INTRO          1. Leadership        
INTRO          2. Technical Type of Government. i.e. socialism. Communism        
INTRO          3. Business        
INTRO        Plato's Republic  general civilian population        
INTRO        France  Third Estate (the commoners)        
INTRO        Freud          
INTRO        Marx          
001          Borders are hard core        
001          Break down of Taboos        
001        Transportation  Car ownership is common        
001          Clocks on walls and public places.        
001          Constitution that works.        
001          Copy write law enforced        
001          COUNTRIES - USA England  Denmark  Sweden  Norway  Australia
001          FIRST LEVEL        
001          Free Speech        
001          Hard to enter the country        
001          Leader of country can be changed by people.        
001          Lots of patience with mass of people        
001          Mass hatred of your country        
001          People proud to be from their country.        
001          Police Safe and not corrupt.        
001          Public Toilets that are free        
001          Retirement plan        
001          Smooth transition of leadership        
001        Patriotism  Wear flag of country on clothes.        
001          Window screens        
002          Borders are porous        
002          Change of leadership is feared because of problems.        
002          Class system gone  but still exist.      
002          Cottage industry ends and mass marketing of chains.        
002          COUNTRIES - France  Belgium  Switzerland    
002          Houses bought on credit        
002          Knock Off or copies of tapes  clothes  or movies    
002        Communication  Language is not dialectical        
002          Local religious leader is more important then leader.        
002          of ignoring people.        
