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Writing for Stranded Travelers Needing Help

How to Travel Blog?

Sat, 12 Jan 2013 00:35:38

Writing for Stranded Travelers Needing Help

Each Blog post here is written to one specific person, with special problems, with the hope that as a traveler, I can help stranded travelers who NEED answers today. Anyone can tell you about the tourist destinations, I try to stick to needed answers, that light the path. Stranded travelers will find me on Google, and seldom are normal readers, I write to the person who has traveled too far from home. The wise traveler will bank the ideas for future use, while many will say, this does not apply to me, but of course it does.

If I was a bad father.
Then, all that I achieved in my life,
will all be irrelevant.


Swimmers Starting to Panic in Mexico

In Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico, about 8 miles north of Acapulco on Playa Luces there are dangerous waves, they have killed many people. Many a traveler gets stranded out beyond the 10-15 foot waves that crash on shore. I lived on this beach off and on for over a year, this is where I started my 15 years of perpetual travel.

Many times while lying on the beach, I would see a frighten, terrified person, with panic in their eyes swimming beyond the killer waves.

Grete from Norway
Steven from Canada
Bjorn from Norway

When I talk with these people on Skype, they say,
“Andy, you saved my life.”

These people were absolutely safe swimming out, on the other side of the killer waves. But, to them, it was hopeless, they were stranded, they had tried to return to the beach, and the waves had hurt them, beat them, damaged them, and removed all feelings of personal power. The waves were wining, it was the master, and they were positive the wave was ready and willing to kill.

I could see them paddling out beyond the waves, with no hope in their eyes, stranded, they need help. I saw the eye of children.

I would stand up, grunt, walk to the beach, and build up my energy and emotional resources, and dive into the water. I knew eventually these people would make it to shore, I was going to swim out, and talk with panicky swimmers. This is dangerous to me, I knew that I needed to stay 2 meters away from this swimmer, but close enough to let them know they were not crazy, that I could and would save them.

I would start to talk, and explain the correct way to return to shore, how to swim back through the waves safely. The secret was to dive into the waves, then swim backwards, stand up, and then dive again into the waves; you had to remove the power of these killers. Sadly, sometimes the wave would smash you onto the bottom of the ocean floor, and we would need to stand up quick, and prepare for the next wave, yet never stop being brave.

Well, to create trust, bravery, and confidence in a person who has lost all feeling of person control and power is difficult. These were the good swimmers, they all could swim well, that was the problem, they were 100 percent sure they could swim great before the entered the water.

All people believe they are experts at travel, sex, investing, and Real Estate, and these four activites can prove us wrong, and make us weak.

I often would wave at these stranded travelers from shore, and for one second revel in the power I possess over the fear in their eyes. I knew that even in the worst case, they would get tired of treading water, and make another feeble effort to return to shore, but only when they were desperate. Maybe in one hour, two hours, or ten minutes, nobody really knows how long we can tread water.

How long can you tread water?
How long can you hold your breath?
How long can you feel insecure, and unsafe?

My Personal Feelings of Traveling Alone
I was in Haiti for about six weeks.
I was in Iraq for about 30 days.
I was on the Island of Koh Taratao in Thailand for 7 days.
I was in French Niger, West Africa for a month.
I was in Western Uganda for 20-50 days.


I had Malaria alone, here in Lome, Togo, a Togolese girl found me in the bed for which I am lying presently. In this bed, in this city, I had Malaria, a parasite that causes the death of millions of people.

While in Niamey, Niger, I had what I think was food poisoning, I was delusional, I would wake sweating, confused, unable to walk, talk or stand, I was truly in danger for my life. Walking through my own diarrhea to the toilet.

I was alone, off the travelers grid.

Orphans - The Lost Children in Wal-Mart

I sense that the majority of my readers have children, and if not, I am sure all of you was a child, and I hope you was never lost, stranded, with overwhelming feelings of dread, saying, screaming and crying,
“Where the hell is my Mother?”

Get it, do you get it? Can you feel what it feels like to be stranded, helpless, powerless and incapable of saving yourself? This is the orphans, the lost children; this is the stranded traveler who needs help, who needs the one answer, to the super question.

Have you seen fear in your Childs eyes, if you are father, a mother, and you fail to remove that fear from your child’s eyes, then all else you achieve in life is irrelevant.

If I was a bad father,
then all that I achieved in my life,
will all be irrelevant.

On a daily basis, I write to the one reader who needs saved, who is stranded, who is desperate, who feels like a small child lost, scared and abandoned by his mother and father.

Off the Grid Travel
- Away from the tour group.
- Away from your husband or wife.
- Away from the group of Missionaries
- Away from everyone you know and love.

Where do you go when you leave the resort?

Travel is the one activity in life, which can make you search for God, because you know you are lost. And, sometimes the only thing that can give you hope, is a voice from the sky. Help from someone who knows what it feels like to be lost.

I am a traveler.
And, for this I feel responsible, when I know information, when I learn something that the stranded, helpless traveler needs. Then it is my responsibly to share it for free, with no ability to earn money.

Many times I was alone, doing off the grid travel, independent, scared, and worried, asking myself many times,
“What do I do now, where do I go now?”

I am an adventure traveler; I regularly, daily, monthly go where 99 percent of you refuse to go for any reason. Why? Because you are not a fool, you are not crazy, and you say to yourself,
“Why would I go to Africa?”

I say why not, when you ask why?
I want you to come out, and conquer your fear, to stop being a small child, and become a man.

I know that people do not want to be the lost child, without a parent, out beyond the waves, stranded and helpless. We are never helpless, there is always hope, and there is always away to avoid temptation.

I often write for the stranded and helpless traveler, who is sitting alone in the Hotel room looking for the way out. And, with no sense of grace, no mercy in reader’s hearts, with only greed we are annoyed, why does anyone want to read this?

Because we need to remember, always remember, as a father, a mother, or child, we all can be lost, the scared child, an orphan.

I never saved the swimmers in Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico; I just explained the path, while everyone else stood on the beach watching.

I think a writer who writes for the audience, who wishes to have mass appeal, is an almost hopeless person. But, a writer who strives to climb into your brain, to make you feel, to enter where no one is allowed, than this is a good father, he or she explains the answers to questions you did not know you needed.

Thank you,
Andy Graham in Lome, Togo West Africa
I am alive today, I feel everything!
And you, what did you do today?

In many ways, the world needs writers to stop the bullies from thriving, there is always a small child in all of us, who needs to read that he, or she is not alone.