How to purify water? Travelers Tourist Adventures


How to purify water? Travelers Tourist Adventures


Note or Warning: This is for those of you that are in strange places like the Amazon River or some Laos Jungle have no choice, for the rest of you read this for fun, and do not use... hehehe! I suppose some of you are survivalist that read this article so have some fun from a guy that is still alive. i.e. Iraq, Amazon, Mekong, India and a few other places of mild interest.

clarification and disinfection (as shown in the figure). Clarification removes most of the turbidity,

1. Make a well or find clear water.

Groundwater is safer than stream or lake water.

Dig a small hole big enough for the water to seep or leach into the hole from the ground table. You will need to be close to a river or a stream and did down to the level of the top of the stream or the top of the lake. If you dig a hole deep enough you will create a well. The soil is a natural filter of water. You will have to allow a few hours for the dirt to settle.

If on the Amazon or something strange the locals will say the water in the center is cleaner.

2. Clarification or getting the debris out of water.

Take a clean sock and poor the water through the sock. You may wish to do this a few times to make sure the water is clear. If you like a better flavor then use your girlfriends undies.

3. Killing the bug, microbes and other things.

Boil the water. The higher the altitude the more you boil. I have no clear idea why? But that is the conventional advice. But I bring the water to a heavy boil.

4. Step 4 is for the still paranoid types.

Put a small amount of chlorine bleach or iodine in the water.

5. Let the water sit around for a day or half a day for the water to chemically clean, but I am not sure really how long.

This is a tip for the crazies of the world. If you bought want of them filters that cost too much, I would still recommend you boil the water.

6. Drink the nasty stuff.

7. My method is normally to skip all of the above and drink the water, but I am one of the crazies that like an adventure in any form. If I can see through the stuff I will drink it.


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