002          One night jail terms        
002          Population growth is 0 or less        
002          Prices on products in stores        
002          Problems with facilities and manners.        
002          SECOND LEVEL        
002          Speak English        
002          Start to have problems with free speech  develop the dysfunctional behavior      
002          Street Signs        
002          Taboos that are obvious        
003          4 lane highways in country side        
003          Agriculture versus Industrial        
003          Baby born in house and not hospital        
003        Corruption  Bribes        
003        Construction  Cement Truck start and the use of making concrete with shovels slows.        
003          Chatting with girls or guys in other countries to help leave.        
003        Behavior  Clear throat        
003          Cold water to drink        
003          Constitution means nothing. The leader is the only reason people listen.        
003          Fashion is very high        
003          Fear of nationalism of Oil or any Industry.        
003          Government works but not as stable        
003          Hard to leave the country.        
003          Idea that rich people are bad        
003        Danger sign  Large Families        
003          Large numbers of children.        
003          Large truck very numerous.        
003          No change when buying something        
003      Neutral    No clocks on walls.        
003          No Patience        
003          No traps in the sink or drains of the plumbing.        
003          Pay could be in dollars        
003          Pay is less then 20 dollars per day.        
003          Pension plans        
003          Public toilets so people do not piss on ground.        
003          Room heating.        
003          Signs along road become lighted an on steel columns.        
003          Skeleton Keys        
003          Start of break down of        
003          THIRD LEVEL        
003          Tourist polices        
003          Traffic is not controlled.        
003          Trash bins on the street        
003          Trash thrown on ground        
003          Tunnels in mountains        
003          vote buying drink money coercion        
003          Water Fountains.        
003          Wear flag of other country on clothes.        
003          Window bars        
004          AIDS is spread        
004          Animal transportation        
004          Books are controlled        
004        Corruption  Bribes necessary for business transactions        
004        Behavior  bump you        
004        Transportation  Bus transportation prevalent        
004          Cannot read.        
004          Checkpoints every so far in road.        
004          Class system exist  quiet  and enforced    
004          Common calling by bell or loud speaker to worship        
004          Dangerous to violate local customs        
004          Dress code of behavior        
004          Ex Colony        
004          Extra wives or girlfriend and accepted by wife.        
004          FORTH LEVEL        
004          Growing of food in odd places - River beds - Sides of hills. In front yard.        
004          Health Care does not exist.        
004          Insane worship of dictatorship        
004          Intermarrying between religions.        
004          Job supplies food and sometimes shelter        
004          Land ownership by church        
004          Language changes dramatically from town to town.        
004          Language is used that is of local origin.        
004          Lights go off at 6 O'clock.        
004          Medical drugs cheap        
004          Medical drugs do not need Prescription        
004        Government  Military coups are possible        
004          No car insurance.        
004          Passing three abreast.        
004          Pay is daily and not hourly.        
004          Peace Corp is in the country        
004          Queue or line is not respected        
004          Religious leaders walking around        
004          Shoes or barefoot        
004          Speed bumps.        
004          Stop lights are ignored because of danger        
004          Toll roads entering and leaving city.        
004          Trade and commerce done within walking distance        
004          WebPages of that country to help them marry women.        
004          Wood gathering for fuel        
005          Agricultural        
005          Aids is very high        
005          Animalism or Worship of Fertility type beliefs.        
005        Sanitation  Bathe in stream        
005          Communal ownership        
005          Drug growing        
005          FIFTH LEVEL        
005          Hunting for animals is form of food.        
005          Illegal to sell the country guns.        
005          Land ownership by one person        
005          Land ownership communal        
005    Bad      Mafia type        
005          No girl problems        
005          No restrictions at all on guns.        
005          OIL Rich only        
005          Polygamy        
005          Skins of animals used        
005          Terrorist are people from this country        
005          Toilets do not exist        
005        Government  Tribal        
005          Water is highest form of transportation.        
005          World food program is in country but not Peace Corp        
           2 percent have most of the wealth        
           2 wheeled cart ramps to assist cart        
           2 Wheeled carts        
           Able to travel to other countries.        
           Absolute thinking / not on continuum        
           Animal Grazing        
           Basket carrying        
           Baskets on heads        
         Behavior  Bump you in street        
           Can buy on internet here with credit card        
           Candles sold in every small store.        
           Capital punishment for small crimes        
           Carpeting in Cold countries        
           Carrying of weapons        
           Cars dangerous        
         Corruption  cars parked behind fence        
           Caste system        
         Construction  Cement made by shovel method.        
         Construction  Cement Truck        
           Checking accounts        
           Checks to make sure money is not counterfeit.        
           church rules people        
     Above only.    Behavior  Cigarette smoking exist        
         Danger  Clans        
           Clocks on walls        
           Corruption by police.        
         Corruption  Corruption in toll bridges        
           Counterfeit money        
           Credit cards        
           Daily delivery to homes of food  milk  other products by vendors        
           Democracy levels of are gaone        
         Money  Devalue of money        
           developed countries are afraid of the legal system        
           developed countries laws and constitution change a lot        
         Danger  Dialectical Language        
           Dog shit pick up        
         Corruption  Dogs for security        
           Drink the water from the tap.        
           Drinking in the streets allowed.        
           Drug Usage        
           Drying of food for preservation.        
           Dubbed English        
           Electric Conduit is used and not just bare wire.        
           Electric wire is 12 gauge        
           Electrical cord size. Poor use 24 gauge.        
           Electricity - Multiple wires connected        
           Electricity openly stolen by hooking on to hot lines        
           Electricity stolen by bypassing the meter. Meters installed inside concrete.        
           Entrance to Banks are double entry.        
           Ethnically defined  a social group or category of the population that in a larger society is set apart and bound together by common ties of race language nationality or culture.      
           Expect to be taken care of. That somehow they are poor  and deprived. Universal in lower people.        
           Farm produces and sell their own goods        
   Good        First come first serve attitude. Respect a line        
           Fishing for food on daily basis.        
         Danger  Flirting with women or sex with locals is taboo.        
           Games on computers        
           Garbage Trucks        
           Gas lines to houses.        
           Gas or propane delivered by truck that emits a large sound and they come out to pick up.        
           Gas or propane delivered by small tanks.        
           Gates over doorways or windows.        
           Generational grouping of same families. No real intermarrying with outside        
           Generator is only form of Electricity.        
           Generator used for community.        
           Going to bank daily for change.        
           Grain Silos        
           Info commercials        
           Language is written        
           Language separated class of people        
           Laundry dried on roof for safety also of not being stolen.        
           Light bulbs are stolen.        
           Losing face        
     Bad      Males are more right than females        
           Medicine regulated        
           Middle class missing        
           Midwife type care.        
           Military and police are the same        
         House  Mirrors        
           Mirrors missing.        
