Events Travel
TIP:  Current Events Travel
LOCATION:  In the USA and preparing to go to Iraq

ISSUE:  111
DATE:  March 6, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - History and Travel
TIP:  History and Travel
LOCATION:  Riding the dog to Huntsville, Alabama

ISSUE:  110
DATE:  March 3, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Old Hippies - Broke Backpacks
TIP:  Broke Backpacks
LOCATION:  In the USA Homeland

ISSUE:  109
DATE:  February 20, 2003
TITLE: Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Duct Tape or Duck Tape for Travelers
TIP:  Duct Tape or Duck Tape for Travelers
LOCATION:  In the USA after Thailand

ISSUE:  107
DATE:  January 28, 2003
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Very Crazy Farang - Travel Agents
TIP:  Travel Agents
LOCATION:  Bangkok, Thailand

ISSUE:  106
DATE:  January 24, 2003
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Khao San Road - Travel Health
TIP:  Travel Health
LOCATION:  Khao San Road - Bangkok, Thailand - Khun Thep

ISSUE:  105
DATE:  January 14, 2003
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Laos - Planning Daily Travel
TIP:  Planning Daily Travel

ISSUE:  104
DATE:  January 6, 2003
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - New Years Predictions 2003
TIP:  New Years Predictions 2003

ISSUE:  103
DATE:  December 28, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - TOP 10 Travel Web Sites 2002
TIP: TOP 10 Travel Web Sites 2002

ISSUE:  102
DATE:  December 19, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Khon Kaen Thailand - Stupid Hobo
TIP:  What type of traveler to avoid.
LOCATION:  Khon Kaen, Thailand

ISSUE:  101
DATE:  December 12, 2002
TIP:  Travel Fashion
LOCATION:  Chang Rai, Thailand

ISSUE:  100a
DATE:  December 10, 2002
TITLE:  Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - How to steal toilet paper?
TIP:  How to steal toilet paper?
LOCATION:  Chang Saen, Thailand

ISSUE:  100
DATE:  December 7, 2002
TIP:  Collection of Ideas.

ISSUE:  099
DATE:  December 4, 2002
LOCATION:  Chang Saen, Thailand

ISSUE:  098
DATE:  November 19, 2002
TIP:  When to stop Traveling?
LOCATION:  Chang Mai Thailand

ISSUE:  097
DATE:  November 15, 2002
TIP:  Never Talk About
LOCATION:  Pai Thailand

ISSUE:  096
DATE:  November 06, 2002
TIP:  Beggar Rules
LOCATION:  Chang Mai Thailand

ISSUE:  095
DATE:  November 03, 2002
TIP:  Speak Thai in 10 Days
LOCATION:  Bangkok Thailand

ISSUE:  094
DATE:  November 02, 2002
TIP:  The Perfect Bottle
LOCATION:  Bangkok Thailand

ISSUE:  093
DATE:  October 08, 2002
TIP:  You are stupid
LOCATION:  Pak Bara Thailand

DATE:  October 06, 2002
TIP:  No Tip
LOCATION:  Pak Bara Thailand

ISSUE:  091
DATE:  October 01, 2002
TIP:  Disinfect your clothes
LOCATION:  Had Sai Yao Thailand

ISSUE:  090
DATE:  September 23, 2002
LOCATION:  HadSai Yao Thailand

ISSUE:  089
DATE:  September 19, 2002
TIP:  Making Signs
LOCATION:  Au Rusi - Koh Tarutao Thailand

DATE:  September 12, 2002
TIP:  No Tips
LOCATION:  Pak Bara Thailand

ISSUE:  087
DATE:  September 10, 2002
TIP:  English Babble
LOCATION:  Satun Thailand

DATE:  September 03, 2002
TIP:  No Tip
LOCATION:  Pak Bara - Koh Tarutao Thailand

ISSUE:  085
DATE:  August 31, 2002
TIP:  How to advertise your hostel
LOCATION:  Ranong, Thailand

