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The Urbanization Landslide Has Started

Immigration Emigration Migration, anyway you do it, as a young person, the city is where the action is, and they become addicted to the chaos.

Mon, 28 Jan 2013 09:30:21

The Urbanization Landslide has Started

There is a landslide of people moving from the small villages and towns into the biggest cities on the planet. And, I think I know the reason why it has become a landslide…

Only in the last 5 years, has the telephone companies made having a cell phone cheap enough to be used by anyone on the planet.

Urbanization Landslide

(This Guatemala girl has a lot to gain by moving to the city.)

Only in the last 5 years, has the poorest of the poor been able to call their friends in the city to check it out.
They call the city from the small town,
“Hello Maria, how is life in the city?”
“Great, we party every night, I can do anything I want, and Mom, Dad never know what I am doing, there is and nobody gossiping about me.”
“I am free.”
“That sounds great Maria.”
“What do you think, can I find a job?”
“Yes, there is always something.”
“Hmm, where can I live?”
“Do not worry; you can flop here until you get on your feet”

Now, I wrote the short version, but the real version take place over a few months, maybe weeks, but in the end, the small town girl or boy want to end the shame. If they go the city, they will be high class, something special, their world will be open.

No mother, no father, anonymous, and they can stay out all night, and because they have a cell phone, they can check, call, and their friend in the city can reassure them all is great.

This is like me being here in Lome, Togo West Africa, and you flying here. I can call you every few hours, when you are at the airport, the minute you land; I can meet you, and make sure the transition is free of the fear of being deserted.

The cell phone has started an urbanization landslide of people moving to the city, this is too much fun for the youth to resists, party, and hanging out with the coolest of the cool.

Not my world, the real world.

The snowball is growing, I enter cities where I know many people, and half the people has moved to the biggest city in the country.

Thank you,
Andy Graham, wondering why there are no pretty girls above 20 in Atakpame, Togo, knowing full well, they all moved to the Capital City, Lome, Togo West Africa.

Yes, sure, there are jobs in the city, Gag me; the world is having a huge problem finding labor for farms, but sleeping on the couch, the floor, or sharing a room with a few party friends is the good life.

Girl in Guatemala, typical dress working two cell phones.