           Mix concrete with shovel        
           Mobile telephone are number one type of telephone.        
           Money in thousands and not 100s        
           Money is in millions        
           Motor bikes        
           Mowing lawns or lawn mowers        
           Music Videos        
           Newspapers are not free.        
         Money  No accumulation of wealth        
     Bad      no credit        
         Danger sign  No distribution of wealth        
           No dryers to dry clothes.        
           No Electricity        
           No middle class.        
           No paying of taxes and roads are very bad.        
           No respect for safety of outsiders        
           Noble class        
         Government  Nomadic Tribes        
           Nose blowing        
           on ramps off ramps        
           Over 10 non school books in a home. Novels        
   Good        Packaged goods like food. Cheese.        
           Park on street at night        
           Parking on street        
           Parks and small neighborhood parks exist.        
           Parliament or Congress        
           Pastures and herders        
           Pay by credit card on internet        
           Paypal.com available        
           People all have checkbooks        
         Danger signs  Photographs are allowed        
           Pigs and chickens roam around.        
           Pissing in the street        
           Price fluctuates with class system or if you are rich you pay more        
           Priest or religious leaders are in state legal system        
           Public Drunkenness        
           Queue is class oriented. The rich do not wait.        
           Radio used to communicate.        
           Recreational drugs        
           Regulation of violence        
           Religion is extremely prevalent        
           Religion says you cannot buy house on credit        
           Religious Jewelry        
           Religious State like Iran or Israel        
         Danger  Retirement programs do not exist.        
           Ruling class owns land  subclasses do not        
           Sense of justice or fair play.        
           Shared glass or eating utensils        
         Food  Sharing of a common drinking glass  food platters  and eating tinsels.        
           Sleeping in public or lounge type society.        
           Smoke cigarette  Yes      
           Smoking cigarettes        
     Bad      Spit        
           spit on sidewalk and not on road        
           Spitting and throat clearing.        
           Squat toilets        
           squatting law  to stop people living anywhere      
           Start becoming jaded on religion        
           Statues of Leaders        
           Steal electricity        
           Store hours posted on doors.        
           Street lights or Signals are respected        
           street vendor in the street        
           Sub-titles for movies        
           Sweeping raids on neighbor tribes or groups to kill.        
           Taxi Meters        
           Taxis set fees at airport so people do not get ripped off        
           Telephone - Hard line telephone is dominant type of phone.        
           Telephone lines prevalent.        
           Telephone use by Mobile above the line telephone.        
           The normal person complains about world monetary fund        
           There is always a person at the home to protect from burglars or to receive products.        
           They ask you from which tribe you are from?        
         Relationship  They will not allow you to date or marry their members        
           Tire locks        
           Tools are power and not hand.        
         Government  Tribes with BMW's        
           Usury laws        
           Very ritualistic meetings.        
           Village only has access by water.        
           Wash clothes by hand or machine        
           Water carried from central supply        
           Water Towers        
           Weapons are common        
           Business is conducted in local money for small transactions  but for serious business all is done in U.S. Dollars.        
           Zoning laws USA        
           Police - Everyone afraid of police.
           Girls can enter and rent a hotel rooms alone Cambodia Snoul
           Sign saying to turn in your guns. Cambodia Snoul
           Electric or Gas Air Compressors for Bike or Motorcycle Tires Cambodia
           Roads to tourist places bad  normal roads are good. Peru Cambodia
           Subsistence farming on the side of mountains.
           Factories in the country and not the cities. India Cambodia
           Cell telephone  but no land lines.
           Comb is supplied in Hotel Room Cambodia
           Everyone drinks from Same Cup of water. Iraq
           Lights dim when you use too much electricity. Cambodia Sen Monorom Hills
           Ovens are not common.
           Bread is scarce because there is no oven.
         Government  Newspapers will be scarce or only 3 or 4 companies when a communist country.
           You want to wear dirty clothes or already soiled clothes to travel because you know they will just get dirtier.
         Government  When they advertise the political parties it is probably closer to democracy.
           Braces on teeth
           Right to property Dave W
           Individual liberty Dave W
           respect for laws Dave W
           hunting and gathering
           Soap Operas
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