ISSUE:  084
DATE:  August 28, 2002
TIP:  Hot Water Cooker
LOCATION:  Koh Chang Island, Thailand

ISSUE:  083
DATE:  August 24, 2002
TIP:  How to receive a package.
LOCATION:  Ranong, Thailand

ISSUE:  082
DATE:  August 14, 2002
TIP:  Tax Write Off Travel
LOCATION:  Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

ISSUE:  081
DATE:  August 12, 2002
TIP:  Watch your Nick-ers
LOCATION:  Malaysia / Thailand

DATE:  August 07, 2002
TIP:  No Tip - Commentary on negative feedback on prior letter.
LOCATION:  Koh Phi Phi Thailand

ISSUE:  079
DATE:  August 06, 2002
TIP:  Air Dry Clothes Fast
LOCATION:  Ko Lanta, Thailand Close to Krabi

ISSUE:  078
DATE:  July 30, 2002
TIP:  Candle Lantern
LOCATION:  Railley Beach, Thailand - Close to Krabi

ISSUE:  077
DATE:  July 22, 2002
TIP:  Designated Travel Pants
LOCATION:  Krabi Thailand

ISSUE:  076
DATE:  July 17, 2002
TIP:  Why I was robbed
LOCATION:  Koh Chang, Thailand - Near Ranong or Burma

ISSUE:  075
DATE:  July 09, 2002
TIP:  Cooperatively Rob Oration
LOCATION:  Ranong, Thailand

ISSUE:  074
DATE:  July 01, 2002
TIP:  Electricity - Worst Case Scenario
LOCATION:  Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

ISSUE:  073
DATE:  June 25, 2002
TIP:  Backpack Organizer
LOCATION:  Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

ISSUE:  072
DATE:  June 20, 2002
TIP:  Beach Towel
LOCATION:  Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

ISSUE:  071
DATE:  June 11, 2002
TIP:  Saw It Off
LOCATION:  Bangkok, Thailand

ISSUE:  070
DATE:  June 04, 2002
TIP:  Greyhound Bus - USA Busline:

ISSUE:  069
DATE:  May 16, 2002
TIP:  How to choose a bus :
LOCATION:  Colca Canyon, Peru

ISSUE:  068
DATE:  May 11, 2002
TIP:  How to confuse people :

ISSUE:  067
DATE:  May 3, 2002
TIP:  Secret Pockets
LOCATION:  Bolivia

ISSUE:  066
DATE:  April 18, 2002
TIP:  10 Universal Manners:
LOCATION:  Bolivia

ISSUE:  065
DATE:  April 03, 2002
TIP:  10 Things to bring from home
LOCATION:  Coroico, Bolivia

ISSUE:  064
DATE:  March 26, 2002
TIP:  Type II Diarrhea
LOCATION:  La Paz, Bolivia

ISSUE:  063
DATE:  March 20, 2002
TIP:  10 ways to lose a shirt.
LOCATION:  Arica, Chile

DATE:  March 16, 2002
TIP:  What type of traveler are you?
LOCATION:  Ilo, Peru

DATE:  March 15, 2002
TIP:  NO TIP: - site down. Terrorist attack.
LOCATION:  Ilo, Peru

ISSUE:  060
DATE:  March 06, 2002
TIP:  What is a Hostel?
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru

ISSUE:  059
DATE:  February 28, 2002
TIP:  Water Purification
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru

ISSUE:  058
DATE:  February 04, 2002
TIP:  Jungle trip preparation.
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru

ISSUE:  057
DATE:  February 01, 2002
TIP:  Look into their eyes.
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru

ISSUE:  056
DATE:  January 21, 2002
TIP:  Alcohol Cookers
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru

ISSUE:  055
DATE:  January 11, 2002
TIP:  Double your trip, by living in a room for a month.
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru

ISSUE:  054
DATE:  January 01, 2002
TIP:  New Years Predictions
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru

