Andy's a Review of Cantenna

I was given a Cantenna by the website or Jason at so I cannot say that my opinion is without bias, but it will be honest.

I received this on May 20th of 2004

  1. London note: When I was in London there was a boy that said my device was illegal in some countrie, he was from Australia.
  2. Bangkok June 10, 2004
    I tried to use in Hotel, there is a peer to peer that my normal wireless recognizes but does not allow free access, my Cantenna does not find anything, I will try to go on the roof soon to try. Note that this is an awkward set-up and not really mobile. I am trying to set this up on a sink, a wall, a chair and very bad areas. Not a simple task.
  3. BANGKOK, THAILAND June 9, 2004
    I filled my Cantenna with socks and underwear and wedge them into the can so I could pack this inside my backpack. This protected my Cantenna, but then there is the use problem, when traveling I go to places like airports and business areas along the way, it would be really nice to access the internet with luck in some of the place where I have had layovers or in business areas. So far Logan Airport, in Boston and Frankfurt Airport in Germany did not allow me to connect for free.

    But if I wish to connect the Cantenna is now packed away so well, that I could not try to use the antenna.
  4. GERMANY - Small village by the name of Seitingen, I have a signal showing up without the Cantenna, but when I use the Cantenna I do not find the signal, I do not understand.
  5. INSTALL BUFFALO PCMIA - I installed or tried to install my second computer Compaq Presario the Buffalo Wireless adapter would not connect and I finally stopped as it was harming my computer. I have it on my new Hewlett Packard.
  6. LONDON - I picked up 2 signals from my dorm room in the Barmy Badger, but could not access from inside the building, I tried in the basement which had a window toward the front, concrete is a real problem and most of the world has concrete walls, while the USA has very view. I received a signal from the front steps of the Barmy Badger for free.
  7. BOSTON - I was able to connect to my friends Gary's computer with no wire free.
  8. The plastic lid is basically worthless as it come off and should be screwed on, the top rim should be of hard metal to hold the shape, as this is more like a can than a tube.
  9. I tried to pack in my backpack and realized soon that this can was fragile, the solution I developed was to pack inside the can lots of socks or paper to protect, it still gets very dented. I am not sure how that affects the signal.

IF you send me a product I will review.

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