12 Foot Extension Cord with a small three-plug outlet
3.5 floppy disk for my Sony Mavica camera.
3.5 floppy disk - 15
3.5 floppy disk holder - 3
Alarm Clock
Automatic teller machine cards. 2 one Plus. and one Cirrus
Backpack - Large to carry on back:*********
Backpack Organizers - 3
Bags 3 12inches by 12 inches by 18 inches. More less. Will slide down into backpack
Batter charger for Video Camera.
Batteries. rechargeable. Penlight. With charger.
Battery charger for camera
Blanket - Mexican wool
Book of Spanish Grammar
Books to read. 4
Books: dictionary English - Spanish
Brush to clean computers
Bungee cords 4. Cloth covered type
Camera Camcorder. Sony
Camera Digital. Sony Mavica
Camera tripod. Flexible 6 inch long.
Clairol Mirror with brush attached.
Cloth to clean glasses
Clothes line cord. 2. Nylon type. Very thin.
Clothes line spool - Plastic holder of line.
Computer - Compaq Presario with CD Burner 30 Gig
Computer bag. I put inside front pack.
Computer Electrical cord
Credit card. 1 doubles as plus ATM card.
Deodorant - Roll on type, the stick type stains my clothes. Spray is dangerous for bag and airplane.
Double bag things that leak
Electrical Pliers
Electrical tape
Extension cord
Extension cord
Eyelet type screws
Fanny packs 2
Fingernail clippers
Flashlights 1. with rechargeable batteries. Small
Forks 2
Front Pack:*********************
Glass 2
Have small bags for everything.
How to pack: ******
If you do not have enough room. Roll up clothes in blanket
Index cards
Inventory of what I carry and why:**********
Knife. Utility type. Disposable with break off blades.
Laundry brush
Laundry soap. Powder. Double bagged. with twist tied.
Light bulb
Lighter 2
Medicine for face
Money bag for neck
Oils. Cooking
Pants 1 pair dress
Pants 1 pair jeans.
Pants 1 pair of workout sweats
Pants for bus to stay warm
Pencil bags 2
Peroxide to use as aftershave
Pillow case to wrap books in.
Plastic bags from grocery stores
Plastic bottle with coffee inside
Plastic bottle with water
Plastic tall coffee bottle. Inside 2 roll on perfumes
Pockets to sew into new clothes. Extra
Post to cook coffee
Roll up clothes
Rubber gloves like you would wash dishes with.
Screwdriver Phillips #2
Screwdriver slotted #2
Scuba Diving card. PADI
Shampoo bottle with big caps
Shaving cream
Shaving cream. I tape closed the cap with electrical tape
Shorts 4
Socks 5
Spices: Salt, Pepper, Comino, Organo
Spoons 2
Strainers for coffee or tea
Sweatshirt for bus to stay warm.
Sweatshirts - 1 or 2
Swim suits 3
Tennis shoes - Reeboks bought in USA
Things that leak: ********
Toothpaste - Screw on top.
Towel. Dark Maroon
Twist ties. lots. Like ones in garbage bags.
Umbrella - Less than one foot long.
Underwear 8-10
Video Camera
Watch - I do not carry the watch anymore, but could easily. I would buy cheap.
Ziplock bags. 20. Gallon size. LARGE


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