ISSUE:  053
DATE:  December 25, 2001
TIP:  Guidebook shortcomings.
LOCATION:  Iquitos, Peru

ISSUE:  052
DATE:  December 11, 2001
TIP:  What is extreme travel?
LOCATION:  Ecuador

ISSUE:  051
DATE:  December 04, 2001
TIP:  Stocking up cities, or places you should start your trip.
LOCATION:  Ecuador

ISSUE:  050
DATE:  November 20, 2001
TIP:  Avoiding Danger - Remember you have choices.
LOCATION:  Ecuador

DATE:  September 29, 2001
TIP:  NO TIP: - Offer to go to Pakistan

ISSUE:  048
DATE:  September 23, 2001
TIP:  Cultural Manners
LOCATION:  Belgium

ISSUE:  047
DATE:  September 20, 2001
TIP:  Sleep cheap checklist.
LOCATION:  Lucerne, Switzerland

ISSUE:  046
DATE:  September 12, 2001
TIP:  What is USA Culture?
LOCATION:  Lucerne, Switzerland

ISSUE:  045
DATE:  September 07, 2001
TIP:  Language Cheat Sheet - 200 most needed words to travel
LOCATION:  Lucerne, Switzerland

ISSUE:  044
DATE:  August 23, 2001
TIP:  How to avoid getting bumped in the street.
LOCATION:  Brugge, Belgium

ISSUE:  043
DATE:  August 17, 2001
TIP:  How To Protect Things You Packed.
LOCATION:  Belgium

ISSUE:  042
DATE:  August 07, 2001
TIP:  The decision to work. - Working your way around the world !
LOCATION:  Belgium

DATE:  August 02, 2001
TIP:  NO TIP: - Joke on George W. Bush President of USA wanted poster
LOCATION:  Belgium

ISSUE:  040
DATE:  July 31, 2001
TIP:  Jet Lag
LOCATION:  Belgium

ISSUE:  039
DATE:  July 24, 2001
TIP:  Your FIRST day in a country
LOCATION:  Belgium

ISSUE:  038
DATE:  July 13, 2001
TIP:  South America wrap up - Most Beautiful - Least Corrupt - Cheapest - Prettiest girls - Biggest party - Most Fun
LOCATION:  Belgium

ISSUE:  037
DATE:  July 02, 2001
TIP:  Membership Sites
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  036
DATE:  June 27, 2001
TIP:  10 ways to Find Internet Cafe
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  035
DATE:  June 19, 2001
TIP:  What doe Manaņa mean?
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  034
DATE:  June 11, 2001
TIP:  What is an air consolidator?
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  033
DATE:  June 06, 2001
TIP:  hobo SNACK - AREPA ala hobo
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  032
DATE:  May 28, 2001
TIP:  What is Cheap Airfare?
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  031
DATE:  April 16, 2001
TIP:  Life's Little Instructions by H. Jackson Brown Jr.
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  030
DATE:  March 21, 2001
TIP:  10 Best Party cities in South America?
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  029
DATE:  February 25, 2001
TIP:  What to do after you are robbed?
LOCATION:  Argentina

ISSUE:  028
DATE:  February 15, 2001
TIP:  Visas
LOCATION:  Fort Wayne, USA

DATE:  February 09, 2001
TIP:  NO TIP: SPECIAL REPORT Mollie Milar Sinks (David Clarks Sailing Around World)

ISSUE:  026
DATE:  January 18, 2001
TIP:  Negotiate quietly
LOCATION:  Pipa, Brazil

ISSUE:  025
DATE:  January 02, 2001
TIP:  Predictions
LOCATION:  Maceio Brazil

ISSUE:  024
DATE:  December 24, 2000
TIP:  Computers! Why I carry a “Rock” around? And the reasons Compaq Computers should give me a new computer.
LOCATION:  Rio De Janeiro

ISSUE:  023
DATE:  December 13, 2000
TIP:  How to make curtains for you room or covering the windows
LOCATION:  Foz do Iguacu

ISSUE:  022
DATE:  December 04, 2000
TIP:  How to make a telephone call? aaagh?
LOCATION:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

ISSUE:  021
DATE:  November 18, 2000
TIP:  What to do in a Military Coup
LOCATION:  Santiago Chile

ISSUE:  020
DATE:  November 07, 2000
TIP:  What I like about travel pants and what I do not like
LOCATION:  Cuzco, Peru

ISSUE:  019
DATE:  October 17, 2000
TIP:  Scanning you passport and sending to Email box.
LOCATION:  Cuzco, Peru

ISSUE:  018
DATE:  October 12, 2000
TIP:  Grandmother died.
LOCATION:  Cuzco, Peru

ISSUE:  017
DATE:  October 11, 2000
TIP:  Volunteering when you travel
LOCATION:  Cuzco, Peru

ISSUE:  016
DATE:  October 02, 2000
TIP:  Pros and cons of teaching a language to earn money
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru

ISSUE:  015
DATE:  September 28, 2000
TIP:  Reading Lights or Lightbulbs to see
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru

DATE:  September 18, 2000
TIP:  What you CANNOT buy while traveling
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru

DATE:  September 12, 2000
TIP:  How to put your own lock on your door.
LOCATION:  Arequipa, Peru

ISSUE:  013
DATE:  September 05, 2000
TIP:  Bottles that leak
LOCATION:  Arequipa

DATE:  July 17, 2000
TIP:  Internet Telephone - -
LOCATION:  Not specified

DATE:  June 16, 2000
TIP:  Bulk Mail can be Dangerous
LOCATION:  Not specified

ISSUE:  011
DATE:  May 30, 2000
TIP:  Planning your trip.
LOCATION:  Manaus, Brazil

ISSUE:  010
DATE:  May 19, 2000
TIP:  Travel Packing
LOCATION:  Angel Falls - Choroni - Ciudad Bolivar - Venezuela

ISSUE:  009
DATE:  May 07, 2000
TIP:  Visa and Manners
LOCATION:  COLOMBIA!!! Guaduas Manizales Medellin Caucasia Los Arboletes Covenas Sinecejo Cartagena Santa Marta

ISSUE:  008
DATE:  May 03, 2000
TIP:  Guides trying to enter before you to hotel for commissions.
LOCATION:  Bogota, Colombia

ISSUE:  007
DATE:  April 19, 2000
TIP:  Got in car too fast - Bad advice on safe choices - Negotiate price of hotel - Try the food - Calculator if confused
LOCATION:  Cali, Colombia

DATE:  April 14, 2000
TIP:  NO TIP: Joke sent by accident
LOCATION:  Not specified

ISSUE:  005
DATE:  March 23, 2000
TIP:  Two padlocks - Arriving late - Go to your first choice hotel -Thirsty on bus - How much money?
LOCATION:  Mataņita - Baņos, Ecuador

ISSUE:  004
DATE:  March 08, 2000
TIP:  Lock your room - Hot water Handles - Change airfare ticket at airport - Hotplate - Two ATM cards
LOCATION:  Quito, Ecuador

ISSUE:  003
DATE:  February 16, 2000
TIP:  Lockers - Intuition - Buy Now - Mailing Letters - Learn Culture - Life is Good in other languages
LOCATION:  Quito, Ecuador

ISSUE:  002
DATE:  February 03, 2000
TIP:  Wet Towels - Directions - Rack Above Seat - Pop Email
LOCATION:  Huanchaco, Peru

DATE:  January 01, 2000
TIP:  Panama canal inauguration and the millennium
LOCATION:  Panama City, Panama

Before this newsletter I wrote two group e-mails. One in Oaxaca, Mexico and other in Antigua, Guatemala. I had already traveled for about one and one half years. I do not have copies of these letters. If you do, please send me a copy.

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